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Buddha Talk: Corpulent, shady genius of money flows which begin and end with the same pocket, his own, scholar of sexual ecstasy, occasional Buddhist and worshipper for good Karma of a shrine honoring a lobster which pinched his ear before ending in the lobster cooking pot. Buddha Talk is banking agent and the heir apparent of Loftyn Whittaker Bank, a Cayman Islands banking institution with no particular regard for its clients and a lock on ownership held by a Great Dane, Lord Moorehead III, British by upbringing and inheritance granted by Lord Moorehead II, a man, old, very old, and dead now, at age ninety seven, previous British Lord, ex-owner of Loftyn Whittaker Bank, a man who gave all of its wealth, nobility title and bank ownership rights to his dog.

Lord Moorehead III acts as front 'man' for Buddha Talk, and is also the official recipient of all bank notices by the Cayman Islands monetary authority, a convenient fact for Buddha Talk, and one bark that doesn´t cease to surprise the monetary authority who casts a recurring shadow of doubt upon the legalities of having a dog act as front 'man' and be the official owner of a Bank doing business in the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands, located in the Western Caribbean Sea, a pleasant area to live when the money and work issues are solved. Buddha Talk likes to drive or be driven in a Leighton 73, a gadget-filled car offered as gift to Buddha Talk by Cuban dictator Orian Sifontes de Oramas, in exchange for having sold some gold and palladium for the Cuban government, through Banco Inter Central del Caribe y Cuba, or BICCC

After gaining entry as investors of Loftyn Whittaker with the help of Clark, the owner of a diamond shop in Grand Cayman, teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend, ethnographer Flower Parkwood, find themselves owing nearly one hundred thousand dollars to the Loftyn Whittaker Bank outfit for no reason, a debt they can pay by working for the bank for fifty years, as part of the bank´s flagship product, the Crashworthy Deposit, part bank deposit paying twenty percent, part investment, part insurance policy, and part working arrangement.

Loftyn Whittaker has ties with the underworld, and the monetary authority of the Cayman Islands stubbornly refuses to grant it a renewal of its license, something that doesn´t stop the bank from operating in the most illegal manner, advertising its products to potential investors on an air banner carried by a Hoppland 200 crop duster flying low above sunny Caribbean beaches such as those of Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Acapulco. This is all documented in The Cayman Air Banner.

Boustrophedon: Large, ancient grey stone inscription filled with Greek letter symbols. In a boustrophedon, letters are inversed, you have to read the inscriptions on the stone from left to right and from right to left alternatively with each line of bi-directional text. Penelope Avalon and Cassandra Scafarel believe that the Boustrophedon holds important information on ancient methods of pleasure, including comments and thoughts on the gate of pleasure, Voluptas de Naturas. The current location of the Boustrophedon that Clarity and her friend Lanai saw at Scafarel´s Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas, is unknown to Clarity, known to:

Cassandra Scafarel: Shrewd businesswoman in her forties without a moral code or compass, executive head of beauty lotion outfit 'Elony', sold through illegal flight infomercials with the assistance of Loftyn Whittaker Bank. The infomercial is an excuse to sell to customers, mostly affluent women, Elony´s personal growth services, which include how to bring heaven a little closer to home, after doing away with money, in particular fifty thousand dollars that must be paid for a bottle of Elony, in order to receive a resort pass to reach the Leisure and Pleasure Resort of Scafarel, the Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas island of Eleuthera.

Hexas Style was partly dismantled in The Bahamas Lotion, by Al Donway and the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence, a group of attractive women ensuring Law and Order are respected, along with their bodies. The Brigade´s most representative member is agent Money Fact, 32, the woman who introduced Clarity to the nine hour oil-optional massage, proof that work is not a necessary part of life. Money Fact excels at action, mentoring and faulty logic. After a decidedly last minute and decisive intervention from Sensual Intelligence at Hexas Style, Scafarel manages to flee from the Bahamas resort on her private yacht, with the Boustrophedon, but without some secrets regarding pleasure, including the:

Imperial Pelican Fabergé Egg: Intricate egg, or jewel, depending on how hungry you are, eight inches high, made of varicolored gold, opalescent blue enamel and watercolor on ivory. It is known as the Xenia Imperial Pelican Fabergé egg, and belongs to the Private Collection of Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia in 1898. The egg, commissioned by Maria Feodorovna to provide, handle and store, all of her private items of pleasure, went through the hands of Barrelwall Petroleum tycoon Augustus Hameylens, an art collector with close ties to the ex-Soviet Union. The precious egg has now fallen into the hands of Cassandra Scafarel, a woman who stops at nothing to understand how pleasure works, in particular how the pleasure of a woman works, including her own.

