I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
I've had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

~ John Winston Lennon


I can't break it down like some. The internet is awash in searing opinions of what needs to happen.

Those on the right struggling for identity in a culture they want to believe has stolen their birthright to dominate, feel cheated. They are bringing the big man with the small mind to the forefront to fix it for them.

Those on the left struggling to feed their own while giving of their time in local pursuits to make a better world, are being told they can only have it if they endorse someone they feel has lied to them over and over.

I can't break it down. It's not in me to parse the language in political proposals. I can't read policies, turn around and pull them apart point by point and ask others to see it my way...the better way. 

I cannot out policy wonk anyone. I can't tell you the thing I read had the right words in it, that you need to read it too so you'd know what is needed. I can't send you off to great big articles full of information and analysis and solutions.

I have to believe something is true.


To me it's looking like it's all just a great big loaf of stale bread, chopped, dried and crumbled, sealed in a plastic bag, setting on a shelf, ready for November to get here when it can be stuffed up our collective turkey asses so we can end up fat and ready to be sliced into something easy to swallow.     


Sometimes I'm inspired by a few words. It can be the way they are laid out. It can be the meter or the tone. It can be that I know something of the writer and their passion for living in the right way.

Buddhists speak of the Eight-fold Path of living right. One tenet of that path is "Right Intent".

Right Intent comes from the heart and honors the equality of all life. It emphasizes compassion, beginning with oneself.


I lost one of my dearest friends a year ago to cancer. He was a Yogi, a masterful organic gardener, a ballroom dancing instructor and a friend with whom I connected on this earthly plane in a fashion that only happens once in awhile. I taught him outdoor carpentry. We hadn't seen each other for a few years when I drove by his home late spring 2015. He stood 6'4", a towering presence in this world.

I loved him and we were not so weak as not to be able to tell each other. He was building a sturdy fence of salvaged juniper. I told him it was beautiful. He told me "It should be. I was taught by a master."

He never told me he was sick as we updated our phones and pledged to be in touch. He knew he was dying which came a few weeks later.

"We'll always be in touch brother", he said as we hugged and then followed me to my car. I wondered to myself about his phrasing.

"True" he said, patting me on the shoulder at the car window and giving me a smile as he waved good-bye.

Sometimes I am inspired by one word.   


Lennon recorded the song "Gimme Some Truth" in the early 70's. He was an inspiration of indescribable magnitude to me. I often played a tune or three of his at some festival. Crowds would hush, as sometimes I thought my vocal chords would rupture in my effort to be as authentic as possible in the passion his words evoked.

I affected the blue tinted granny sunglasses, the long sideburns and the sneer. I wanted truth and in my own perhaps naïve 20+ year old mind, striving for the intangible, hitting the falsetto and head back for the howl, I thought I got there.

It is bigger than that. It can be so elusive as to make us uncertain if we've ever known it.

A writer I know who has the uncommon ability to either hit the point in a sentence or two, or expand it in lengthier "prosetry" told me recently something along the lines that in regard to the "Truth", it could be we must wait for the historians to sort through it to tell us what it is.

Historians don't come along until the current times are well past.

That scares me a bit, but scared can be inspiring.

I know I haven't found all of it yet.

But there is still time.

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Comment by alsoknownas on August 2, 2016 at 7:36am

I look for it all the time.

It hides behind fear, which is behind confusion, which is behind unbridled greed and self-aggrandizement.

How far do you think we'll get as a species if we lose sight of it?

Comment by Rosigami on August 2, 2016 at 7:43am

We forget how big the world around us really is- and how small, too- as we struggle to understand this time and place we're living in. We have to find a path amidst the debris of braying politicians and their followers, and a place of peace inside ourselves, enriched by knowing good people with whom we can connect on more than a perfunctory level.  
Your piece is beautifully written. It puts things into a certain kind of perspective within the framework of the bigger idea of Truth and the value of the examined life. 
John Lennon was a guide during his time here on Earth. 

Comment by alsoknownas on August 2, 2016 at 7:45am

Steel Breeze,

An interesting way to put it.

If the bar gets set any lower, the main test will be one's ability to do the Limbo.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on August 2, 2016 at 7:51am

Spend election night here w us, AKA, you and yours, along w our friend, Jamesons, and 4 glass tumblers. 

Comment by alsoknownas on August 2, 2016 at 7:56am


Thanks for stopping in early today.

I can tell you read the piece closely and the truth you have brought forth, that we must "connect on more than a perfunctory level" with good people is so important.

Much appreciated.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on August 2, 2016 at 7:57am

To me truth is a weird mix of fact and feelings.  One man's truth is another man's BS.  You're a lucky man if you can find the truth in others and let that become love.  The only truth we know is that in the end, all that remains of us is how we are remembered and that is the direct result of what we've done or didn't do for one another.  The fact is that in a few short decades, most of us are soon forgotten, some much sooner than others.  R&L

Comment by alsoknownas on August 2, 2016 at 8:05am


I'm glad to see this has given you pause for consideration, although I won't buy into the smaller notion today that truth varies.

I'm talking about something much bigger, that cannot be twisted and turned, looked at through a different lens and then be imagined to be anything for one that it is not for the other.

It stands alone, powerful and exact, impervious to interpretation of "fact and feelings".

Comment by The Songbird on August 2, 2016 at 8:18am

Mom always said, "the Truth will out."  It was just a family adage, but it became ingrained.  Everything plays as it lays, and it's like the bubble under the surface.  No matter how long you try to stuff it down, awp! - there it comes, bursting to the surface, and the light that's shed on the BS comes clear.  The motive behind avoiding the truth is the suspect, not the truth itself.  The truth is just the result of a choice.  To choose subversion, manipulation, etc.  -- well, God help'em.  There is always more than one choice between two polarized ideas, one of which, by necessity, negates the other.  I feel the nugget of your whole post is "Intent."  And intent is everything, as your friend said.  It's the Bringer.  

Comment by Amy Brook Palleson on August 2, 2016 at 8:35am
Beautiful. I remember my 20's too and try to embrace those new to them with the non-judgment of someone who also once thought that the world could be uncomplicated and less malleable. Now I know that sometimes integrity has to be sacrificed in the short term in order that it can be retained in the long-term; as I said to someone the other day "sometimes what looks like "selling your soul" is really the strategically-placed compromise required before a vicious attack," because life is not black and white and time is not just "now" but "always" and let's face it sometimes "selling you soul" is basically "you do what you gotta do."

Anyways, sorry--blah blah blah, my infinite verbal diarrhea-- just this morning, I left a FB comment on a friend of my older daughter's page (who is also a friend of mine now because I'm not ageist, and kids these days are wizened anyways) because her boyfriend (who recently told her he loves her) hasn't contacted her in days and won't respond, and she's hurting and confused, so Julia took her up one of our canyons last night to look at the stars (they saw ten shooting stars; thank you, meter shower!) and connect with something beautiful, and since it seems to relate to what you're saying here, I took a screen shot of what I said to her....

Crap. Just realized I can't leave a pic here if I'm on mobile. All that verbiage and no punchline?! Lame. Anyways, the gist was that two truths can coexist but it takes a shift of perspective which can be difficult to make from where we're standing.

Great post.
Comment by L in the Southeast on August 2, 2016 at 8:35am

Mankind has been in search of The Truth since the beginning of humanity.  The problem with today is we tend to decide what we think the truth is and then build the evidence to support that decision.  It really should be the other way around. Objectivity has been lost to the need to prove we are right.


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