Now That Trump’s Trashed The Paris Climate Accord: Isn’t This Enough To Discuss Changing The Presidential Election System?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When will our reasonable leaders, progressive and moderate ― even clearheaded conservatives ― come to grips with the reality that we have an unelected, dysfunctional president, selected by an archaic, outmoded Electoral College that must be abolished or circumvented?

When are reasonable commentators, progressive and moderate ― and even clearheaded conservatives ― going to stop using the excuse “Well, the people elected Trump” in response to the damage he continues to do?

Forget lawsuits and investigations for the moment. Even if his campaign and administration were legally pristine, the policies and appointees (including a supreme court justice) coming forth from this White House and the man I call Trump the Pretender, were NOT endorsed by most people, in spite of what commentators and political leaders continue to say.

Yes, assuming he survives the investigations underway in congress and the criminal inquest by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he ascended to the presidency in a legal manner, not by popular choice, but only thanks to narrow-minded and bigoted philosophies held by short-sighted founding fathers who forged the Electoral College. They counted Negroes as 3/5 of a man, denied women and non-property holding white men the vote. Over time, these inequities and wrongful decisions were eventually rectified by constitutional amendments, legislation and court decisions. Our nation similarly evolved, at least legally, past prejudice against black men and women, mandating that schools be integrated. It also turned a corner on the substandard manner we treated gay men and women. They now have full citizenship, allowing us to gain their expertise and courage in the military and are permitted to marry their loved ones.

Yet, because the Electoral College is still part of our system, no matter what he says or does, Trump the Pretender’s actions continue to be justified, almost helplessly, by leaders and commentators who otherwise decry his statements and policies, with the rationale that the people elected him, implying the people approved of what he wanted to do.

The people did NOT choose him. Hillary Clinton received close to 3,000,000 more votes than the man currently in the White House. What does that say? It says 3,000,000 more American citizens did NOT want the policies or political sensibilities of the men and women he’s appointing, so why can’t our political leaders and major commentators at the very least in the midst of their analysis of his presidency stop using the argument that the people voted for Trump, that whatever Trump is doing, the people elected him.

The Electoral College selected him.

Why can’t our leaders and reasonable commentators get their heads out of the sand and discuss whether, in light of everything that’s happened, most recently his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, in spite of his Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy and daughter Ivanka urging him to stay in, the time might be perfect to debate changing our presidential election system to popular vote.

Why didn’t they counter Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore’s outrageous claim on CNN that Trump’s Paris pull-out was his grateful acknowledgment of “an almost national referendum on this....voters voted against it.”

Except, almost 3,000,000 more voters voted for the Accord, yet NO ONE on the panel, including David Gergen and Robert Reich, called him on it.

Why do they just accept this relic of 230 years ago as inviolate, that it can’t be changed, even as so many injustices have been eliminated? Why do they accept the notion that it’s okay for geographically large areas with small populations to have a disproportionate advantage over states with large groups of citizens, that it’s okay to cast aspersion on cities with large numbers, apparently favoring the views of those in small states? That it’s all right Americans are treated differently depending upon where they live, and that they’re more American in the South and Midwest than those on the coastline? That it’s fair for minority views on national issues to trump differing opinions held by more people.

We have to stop this outrage, and Trump the Pretender should make it easier for us to do that, by holding rallies and demonstrations to get legislators and governors in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Pennsylvania to join ten states and D.C. which already ratified the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. It awards each state’s electoral votes to the national popular vote winner.

I’ve written to all the Democratic Senators and some fair-minded Republicans through their press/communication representatives, presuming the message would go through easier, urging their bosses to speak up and increase the volume for a cause that, with everything else going on, has been quiescent. I’ve heard back from quite a number of them and will continue to press the issue.

It’s not easy to pass a constitutional amendment, but this Compact can make it happen, since states control the methodology of their electoral votes.

We have to drum it into everyone’s head over and over again, just as surely as supporters of school integration, women’s suffrage and gay rights have done. But it cannot be done effectively without support from our political leaders and at least acknowledged as something to consider by TV journalists like Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell, Dana Bash, David Muir and others, including editors of newspapers, magazines and online groups. By remaining silent they are complicitly endorsing a system that is undemocratic and unjust, which must be eradicated.

Write your representatives to change our presidential election system to popular vote by whatever means is reasonable, one that will take effect as quickly as possible.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on June 3, 2017 at 3:15pm

Oh yes it is time to mothball the College, no doubt.

But first, take an even-handed look at what is really going on: you have a group of certified haters, the entire right wing at this point, who, when asked, or even when not, refer to themselves as Constitutional Originalists, even going so far as to take turns reciting the whole document in Congress while conveniently leaving out the 3/5 language. What sort of lies and hypocrisy is this?

Even a cursory review of the past shows without question the entire mess is a former/current/and they hope future attempt at authority and control for the few over the many. To say it flies in the face of truth and justice is the understatement of all time.