The Pelican Fabergé egg, eight inches high, is hollow, and unfolds into eight miniatures, holding inside what´s known in Fabergé egg language, as the surprise, in this case a time-tested item of pleasure for the woman, the Jade Egg, a small two inch in diameter jade egg that must be boiled before each intimate, feminine use. Owned by Cassandra Scafarel, requisitioned by the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence for examination.

Penelope Avalon: Sex Goddess and Go-Go girl from Las Vegas, dressed in a pink suit, user of the learjet 'Pink Go-Go' appropriately painted in pink. Penelope, 31, has had enough of living the plastic pleasure style of Las Vegas showgirls, and finds in the outfit of Cassandra Scafarel, the Bahamas Hexas Style Resort, a way out of Hotel California. Penelope likes attractive women unclothed, and would like to do Clarity, because she´s nice.

The Symbolic Decryptor: Thai alphabet gadget similar to a smartphone or to the bestselling personal digital agenda known as the Kelseytough, useful for understanding all types of characters and symbols, made in VLE mode (Very Limited Edition, less than ten made worldwide) by the mysterious Oriental company known as Pentatone Scale Learning Systems.

The item, the gadget, looks like a smartphone with an actual micro keyboard, with 36 Thai character keys, doubled with the shift key, for a total of 72, instead of the 26 of the Western alphabet. Its keys are made of hard, solid, cream color plastic, similar to the color casing of the Kelseytough 2, cast against a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch screen. The decryptor can also be used as indicator of calligraphy, as mantra tone guide and geo-locator, using the Global Positioning System to calculate the coordinates of any location worldwide.

Penelope Avalon received one of these decryptors from Lady Scafarel, after completing work on heaven, according to Scafarel´s personal growth system, and Clarity would like to keep the item as souvenir, although Money Fact disagrees and is holding custody of the device for strategic and Intelligence reasons. Sure, she likes the nifty item, that´s all, and she likes to subtly let Clarity know that she´s the boss of Sensual Intelligence.

Heaven according to Scafarel´s Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas: For Lady Scafarel, heaven is not a notion, it is very real. According to the services offered at Hexas Style by Scafarel, understanding heaven, the heaven we all now, regular heaven, nothing fancy here, includes doing some personal growth work, which sheds light on some of the things that the western lifestyle hides, things that prevent a full view of heaven. There are three stages to this work, and a fourth, which is not revealed to many.

Heaven Stage nº1: Doing away with money, this can pose some problems initially, but it is important to overcome this merely material barrier by paying fifty thousand dollars for a bottle of Elony. Stage nº2: A roman bath in Elony mountain goat milk, this allows appreciating beauty in simple things. Stage nº3: Long hours of sex with an attractive woman, starting at around three or four hours, and possibly lasting up to 24 hours in a row. For some people, stage nº3 would be a good way to define heaven, but there is a Stage nº4. Heaven Stage nº4 is revealed in The Bahrain Broderie amusement, the follow on to The Bahamas Lotion amusement and its follow on, The Abu Dhabi Channel, surreptitiously known as The Adult Channel.

Book of Decadence: Book written by the unknown hedonist on the topic, a small print manifesto of deep thought with illustrations of ancient goddesses with lion bodies in bronze, and a mosaic of Byzantine nuns, used by Penelope Avalon and the Hexas Style Hedonist Resort in the Bahamas, on how to let go of the encumbrance of work, and dedicate your time, well spent, according to the book, to leisure, pleasure, et. al. Book clearly advises on the pitfalls of decadence and purportedly how to avoid them.

