A Question About Elizabeth Warren's Call for Impeachment

So here's the question:

Is she correct in insisting that constitutional principles supersede.presidential politics?

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 20, 2019 at 3:35pm

Last thing (then I'll shut up)...

To those who want to play "politics" because they are afraid of what the Senate MIGHT do, I have to ask:

Do you believe it is better to lose because of your political expedience or to lose while retaining your principles? 

If your principles don't mean anything to you, then why act as if they do? 

Comment by Ron Powell on April 20, 2019 at 5:07pm

Never shut up!

Comment by koshersalaami on April 21, 2019 at 7:59am

This is a legal issue and we have no Constitutional right to treat it as a political issue. If the President did actually shoot someone in Times Square, would we consider not pressing charges because he might not be convicted by traitors in Congress who hold politics above the Constitution they claim to love?  Or because we can no longer count on the press to insist as many times as it takes that we do that which the Constitution says is right, and that those who refuse to convict in the face of overwhelming evidence are traitors to their country, regardless of their political affiliation and regardless of how partisan it makes the press look? We cannot afford to give the President a legal pass. If our country is to be undermined, it is not up to us to do the undermining in the name of power politics. Even if we lose, at least we’ll understand where we live and at least the country will be made to understand what they have done to us and how badly they’ve betrayed our ostensibly sacred Founders. 

Warren is right. I really don’t care if it took her an extra day to come out with her conclusion. There is no reason for her to be embarrassed about that. It doesn’t matter who was out front on this, what matters is who is where about this. We don’t need them to be fast, we need them to be right. 

One can claim that it is naive to proceed without knowing the political consequences. I reply that it is naive to assume that the law of the land can be respected when we don’t act on it in such a visible circumstance. I don’t see a choice here at all. There is no decision to be made, the law makes the decision. 

Comment by Doc Vega on April 21, 2019 at 8:36am

Warren should never have been allowed to leave her witch's broom stick and padded cell. She speaks like a half assed teacher scolding children and her hypocrisy is tantamount to the incompetence of Democrat policy! 

Comment by koshersalaami on April 21, 2019 at 8:47am

As an American citizen, you should be deeply embarrassed by your view that your political ally should be above the law because he is your ally. You would never opt for such leniency to a Democrat. Of course, nor would I, which is the biggest difference between us. This is phony patriotism at its worst. Some of us are Americans based on principle. You are an American based on geography. Perhaps one of these years you will learn what is special about your country. 

Comment by Doc Vega on April 21, 2019 at 9:18am

Kosher aren't you married? Why on an Easter morning on Sunday would you be here why not spend your time with your wife?

1) Fact Trump was exonerated of collusion! So how can you be prosecuted for obstruction when you haven't committed collusion! 

2) Fact Collusion is not even considered to be a crime even though he did not commit collusion anyway!

3) Fact Hillary sold 20% of US uranium to the Russians while in office a definite felony! She committed acts of espionage with her private server that they know was hacked by the Chinese at the very least! 

4) James Comey preparing a letter of exoneration months before even interviewing Hillary? Couldn't find intent? There were tons of prosecutors who said they damn sure could find it! Comey leaked classified files to one of his friends and that got out to the public FELONY Game over! 

3) Podesta Brothers doing billions in business with the Russians John while in office did not even bother to register as a foreign agent! COLLUSION BINGO!

4) FBI lies about missing texts 9,000 of them they say were lost due to a glitch? BAM! Found them and texts between Stzrok and Lia Page confirming Obama knew about the illegal surveillance from FISA Courts by way of an unverified and salacious Steel Dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC Rosenstein signs off on at least 2 warrants! BINGO! FELONIES! 

5) Loretta Lynch meets on a tarmac in Arizona with Bill Clinton? A violation of intelligence protocol! BINGO! Guess whose going down! 

6) James Comey allowed Hillary's legal council to hammer and bust up their laptops, cell phones, and Black Berries? BINGO! FELONIES!

7) Obama knew about the illegal surveillance ordered Susan Rice to take out 250 individual surveillance orders on civilian Americans! BINGO can you hear the word? Yes justifiable impeachment, espionage, FISA Court violations! BYE BYE Pork Pie!

8) Iran Nuke Deal Obama secretly aids and abets the enemy! And violates a previous 1987 non-nuclear proliferation pact! Gives a nation that screams DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL? 150 billion with interest without the consent of Congress? 

Are you people fucking crazy? President Trump even with all the resistance from the Democrats has resurrected the US economy, achieved the biggest tax break for the middle class in history, stopped North Korea from launching missile all over allied AIR SPACE, unemployment lowest in 50 years! And the US is now energy independent and producing more of it than any nation on earth ands you fuckers think impeachment is conscionable? Kosher do you have a learning disability?

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 21, 2019 at 11:16am

"President Trump even with all the resistance from the Democrats has resurrected the US economy, achieved the biggest tax break for the middle class in history..."

**ahem**  You need to put down that crack pipe, Doc...

The US had a record setting national deficit of $234 BILLION in February and the National Debt has climbed to a record setting $22 TRILLION.  This is after YOUR President cut the taxes of the richest of the rich tax payers and corporations, while most "middle class" tax payers ended up paying MORE this year.

Comment by moki ikom on April 21, 2019 at 12:02pm

DeVile cannot yet, maybe never, be aided for his being jaded nor therefore maybe ever become deeply embarrassed by his view that his political ally Trump/Republicans should be above the law because Trump is his ally, his ally in surviving a mental illness each shares with the other and with others of similiar fascUSt-denial persuasion which requires evangelizing a standard of logic wherein shared beliefs constitute truth, facts and history, deception creates reality, reality is null and void.

Comment by koshersalaami on April 21, 2019 at 1:33pm


Why wouldn’t I be spending an Easter morning with my wife? (Actually, I mostly did.) Well, my avatar might give you a clue. To me it’s Passover. 

No, Trump was NOT exonerated of collusion. That is absolutely not the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation. If you followed the news, you’d know that.

If Comey, Hillary, and Obama were guilty of everything you said they were, why didn’t the Republicans in Congress indict them?

Inasmuch as I despise the Iranian government, whether or not the figure you mention is accurate, the money at no point belonged to the United States but consisted of frozen Iranian assets. They were Iranian assets all along. 

Even if Trump were as successful at helping this country as you thought, which I don’t agree with remotely, he is not above the law. We know that the Russians interfered with an American election. We know his circle was friendly to that effort. 

Comment by moki ikom on April 21, 2019 at 1:45pm

Doc Vega is a firm believer in our kakistocracy, 

  1. government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.
    "the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy"
    • a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.
      plural noun: kakistocracies
      "the modern regime is at once a plutocracy and a kakistocracy"



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