But at least we living beasts have the best,, the best, the most expensive killing and destruction mechanisms yet conceivable and doable by and to huManity....

... no greater waste of Earth's treasures and gifts could be committed lest this planet and its moon are visited again by another supernova or physical mass that renders the planet unsuitable to sustain intelligence above microbic, amphibian and reptilian DNA complexity.  Life will be simple once again.

By the time I was fifty or so I'd heard (never 'heard' really, but read) the phrase "a self-hating Jew" and understood it to be an ethnic thing of a sort. I don't recall ever 'hearing' "self-hating" used in any other way or context, though I wonder why the U.S. rightwing, fascUSt nationalist mentality has not yet popularized the phrase "a self-hating American" into our lexicon... if only our flexicon (flexible-con, con-artist) Trump would mouth it on occassion in damning his domestic adversaries.  Self-hating, if it's a given that exists, probably can be extended to "a self-hating human" too.  

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Comment by moki ikom on November 17, 2017 at 11:41am

This era of Trump is no error, instead it is genuinely representative of United States' capacity and tolerance for delusional self-indulgence.  Deny truths and facts, embrace lies and myths.

Comment by Rodney Roe on November 18, 2017 at 3:36am

The latest poll regarding the world's view of international leadership saw the U.S. slip from Number 1 to Number 6.  Germany is now No. 1.

Isn't self loathing of the type you mention a sort of Stockholm Syndrome where the helpless captive takes on the attitude of the powerful captor?

I can't imagine ever wanting to be like the Bubbas who voted for Trump.

Comment by moki ikom on November 18, 2017 at 11:58am

Still yet, the U.S. being down from Number 1 to Number 6 in that poll seems a higher ranking than the U.S. deserves thanks to our adoption and projection of Trump morals and ethics domestically and internationally. 

This Pew Center Research diagram published in June about midway to today on the timeline since Trump's  inauguration

shows that the world view of Trump policies and character are depleting the reservoir of goodwill felt by non-Americans toward America. 

While the new U.S. president is viewed with doubt and apprehension in many countries, America’s overall image benefits from a substantial reservoir of goodwill. The American people, for instance, continue to be well-regarded – across the 37 nations polled, a median of 58% say they have a favorable opinion of Americans. U.S. popular culture, likewise, has maintained appeal abroad, and many people overseas still believe Washington respects the personal freedoms of its people.

are by their very nature far more quickly depleted than restored.

With respect to self-hating or self-loathing, your diagnosis of there being a connection of the mental disorder to the Stockholm or Oslo Syndrome is shared by others:

It is worth emphasizing that at the root of the Oslo syndrome are feelings of self-hate, worthlessness and guilt and that some individuals will strike out against their own people to relieve these negative feelings and  their pressure release valve is this ritual suicide or self-abnegation.  Others will take a more direct route and simply end their lives.  Those who relieve their feelings of worthlessness and guilt by striking out at their own people and by embracing the bias against their people will often feel “virtuous” in doing so.

It is well said that those who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives, they just want to end their psychological pain. Suicide is one way. Erasing oneself with drugs or alcohol is another. Siding with the group that is attacking your group is still another way. And, there are others. The underlying psychological principle here is one of trying to release the pent up psychological pressure of these feelings of despair, self-hate, guilt and worthlessness.

Lest one derives comforting solace from belief in some sort of soul-saving religious myths, one's sense of despair, one's sense of worthlessness can hardly be anything but magnified by one's trying to come to grips with the absolute voidness and finality of one's existence after death; how that relates to the aforementioned syndrome I cannot connect at the moment.






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