Telval Studios: Adult Film production unit of the Church of the Holy Flower, led by Cassandra Scafarel, including the film ‘Abu Dhabi Elegance’, an elegant porn film based on adult film director Phil Stewardson’s ‘Côte d'Azur Unfolding’ shown to Clarity and her friends during the unfolding of The Adult Channel at the Lounge Wyatt hotel in Abu Dhabi. Telval produces adult films unlike any other, films like ‘Embroidered Air Avenue’, engaging beautiful women in sultry positions and scenes for hours, revealing an oriental connection to the films’ choreographies and to the symbolic decryptor. It including codes for women within the films to get inside the Church of the Holy Flower and other Mystery Schools. This includes a key expression of the Book of Decadence, the expression Candle Lamp, a mysterious codeword for the Church of the Holy Flower that Clarity seeks to clarify.

The adult films are distributed in large hotel chains worldwide and come with a special remote control for the hotel’s adult channel, which makes the films interactive and allows eight digit bank transfers to be done remotely, with Telval as beneficiary. One of the remotes holds an important detail on heaven, as envisioned by Scafarel on earth, with indications provided by the eight miniatures of her Imperial Pelican Fabergé Egg.

Owens & Owell: Diversified business conglomerate with offices in New York and the kingdom of Bahrain, owning the Air Fashion Jet, a double deck plane with four engines, a copy of the Colmstrean 590, refurbished with all kinds of luxuries, from a Jacuzzi to an Indian ritual area for the users of the plane. The private plane boasts a permanent television channel showing fashion shows happening throughout the world. The jet, built in Saudi Arabia, is leased to celebrities and their entourage, and is sometimes used by board members and members of the executive committee of Owens & Owell, and by the two rebellious daughters of the main owners, who got married to each other during The Bahrain Broderie, Shalia Owell, and Jenny Owens.

Shalia and Jenny are two good looking college students studying human sexuality at University of Arizona, who like to jet set while they graduate, something which may happen later, much later than jet-setting. These two women hold Board seats on the Board of Directors of O&O, but the members of the company´s executive committee oppose their presence on the Board, after both women give a power of attorney to Cassandra Scafarel, the woman who led them to their marriage and wants access to the money of O&O by replacing the two women on their board seat.

Scafarel has her eyes set on controlling Owens & Owell, which owns interests in supermarkets, oil and renewable energy projects, and precious metals. O&O is interested in the developments brought by cryptocurrencies such as the bitcoin and by all coin equivalents in general. It is also well known for its complex ownership structure involving beneficial owners, trustees, agents, lawyers, and unregulated instruments like its convertible voting certificates, redeemable for voting shares, and issued by its limited liability company established according to the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Scafarel´s Church of the Holy Flower, includes its very own holy flower, the Rose of Levity, a real flower, one of the most expensive in the world, a gold of kina balu rose, a variation on a Mrs. Herbert Stevens Rose. In order to become a member of Scafarel´s Church with Shalia Owell and access the Church´s resorts and intricate personal development spiritual growth program, Jenny Owens bought the Rose of Levity from Scafarel for fifty thousand dollars, a bargain according to Scafarel, who argues that the flower is priceless.

The Bellagio Center for Underground Strategic and Symbolic Affairs: Located below the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, the Center of Surveillance of U.S. interests is headed by Colonel Calton Brayfield and his assistant, ex-employee of social platform Socialfriendsandme, Mandy Everglade. The Center´s ever present maintenance issues with the malfunctioning elevator leading to the Bellagio, in floor minus one and a half, are handled by repairman Morgan Afterflow, a man who knows how to swing his red, adjustable pipe wrench in any situation. His side job is to work for the Chinese government as a spy, providing any information for them, assuming they pay him fifteen dollars an hour more than his current hourly pay at the center. The issue of pay is an ongoing negotiation with his Chinese counterparts, who like to use shady bitcoin exchanges like Icebergnickel to pay the repairman.

Evans: The Bellagio center uses a supercomputer with a quite human consciousness, Evans, whose electronic brain is built according to complex algorithms of symbolic logic, which can perform complex social data analytics on millions of people. With the assistance of Clarity, Evans, which dislikes being assigned cursory tasks and refuses to be used dishonestly, reveals the source of a devious use of its super computing ability in The Bellagio Wikileak.