Put it to a vote, we've already got a three million point lead, it's a shoe-in if on the ballot.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on June 3, 2017 at 3:42pm

Well, of course, you think we should get rid of the Electoral College!  You live in California and could give a rat's ass about the majority of less populated, non-coastal states losing any say in who gets elected as THEIR president.  Why don't we take your thinking to it's logical conclusion and only hold elections in California, Texas, New York and Florida?

I'm sure you are also every bit as adamant about getting rid of Super-delegates and DNC-ish corruption that allows them to put on the ballot whom every they damn well please, regardless of what the voters might really want, right? 

Comment by Maui Surfer on June 3, 2017 at 3:50pm

SBA- when will you and yours stop leeching financially off Cali and New York? When you stop taking their money your opinion will begin to have merit.

Comment by koshersalaami on June 3, 2017 at 4:09pm

How is the Electoral College going to change when the party in power in the White House, both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, and most Statehouses profited from it? 

Comment by Michael Russnow on June 3, 2017 at 4:14pm

Indeed such short-sighted thinking by Safe Bet's Amy (while constitutionally protected) goes to precisely my point, that folks in large states (coastal or otherwise) are not as significant as people residing in large geographical states with scant population.

There were many, many voters (albeit in the minority) who voted for Hillary in Wyoming, Mississippi and Indiana (e.g.), not to mention close to 4,000,000 in Texas.  These people,cumulatively aligned with the big, bad metropolises Safe Bet's Amy hates so much, are effectively disenfranchised, as if the national issues they all voted against are now being foisted against them by a man whose candidacy received 3,000,000 fewer voters.  

Voters in all locales should have an equal voice, and when we switch to popular vote presidencies the candidates will have to campaign everywhere to squeeze out all the votes possible, particularly in close elections.  BTW, re Texas, what is often unmentioned, is that Hillary closed the gap considerably, losing by only 9%, which was better than Obama's two campaigns, not to mention Kerry and Gore.  All of us should have an equal voice in the election of the one elected official who represents the entire nation.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on June 3, 2017 at 4:51pm

Okay, so you two are the poster boys for "tyranny of the majority" who, as males, fully endorse the "bullying" of large states like Cali, Texas or NY and the future oppression and disenfranchisement of minorities.  How very KKK-ish of both you and Maui Faker.

I don't because, if what you are proposing were to come to pass, things like civil rights and LGBTQ would go away because the "majority" likes nothing more than stomping "minorities".

Comment by Maui Surfer on June 3, 2017 at 4:59pm

This from an LGBT person currently fascinated by one of the most virulent anti-gay families in herstory?

What are you anyway SBA- you're from the Levant? Your ancestors were? Or you just read up on a bunch of Ottoman books? You should know you're hilarious telling me, someone with Samoan blood, about Samoans! Really fascinating and instructive stuff all mixed up with that inimitable passive aggressive style that's all your own. Nice.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, like I said, pay your own way!!! We owe you nada.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on June 3, 2017 at 6:09pm

Heh.  Maui Faker I believe that you have about as much Samoan blood as I do.  

BTW, are you so rich and famous (not to mention being so old) that you can live in Hawaii AND Oakland simultaneously?  Do you own your own intercontinental range jet like another renowned faker who hangs around here?  Maybe he can tell you about all of the cars he really doesn't own and you can tell him all about the beaches you've never really surfed.  Sounds like a good time.

P.S.  KS asked you and you never responded....  do you believe that a child is responsible for the actions of their parents?

Comment by Maui Surfer on June 3, 2017 at 7:07pm

Gosh SBA, coming from you that just stings sooo very bad- maybe I'll contract dengue! As if you knew the first thing about anything Polynesian- hahahaha that's rich but I forgot your poor and jealous, great characteristics. Michael's post is serious so I won't continue to hi-jack it. You just keep hiding behind your delete button, so very courageous are you in the quest for free speech. Oh, thanks for thinking of me in my Golden Years, so thoughtful of you! BTW, you simply must spend time in Oakland, do you not? It would seem odd for you to never visit the world's capital of your own group, the vast majority of whom are decent and fun to be around in my, lengthy, experience. Oh, no one owes you any answers, your worship of Gabbard is a laugher to anyone familiar with them, but, then again, you knew all about the Obama's in the Islands somehow too. Can you tell the ex-prez is surfing again? You can see it immediately if you know what to look for, he'll age well, for sure.

Comment by koshersalaami on June 3, 2017 at 8:55pm


Why do you believe your vote should count more than ours? Because of how much farmland there is in your neighborhood? Without the Electoral College, your vote would still count for more than mine because of the Senate, which is why there is a a Senate in the first place. 


What do you know about whether Tulsi shares her father's anti-gay views? Her father's a schmuck, but what do we know about her? 


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