Presence Matters! So sayeth  the Navy of near yesteryear. I’m no defender of The Navy, but presence does matter. Seeing can lead to believing, but I’ve seen that screwed up too.

           The Navy is only as good as the people who work there. As far as I know there are no unpaid volunteers, draftees, or conscripts in the American Navy. I wore the uniform as a volunteer, unpaid...after 9/11/01. FEMA paid New Jersey for my service, and for a few days the State Of New Jersey  Paid me, not enough to pay for the uniforms, but there is record, and record of a state service ribbon, too. 

            I saw - they believed ; they believed the narrative constructed to maximize revenue. I saw this shape up, and I was present...presence mattered.  A hustle is a hustle. Lemonade is sugar water and lemons. 

            That the Navy no longer argues presence matters is telling. I do not know why they backed off, but I’m on. I was on before the Navy picked it up, and I am still more on than off. Occupy is everything. Occupy is presence, and presence does matter.  I’m no civilian, I’m a citizen...with credentials that I earned. I’m not a government employee and never have been. 

              The MIC, who I know better than my own family... The  MIC is people, some of whom care deeply about their  people, others who care about other things, like all living things, truth, and survival of the planet too. 

               I’m in the latter group...the dreamers, the star followers, the ones who believe that presence never stopped mattering. The former...they have ideas that do not include you, a future that does not consider...You

                I am the MIC, born and raised on promises, lies, propaganda, and other people’s property. I’m being as civil as I can be. The MIC that made me made me bad, and then I was allowed to better myself, but I’m still bad, or no better than any American who was raised on stolen land...on other people’s property.  I just know more than most, not because of any fault of my own, but because of where, and when and to whom I was born. To assume this knowledge a privilege, or White Privilege...because I am White, is a choice. We all make choices, I’ve made a lot of them. Please choose on. 

                 Ignorance is a luxury I do not have. I live in a house divided, and I’m the lesser half,  the lesser half that knows far more. The half that believes in justice, diversity, truth, and compassion. My half, the lesser half, understands ignorance is the issue. I do not hate the majority of the MIC, I do not hate my siblings or children. I am being as civil as I can be. 

                  The MIC runs the enterprise. The government is tasked with managing the nation, neither  of which are  vital to the survival of the MIC.  America is obsolete.  The fall of the Soviet was the MICs greatest victory since WWII,  after which their only obstacle became the US... Which had provided them a place from which the MIC could grow beyond Nation Sate into a world dominating entity. The bigger half of the MIC,  is not the smarter half. 

                  Choices still have to be made, and the bigger half of the MIC is making them...all over the world. The greater the ignorance...the quicker what is left of the planets resources will be squandered. 

                   I’m not driving. I’m not fighting, I’m present, and alive. Choose as you might...fight all you want. Blame who you blame, hate who you hate, but  Ignorance remains the disease, and a house divided can only stand for so long. 

                     There is power beyond nation state control. Functionaries manage as directed run these nation states. They rise and fall as dictated. We fall, as dictated. The MIC will survive. The Enterprise is a ship, a spaceship, a planet...MIC owned and operated. We are not the enemy. The enemy is ignorance, and ignorance is rampant, not just in America. That too few Americans manage to realize their own potential , is in my estimation, by design; mass incarceration  and genocide can only take a Nation State so far. 

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