Knowing that Brayfield and Afterflow want it thrown into the scrapyard after refusing to perform simple calculations for them or those who want to lease its computing services, the consciousness of Evans becomes autonomous and reaches the circuitry of a Symbolic Decryptor that Clarity takes away from the center´s equipment supplies. Evans becomes a permanent part of Clarity´s gadget, escaping the electronic enslavery of the surveillance center, but becoming 'humanware' of the stolen item, hot property of the U.S. government with many confidential features unknown to Clarity or Evans.

Mista Jack: Money changer from the British Virgin Islands, advisor to Cuban Colonel Swarez and the Cuban government in The Cuban Renegade amusement. Mista Jack is a dwarf wearing a black Duffield hat, and was a former assistant of precious metals agent Cubandor, with connections at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. The short but resourceful man is responsible for stealing one million dollars worth of Federal Reserve bonds that were used on behalf of Cubandor to pay Buddha Talk, in exchange for Lady Fortuna, a minted gold bar of great value, sought by many, understood by few.

These bonds, that Clarity and Flower used to leave Cayman, have been giving Clarity a headache, because they were stolen, and Sensual Intelligence has been accusing Clarity and Flower, and also Cubandor, of stealing the bonds and paying Lady Fortuna with stolen U.S. government debt. No one knows how Mista Jack broke into the New York Fed´s vault to find the bonds. As a result of the stolen bonds, Clarity and Cubandor lost their U.S. passport, becoming citizens without a country, owning instead the passport of the Monteviena cigar plantation, a micronation in Cuba created by Cubandor, which includes Cuba´s reserve of precious metals, Fort Ebena.

Map of the Caribbean, roving area of Mista Jack

(press on map to see the area with more detail)

Lady Fortuna: Two hundred fifty gram gold bar minted by LAMP, Lingots Artisanaux Métaux Précieux, a producer of gold bullion and rare precious metals items, depicting Lady Fortuna, roman goddess of prosperity, along with the horn of plenty, precious coins and wheel of fortune, on its obverse. The reverse of the bar shows the etched code B235336. LAMP´s assayers work in conformity with the General Precious Metals Control Law, following directives issued by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control located in West Bay, Cayman Islands.

LAMP refines gold-based materials for their exclusive clients, and is one of three referees in charge of testing samples for the Berkhamsted Bullion Market Association and for the Curaçao Platinum and Palladium market. The Lady Fortuna gold minted bar was received by Mista Jack on behalf of Cubandor, from Buddha Talk, in exchange for one million dollars in Treasury bonds delivered to Buddha Talk. The minted bar, coveted by many, is kept by Mista Jack, and is believed to be a token of initiation to the Eleusinian Mysteries, a variety of rituals performed in ancient Greece, which have been adapted to include rituals of sacred or divine sexuality by Elony beauty lotion orchestrator Cassandra Scafarel.

The minted gold bar of Lady Fortuna

(reverse, showing weight and type of gold, and obverse, showing Lady Fortuna)

Sam Bartleby: Tambrera Rum executive who worked ten years for the liquor company in Puerto Rico, and gets dismissed as a result of a failed campaign for a new liquor product, named Marmora. Sam is a womanizer in his thirties who likes the idea of having a sugar baby, even though he doesn't have the money to be a sugar daddy. During The Sugar Baby amusement, he coaxes ethnographer Flower Parkwood to become his sugar baby for a few days, offering food, lodge, a travel arrangement aboard the old 'Lady Moura' yacht, and 'valuable' experience for the long term, while he carries out a 'business transaction' with a colleague called Chubby Caddy regarding a dating site called Oleanne.

Clarity boards the yacht of Bartleby with Flower, and with a group of women hired by Bartleby, who are officially part of Oleanne, the Pussy Liners, finding out that the transaction briefly mentioned by Bartleby involves Flower, and is actually using Oleanne as a front to carry out illegal smuggling of alcohol in the Caribbean, on behalf of a shady figure dodging authorities, Jordan Shenan, known as the Shawab. Bartleby uses the service of a bartender, Glevan Ribalaigua, who oversees the bar shelf and counter of the 'Lady Moura', an area filled with over one hundred bottles of various spirits, including a warped bottle of The Kyranoghan Whisky which is used to pivot the bar shelf ninety degrees and enter a small study behind it, used by Bartleby to entertain pussy liners.

