Deception is part of nature...all of culture is natural, there is no such thing as supernatural; rare maybe, not seen in our lifetime rare, could be...but not supernatural, or beyond nature. 

            Why lie? Why cheat? Why steal? Why rationalize? I can rationalize lying, cheating and stealing, and forgive humans, myself included for having broken in order to meet real needs; or for having been broken and used to further the reach of the MIC.  I have too. If I could not forgive, I’d be a statistic, and because my government does not count me as a former employee, my death would not be connected to service...not part of that 22 per day number. 

             What exactly is real?  Real is nature, and real is that culture, by design, is deceptive, and insignificant when placed in proper context. Culture suits itself, and is not brilliant...American Culture is hard to swallow, and the less ignorant one is the deeper the deception has to be, but still remains deception, a lie.

              A nation built on lies, is a lie.  I understand, and forgive, but I’m not going back. And I won’t defend the lie, or teach a lie.  We were not a nation, we were an enterprise, mostly  shoved here to keep a resource depleted Europe in timber, tobacco, animal skins, cotton, corn, and molasses. We forgave and now have forgotten or origins...the fact that we mostly come from places that were not just or fair, by force, or to escape genocide. 

              Real remains nature, and culture remains an insignificant blip in reality. We are bound and then bind ourselves to cultural constructs...lies, deceptions, and blind ourselves from  reality.  The core of reality is not culture or cultural, the core of reality is consciousness, detached from the lies, the constructs, the noise that prevents us from achieving our potential, individually and collectively.   

              Every Friday is good, every moment we detach ourselves from myths, lies, and cultural constructs, is good. Life is good, and consciousness is the miracle most people fail to realize. Peace is a process, freeing ourselves from the psychological prisons crafted for us, thus keeping us in the places the enterprise decides for not just a process, it is a practice.        

               I’m not driving, I’m practicing. Every conscious breath I take reminds me of the miracle of consciousness, which is real. Reality in the midst of deceptions...cultural constructs; religion, politics, economics...all designed to keep me where they want me. 

                What is new is now, is my next conscious breath, a new opportunity to realize the miracle, that is consciousness. For some people miracles are just not enough...they are never satisfied, ever. Culture produces way too many of them, keeping them captive...producing for enterprise. I’m just watching, waiting for them to figure it out for themselves while I practice my breathing.

                 Each breath is a miracle, and no prophets are harmed in the taking. Try one...while we still have air to breathe. I’m sure we will be buying it soon enough. After all this is an enterprise! 

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Comment by moki ikom on April 19, 2019 at 10:42am

It seems virtually all living organisms have evolved to maximize the ability of the individual to be deceptive together with the ability of the individual to perceive the deception of others.  Deception is a means of survival for both prey and predator, for both plants and animals.  But for mankind's seemingly unique capacity for self-deception, extinction of species probably has never been related to species evolving to be too deceptive.

Comment by Robert B. James on April 19, 2019 at 10:14pm

Thanks for reading and commenting!  

MI: it’s a fine mess. 


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