A Question re Brown v Board of Education, 65 Years Later

Would someone please tell me what Schumer is getting for fast tracking these people?!

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Comment by koshersalaami on May 18, 2019 at 6:39am

I’d suggest writing his office and asking. You probably won’t get a truthful answer but you probably will get an answer and his office’s path to obfuscation may be revealing. My advice here is to unload the question because I think it increases the probability of some honesty in the answer. In other words, I wouldn’t ask why he sold us out; I’d ask why he agreed to fast-track the nominations of justices who won’t support the Brown v. Board of Education decision (as a decision, not as policy, as all have blatantly said they’d adhere to it as law) in Senate confirmation hearings even though conservative Supreme Court nominees Roberts and Alito didn’t hesitate to do so. 

Sherrilyn Ifill was fascinating. The conclusion I draw from what she said is that Sen. Blumenthal was so surprised by these reactions that he didn’t get involved enough in questioning the nominees about their approaches to the Fourteenth Amendment, which is the issue here. After the first time this came up, which I understand blindsided him completely, he could have been more ready. The first followup I’d ask from that dodge is: “In their confirmation hearings, Justices Roberts and Alito didn’t hesitate to answer this question. It’s not like there’s controversy here; not only didn’t these justices hesitate but Brown v. Board of Education was a unanimous decision, approved by liberal and conservative Justices alike. Is it your opinion that the Fourteenth Amendment is being too broadly applied?” If he encountered continued obfuscation, I’d probably say “I’m not asking you anything a law professor wouldn’t ask you and, given Justices Roberts and Alito’s responses and the fact that it was a unanimous decision, I don’t think I can be accused of asking you an ideological question. Observing how you handle legal reasoning is entirely appropriate in a confirmation hearing. Do you agree with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision - not do you support it as law, but do you agree with it as a decision? Regardless of your answer, on what grounds?” 

Comment by Ron Powell on May 18, 2019 at 8:32am

1. I'm not a constituent....

2. Something is afoot here. Schumer has got to step up and explain himself.

3. These nominees are dodging the truth as though they were part of the administration.

4. I have repeatedly stated that these folks are pushing toward an apartheid in which they envision a white minority retaining control of the power levers of the government and the economy.

These people seem to be willing to abandon the democratic process and paradigm as we currently understand it to be...

The fact that they're giving the same response to Blumenthal's question, nearly in unison,  is not an accident or coincidence.

My fear is that Schumer may well know what's going on and in doing political, social, and economic calculus, has determined that he has made a safe bet re his incumbency...

The damage currently being done to the federal judiciary is virtually incalculable...

Some of these people will end up on the Supreme Court...

McConnell has said that he'd rather confirm a judge than pass a bill...

As far as I'm concerned, Schumer has more than sold out. He is complicit in what's happening here and should be brought to task and account by the people who put him in the Senate, not by some grumpy old black teaching civil rights attorney and warrior who no one knows or cares about....

Comment by koshersalaami on May 18, 2019 at 8:48am

I am a constituent. I just emailed his office, copied the link to the above video, said that the Senator had fast-tracked some Republican judicial nominees and said I’d like someone from his office to explain why. 


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