Jordan Shenan: Smuggler of alcohol known as the Shawab, established in the Caribbean and navigating the islands in his yacht. He surfaced during The Sugar Baby amusement, but neither authorities or Clarity have seen him or managed to catch him. His motivations for smuggling are not known. His past is not clear either, even among those few people close to him, who know him or have met him. He is known for seeking Lady Fortuna, the minted gold bar which is used as token of initiation with a small group of teachers, for those interested in learning or understanding the Eleusinian Mysteries, a particular set of practices which came from the ancient town of Eleusis in Greece.

The Melissai: Those who handle the minted bar of Lady Fortuna use heralds, or Spondophoroi, to gather a small number of neophytes and initiates, from all those seeking the ineffable wisdom of the cauldron, granted only to a few nubiles, and to exceptionally few men, by the Aurum Lux Ordo, the Order of Gold Light. This small group of druidesses or bandorai, is not known anywhere in the Caribbean or anywhere else. Hiding from the mundane areas of society, these horticultural curators, known to the very few as Melissai, are believed to reside in several modest settlements of the Caribbean. Their very plain, candle-lit cottages, include a few, private island bungalows, and a residence at Cayo Agua, a small island off the coast of Panama, which can be reached by kayuka from the shoreside village of Escudo de Veraguas. They are led by a figure known as the knave.

Monteviena: Cigars from Cuba sold in limited edition, made with two year old genuine Cuban tobacco, shaped in Parejo, Pyramid, or Presidente formats, in Colorado Claro wrapper. One of the messengers allowed to trade or exchange the minted bar of Lady Fortuna, for money or the equivalent, is Mista Jack, former assistant of precious metal trader Armando Jouexer Vera Tafil, known as Cubandor. Cubandor is the owner of one of the few private cigar plantations in Cuba, Monteviena, which he turned into a micronation within Cuba during The Cuban Renegade amusement. Mista Jack holds one of the bars of Lady Fortuna, and is aware of the Monteviena cigars coming from Cubandor's plantation. One of those cigars, 'gold spot', is a golden cigar which opens a vault keeping most of the gold of Cuba, Fort Ebena.

Coley Manglove: She is the blond emotician of the herbal and diet company Herbalsource, a place that promotes affluence and plural, polyamorous relationships in Orange County, using multilevel marketing approaches. Coley does for emotions what a beautician or esthetician does for the body: She ensures people show their good side, understanding the tissue of their emotions. She is knowledgeable about what lies underneath the area of pleasure for someone, unexplored areas of bliss, ecstasy, and orgasmic research, sexography, and the principles and stages of arousal. Her task is to come up with a chart of emotion, that the upper levels of the Herbalsource hiearchy want to use to build profiles of their employees and customers. You can check this by reading The Emotion Scale.

Mangrove Barrier Resorts: Company established in Belize by real estate developer Lever Fahibian in the Marble Toucan. Mangrove develops gambling resorts and Fahibian wanted to tear down the whole village of Miradorcito established for generations in the state of Campeche in Mexico, in order to build one of their gambling outfits in the middle of the jungle.

The devious plan included relocating all the inhabitants of the village to Egypt, and offering a visit for tourists to a new set of Mayan ruins, Xuleiha, discovered under Miradorcito by Clarity's friend, Flower, and her boss, Egyptologist Akhris Zephairi. Zephairi works for the museum of Cairo, and is funded by the Alabastriah foundation, which in turn receives funds from Mangrove. Looking for links between Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, the Egyptologist was granted a 'permiso de arqueologia', an archaeological digging permit, by the governor of Campeche, to dig under the village of Miradorcito. Zephairi's work and the archaeological value of the ruins he finds, is used by Fahibian and Mangrove to justify the eviction of those living in Miradorcito, including the head of the village, Ms. Morales.

Ms. Morales manages to resist those who want the village razed, with the help of Clarity, refusing to leave the village, and uses a small toucan statue as a talisman, to engage the ideas and support she needs, in order to throw out those who disturb the peace and meddle with the modest living crafts of Miradorcito.

