As the chaos cranks up in order to produce fog...the fog of yet another unprovoked attack on a non-belligerent nation, I’m enjoying my personal peace dividend. 

         The MIC has lost control of its combine, for sure. I don’t mind saying I told you so. I’m guessing the oligarchs are packing, or already in their bunkers, elsewhere...certainly not Iran, all their  elite are long gone. Brain drain is a amazing phenomenon. Smart, wealthy people move on, early on. 

         The MIC will paperclip itself out, no doubt, but I’m not so sure this play will be as easy as the pre and post WWII one. The Oligarchs got their underground mansions...but the rest of us? We are going to get stuck with the bill for American Fascism. This world is very small. 

         I’m fearlessly optimistic that we have the chaos contained, and these Iran and Venezuela deals are old scores, being settled...the wrong way. This tired routine is long dead, and dead wrong. 

          I’m opposed to state sponsored religion and religious states. I can make the case without scorched earth, or even blisters. I’ve had blisters, big ones from flip flops in 2000, Late June. I’ve had a bloody blowout in a first class toilet, eight miles high...bleeding like a stuck pig, mid May 1992. 

          There does not have to be blood, ever. We failed to prosecute the perpetrators of the Iraq wars...We have what we have; chaos. 

          We will sustain three times the losses, over time, that our poorly reasoned actions have  created in the field. We are not secure, and targeting is so much better than ever. The scales will be balanced. All ground is sacred. 

           I’m speaking directly to the MIC, my family, my community. This is our Gorbachev moment. Mark these words. There is a way out, and that way is to fold, and play the next hand mostly intact. I say mostly because we owe, and we will pay; you  and I will pay.  We will pay and survive or far worse.

            The whole world is watching, and has been for quite a while. Gorbachev is watching. The Soviet Trump Card has been played, or in play since before  Ronald Reagan spoke his New World Order lines...We have been led into, at best,  a draw, and the world awaits our next move. 

            Mine? My next move? My next move is the same everyday:

                                 Strength Through Peace

                     Im no Gambler, but I like the lyrics now. 

           “To have seen once is better than to have heard a million times”


                 We need a new flag. One that does not condone Genocide or   Slavery...or attempt to run the world.  I’d be happy to fly it...proud to fly it.

                             I love this place...I love Justice and Truth. We need to get beyond American, and heal ourselves and  a wounded planet. This is my best thinking. Now I’m going to enjoy my personal peace dividend, and wait and see, fearlessly optimistic that we can do better...the kids can do better, because it’s their turn. I’m watching.



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Comment by koshersalaami on May 15, 2019 at 1:13pm

I don’t think Congress lines up behind Trump on Iran like they lined up behind Bush on Iraq. 

If they do, assuming the Iranian government isn’t stupid enough to start talking about destroying Israel, which may be too big an assumption, we will have reached the point where Israel’s interests have in critical areas surpassed America’s interests in the eyes of a significant number in Congress. A war with Iran would be way, way outside America’s interests. 

Comment by moki ikom on May 16, 2019 at 2:48am

If a new flag signifies a new purpose, yes then a new flag.

Fifty stars in independent, separate formations, confederations of unique constellations would sure beat the current sardine can packed rows of states in top corner of New England white-skinned striped blood rag that is our terrorUSt$'  today.

Comment by Robert B. James on May 16, 2019 at 6:19am

Thanks For Reading and Commenting.

Kosh: Congress has not the ovaries, yet. This is not the state of the art work, this is obsolete and idiotic shite. Even dumber than the Venezuela/Iraq plays in 2003?

I might be overestimating the state of the art of peacekeeping...but anyone playing world class chess knows One Knight In Bangkok, or at least can hum a few bars. 

MI: I love my Unami estuary , but also know the History...and side with the ghosts of the people who loved it before me, not the ones who turned it into a waste disposal system. I’d not even do States...I’d do bio regions, or even some form of the tribal territory’s ....I’d teach the atrocities of commodification, and the interconnections  of an infinite Nature, that still remains beyond the grasp of most people living on this continent. 


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