It’s been a sort of miserable day.  After an overcast morning the rain started about noon, and it is pouring now.  L showed me a place where there is a water problem with water coming down the outside wall onto the screen porch.  It is at a place where the gutter does a 90 degree bend and a roof valley empties.  Ugh.

Added to that is the fact that the House voted today to pass the abomination that has been substituted for the AHA (Obamacare).  No one doubts, except the “Freedom Caucus”, that while putting more money into the pockets of the very wealthy, this will uninsured tens of millions of Americans, be un-affordable for those poor and older and benefit the young, healthy and wealthy.

The house got it passed before the CBO had a chance to mark it up, no doubt wanting to avoid the embarrassment that came last time when the CBO predicted that it would leave 24 million Americans without insurance.

It’s going to the Senate next, and rumor is that they are not happy to get it.  But, with a Republican majority it will probably pass  as Mitch McConnell chortles.

Our only hope is that Donald Trump, who said that everyone would have health insurance, will – in order to help his ratings – veto the bill.  I’m not hopeful.

I’m in a dark mood, and it put me in mind of a song by Gillian Welch earlier today.

“I’ve seen the bones in the river,

And I’ve felt the wind through the pine.

And I hear the shadows calling,

To a girl with a dark turn of mind.”

I posted the countdown clock of the Trump presidency on Facebook a few days ago and was told, "You need to get a life and move on."  How, exactly, do you do that?  No direction looks like up.

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