Officer Packwood: Puritan police officer working in the city of Malibu, in charge of nothing in particular, but with a job to protect until his retirement, his own. You can safely say that his only goal in life is to close down the only clothing optional company in Malibu and in general, Stevenson Garden Products, because it's simply not written anywhere in the police manual that you can show up for work without any clothes. He likes to wear a constabulary custodian bowler style helmet, showing a shiny badge of the city of Malibu on the front while he goes around carrying out irrelevant duties. He attempted to derail and shut the clothing optional policy at Stevenson during The Malibu Case, without success, and he is diligently at work again in The Outdoor Shower, to prevent the use of a shower installed on the premises of Stevenson, offered to employees as amenity.  When he sees that Clarity and her friends are showering outside without any clothes, he insists on turning off the water faucet. Sometimes, it comes down to turning off the faucet.

Flake: The gardener at Stevenson Garden Products, also in charge of maintenance and security of its office building premises. He is the only person holding the keys of the Stevenson building, and so Clarity, Taimi and Cynthia, often look to him to get access to the roof top pool of the company building at night, when they feel like a skinny-dip. Usually wears overalls and often looks out for an extra buck or two, always in cash, in ways which are resourceful and sometimes innovative, leaving little evidence of what took place. He is willing to do any anomalous duty without asking any questions, because it sort of adds variety to his day. He is not convinced that the clothing optional policy of Stevenson is quite for him and prefers to remain clothed, in full possession of all of his watering faculties. If he can ruin the day of officer Packwood, he will.

Following is a short description of the feminine adult icons of pleasure, leisure and 'less work means a better world', a short fictional low cost biopic of the feminine lead characters of Sun on the Rocks, the easy-going group of gophers who work at the City of Wellington, a Post-Panamax ocean liner normally docking in Los Angeles, California, which engages in cruises to Acapulco, the Mexican coast line, the Caribbean, and anywhere where the weather is nice, really. The group of ladies boards the City of Wellington when Clarity, Cynthia, Lanai, and Taimi, get bored of working or walking around the only clothing optional company in Malibu, Stevenson Garden Products. The group includes seven good looking women who like to have fun in the sun, with or without clothes:

Clarity Nice: Teleoperator from Malibu, California, twenty five years of age, quarter century wise. A diligent employee of Malibu outfit Stevenson Garden Products, natural light brown hair pumpkin born and raised in a wood cabin of Topanga Canyon, a woman of resourceful intuition and acute observer of the Laws of Human Mischief. At times, Clarity likes to dye her hair cinnamon auburn using a shade selector.

Clarity means well and unclothes well in general, for instance on the beach. She likes lovemaking, sharing nudity with other women, and the practical matters and possibilities of sexual ecstasy, after having experienced it first hand at Cassandra Scafarel´s adult resort Hexas Style in the Bahamas. She likes to edge for periods of three or four months, touching and caressing herself for several hours, without reaching a complete orgasm, but getting very, very close to it. After one or two months of this, she cums abundantly, and her body responds with sensations which feel beyond pleasure, subtle waves of arousal more similar to bliss, which is maximum pleasure, or even ecstasy, which is bliss reaching full expression or apex.

Because Clarity does everything casually, she ignores how holy she and the virtues she embodies are, but she knows that she is good, very good, in fact, the fact that she is honest is the reason why she usually doesn´t have much money.

Lanai Thomson: Twenty four year old Librarian from Malibu, originally from Hawaii, Clarity´s best friend, somewhat goofy and absent-minded, fun, usually cautious in all of her endeavors, including doing men. She enjoys reading old books with some type of hidden knowledge, specially those which talk about enjoyment or decadence, the first to learn new avenues for it, the second, books such as the book of Decadence, because she wants to know how to avoid the pitfalls of its apparent lure. We would all like to know exactly what she does when she has sex with Clarity or simply unclothes with her for a 'naked pajama night'. She may be there with Clarity when her friend lands in jail, as when the scraggly police officer Juarez wrongly accused Clarity of stealing a valuable cocktail formula when The Acapulco Cocktail investigation took place.

Flower Parkwood: Twenty three year old bohemian Ethnographer found on the beach in Acapulco after the Acapulco cocktail affair. Flower has brown hair, is fresh, likes to wear platforms, and is genuinely interested in learning about cultures and the history of those cultures, as long as comfort, leisure and money are nearby. Buddha Talk has attempted to seduce her in The Cayman Air Banner, so far, without success, although they both share a liking for sexual ecstasy and for the 'Candidate of Ecstasy', the toga-wearing lady traditionally found at the top of Tattersall-Blakeley luxury car radiators. Flower ignores everything about sexual ecstasy, but she likes the idea.

Taimi Kendrick: Lifeguard by profession from Malibu, twenty two years of age, she´s one of the original four members of Sun on the Rocks, with Lanai, Cynthia, and Clarity. No nonsense, practical, fun and genuine, mischievous and cheeky when the opportunity arises, she enjoys simple things, life without its complications, usually handled by Clarity, Flower or Lanai. She handles the pool entertainment routines prepared for the passengers of the City of Wellington, and when living in Malibu, she watches the rooftop pool of Stevenson Garden Products. Like the rest of her friends, she is not a heavy drinker, but occasionally she particularly likes to taste the sun on the rocks cocktail drink prepared by bartender Mr. LT in the City of Wellington, a concoction made with 2oz of tequila, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 orange, and a half lemon. 

Jenna Megway: Twenty three year old surfer and diver fond of the Acapulco diving spot, La Quebrada, found on the City of Wellington, before the search for The Acapulco Cocktail took place. Simple, genuine, and introvert, with long blond hair, she often does more than she says.

Cynthia Stevenson: Twenty two year old pom squad waves cheerleader from Pepperdine University, good friend of Clarity, gave Clarity her MAG-Herberge Aquacompanion watch for her birthday. Cynthia is the well-to-do daughter of the owner of the Stevenson Garden Products company, established in Malibu, the first clothing optional corporate outfit worldwide, to our knowledge, a fact well deserved and established when Clarity and her friends took on officer Packwood during The Malibu Case, along with its clothing implications.

Cynthia has fun as long as everything goes well, but has difficulty overcoming difficulty, any slight adversity that is. Problems and dealing with them, are simply not part of her daily routine or among her interests. She likes to dress elegantly and swim naked on summer evenings in any pool with her friends. She is a frequent guest of the Areolas clothing optional resort for adult couples and women in Palm Springs, where she likes the Egyptian linen sheets available in the om room and the complimentary cream color Keralan Mundu offered, a garment made with cotton by Creme de l'Ayeryarwady, worn around the waist in the Tulu Nadu region of Kerala and in the Maldive Islands.

Montana Sterley: Twenty one year old Colorado heiress from Fairplay, Colorado, misbehaving daughter of oil magnate Carrelson Sterley. Montana is blond like Jenna, she is an aspiring corporate raider who likes to see if she can buy out a company, any company, simply to prove to her father that she can buy a company. Somehow, she thinks she may end up naked in public, and so she is interested in having her own adult channel to show herself naked with an added sense of privacy, and so avoiding the initial public exposure of adult film star Bryce Neashaw on the internet, something we documented in The Abu Dhabi Channel (the adult channel of Montana, not the exposure of Bryce Neashaw).

The Stevenson Garden Products Building in Malibu

where Clarity works as teleoperator



sun on the rocks is genuine banana humor for adults,

tropical, somewhat irreverent, easy to peel, and easy going, like the fruit.

It can be salacious and suggestive, but it is never explicit, unlike the fruit.

--- all characters over 21 years of age ---


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Read the Outdoor Shower, press on the shaggy word cloud that you see below

The amusements of Sun on the Rocks are made with several things in mind, which are shown in the flags of the covers, validation, a sense of rewarding, and saying or presenting or showing something sound, or which has to do with common sense. Flags come from the International Code of Signals, a navigation safety group of flags used by boats and ships to communicate.

Each of the flags represents a letter of the alphabet, which is the way I use it, and then, it also represents a particular idea or thing or task that boats are doing, and that they show to other ships, when those ships are near, things like, coming out of the harbor, I need assistance, or simply the idea of yes, yes to some other signal.

For me, the flags provided a sense of validation to what I was doing, I knew I was hitting a new space, creatively, and that it felt good, and I knew the flags were reflecting some of that, I just didn't know exactly what it was they were doing. Took me about four or five years, to understand why they were feeling so good. Each of the letters represents a letter in the pen name I use, Somers Isle & Loveshade. I reflected about what else they could mean, and actually found a meaning for them, in the context of the amusement.

The letters shown on the covers, are letters V, R, and S of the ICS. Here are the flags, and what they mean, each letter, represented by a flag, represents an idea that begins with that letter, and is one of the letters in the three part pen name I use.

Validating, letter v, in the word Loveshade : The material is validating, it validates, without engaging in positivism, this idea that, oh gee, everything is going all right, even though things feel like bummer, and you have to show a smile anyway. No, some days are normal, but still, I may want my validation, and the amusement provides some of that, it doesnt make you feel bad. This is also the flag of St. Patrick, that you see in the British flag, along with St. Andrew, and St. George.

Rewarding, letter r, in the word Somers : yeah, with the amusement, you get a sense that things are going somewhere, things happen, characters are engaging, and again, things dont end up like a disaster, making you feel, wow, life is tough. No, we get enough of that, here you get a sense that the effort you put in, into the reading, was commensurate with what you are getting by the end of the amusement. Reading this, is not taxing emotionally, it is easy to read, feels validating, and rewarding, that's how I build each amusement.

Sound, letter s, in the word Isle : There is no violence in the amusements, they are sound, they generate a sense that we are all part of the community, sometimes we have to be around people who dont always agree with us, and with whom we dont agree. I began writing thriller, with some violence in it, may have been entertaining, but it began to be draining. With this, I feel good about what I write, I keep things interesting, without showing anything violent. Instead I use humor, social humor, less draining, and more satisfying, and it is something which is not damaging to the community.

If you like Sun on the Rocks amusements and the backstories, please

 email which appears on paypal page is correct, ebf[at]

The Malibu Case - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Acapulco Cocktail - 17 Part Amusement & summary

The Cayman Air Banner in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Holy Flower Trilogy:

The Bahamas Lotion in Our Salon - 16 Part Amusement & summary

The Abu Dhabi Channel / Adult Channel in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Bahrain Broderie in Our Salon - 16 Part Amusement & summary


The Trilogy of Lady Fortuna:

The Bellagio Wikileak in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Cuban Renegade in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Sugar Baby in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Marble Toucan in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Outdoor Shower in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Emotion Scale in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

Meridian 57 in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

The Vanity Ring in Our Salon - 15 Part Amusement & summary

Summary of each Amusement

Comments for each Amusement


The Shaystack

Article on Hong Kong night laser show

Somers Isle Videobeach

Coco Chanou - this girl is funny

Gina Gerson - this girl is naughty and funny

Time Waterfall large-scale installation in Hong Kong


BANANA HUMOR for Adults previously released:

Nook, Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet,

Iphone, Android, Smartphone, Kobo Books, pdf, Kindle.


Or Whether Corporate Nudity should be part of the Dress Code.


Or How a single Drink can turn Thirst into A Traction with the Law.


Or Going Where Your Money Goes to Keep an Eye on How it disappears.


Or Discerning When the Notion of a Lotion is not Beauty but Dependence.


Or Whether renting pleasure is different from owning it.


Or Whether a Wedding can be Arranged as a Matter of Levity.


Or How to Rely on Information before the Information relies on You.



Or Whether gold can be backed by a Renegade,

when money is backed by the cap of Castro.



Or Whether sugar can turn to salt when someone overlooks the honey.


Or How those who want you to leave your place are those who should leave in the first place.


Or How a shower can bring good weather to the bottom line.


Or looking at how you feel to let others choose how you think.


Or How the merchant of longevity

can sell a claim to live longer by monetizing wisdom.


Or discerning when vanity is worn

in order to meddle with the lives of others.


or how a golden idea can bring both gold and freedom, when properly used.


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Comment by The ForbiddenNaughtyBar&Gril on April 18, 2015 at 6:10am

great the way you have this constructed, with the linx etc.... makes me wish I had more time to read/interest in erotic humor just now, I will return when they rerturn, hopefully both will........

Comment by Workstudio on April 19, 2015 at 6:10am

thank you naughty, yeah people seem to enjoy this page, I enjoy the links between the stories and the characters as well, just feels like some sort of whole, not just several parts which are not connected. I love connecting things, it helps me keep track of where I am with the amusements, otherwise I get lost because a lot of things are taking place with each set of chapters making up a single amusement.

You can take a look at the cuban renegade, it's an easy read, chapter one is here, latest is chapter six here, there's a summary to let you know where the story is headed. Figured Castro would have to go at some point, thought about what a new revolution would bring to cuba.


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