A Glaring Omission and a Burning Question

The Mueller Report was written and presented in 2 volumes consisting of 448 pages. One volume deals with the question of Russian interference in the American electoral process, and the nature and extent of Trump campaign knowledge and cooperation with such interference, or "collusion", if you must.

The other volume deals with the nature and extent of attempts and efforts to cover-up and or obstruct investigations into the matter as described.

The report makes no finding, representations, or recommendations re guilt or innocence. It is, however, a roadmap or blueprint for both impeachment and/or future prosecutions.

As comprehensive and thorough as the report appears to be, there is a glaring omission which, in my view, is the basis for the Trump exclamation, "I'm fucked!" when the announcement of the appointment of a special counsel was made...

The only thing Trump cares enough about to utter such an ostensibly desperate comment is money...

The only thing the Mueller Report lacks is a thorough treatment of the financial transactions that were played out in the context of the 'collusion' and 'cover-up'.

For months, I've been insisting that the root of Trump wrong doing is money, lots and lots of money.....particularly Russian money...

Sooner or later somebody, whether it be a Congressional committee or a prosecutorial authority, will decide that the best if not only way to really get at Trump is to FOLLOW THE MONEY!

The current Trump strategy is that he and his entire administration stone wall, and otherwise obstruct, congressional investigations by refusing to cooperate with any request for any information, on any level, for any reason, thereby forcing an unprecedented Constitutional separation of powers battle into a packed judicial branch.

Here's the question:

Did Sen. Chuck Schumer put the interests of a foreign entity ahead of the interests of the American people by trading the Golan Heights and designation of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, in exchange for the fast tracking of Trump appointees to the Federal bench, thus assisting Trump in packing the Federal Judiciary with judges who are sympathetic, if not beholden, to him and his administration?

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Comment by koshersalaami on April 25, 2019 at 3:45am

What’s missing from this question is how Sen. Schumer could have kept the FBI investigation away from money. After all, this investigation was not run by the Democratic Party, it was run by the FBI. Also, there are likely to be harder line Republicans on such goals than Schumer. 

I get there’s something other than Judaism triggering this question: What did Schumer trade the judges for?  I’m not sure you’re barking up the right tree because it isn’t likely to be Schumer these concessions mean most to. 

Comment by Ron Powell on April 25, 2019 at 5:24am

Schumer needs to explain himself...

I and thousands of other Progressive-Liberal-Social Democrats would like to know what Schumer is up to and what he believes he got for assisting in the process of packing the Federal Judiciary...

Judaism isn't the trigger here. Neither is Semtism or Zionism. The trigger here is curiosity and ire. I simply would like to know what he got for his efforts...He is way too shrewd to have gotten nothing at all...

The surmise, speculation, conjecture, and just plain guessing can become rather nasty and ugly if he becomes Senate Majority Leader...

Comment by Ron Powell on April 25, 2019 at 6:46am

People aren't pissed off at the direction or focus the Mueller Investigation did or didn't have, they're pissed off about the willingness of Schumer to go along with the Republican scheme, plan, agenda to pack the courts with as many knee-jerk, Tea Party, deconstruction, racist, homophobic judges as quickly as possible...

We would like to know ; What's up with that?!


Comment by Maui Surfer on April 25, 2019 at 10:58am

So, Robert Hanssen gets his money from our Russian ENEMIES; is still in the Florence Pen.

A Yankee Confederate does essentially the same thing, is embraced by Klan members everywhere.


Comment by moki ikom on April 25, 2019 at 1:28pm

From the rear nine or so months ago, Senate Majority Leader McConnell just had to clasp Senate Minority Leader's Schumer's head between the ears between the Leader's the palms and point his fellow zionazi-enabler eyes toward their side of the apartheid wall from which they shared their view of the world.  Aside from that, zionism ala today's Zionaziism in Palestine probably had nothing to do with Schumer's flipping from his and Senate Dem's favoring judgeship appointments of merely Democrat-desirable fascUSt$ judges to satiate McConnell's ravenoUS appetite for stacking the federal court system with Republican-desirable ultra-fascUSt$ judge$hips.  Before clasping the minority leader's head between his oily and bloody palms pointing the minority leader's face toward the wall, McConnell whispered through the oily wax of the leader's ear,  "Okay Chuckie Boy, can you read that "  :  Nuclear Option


Schumer’s deal to fast-track Trump judges makes progressive activists furious “It is hard to think of a more pathetic surrender heading into the Kavanaugh hearings.” By A  sudden deal made by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on a set of judicial nominees has made Democratic activists livid.


The McConnell Special: A Lifetime Appointment in Two Hours or Less APRIL 3, 2019

The Senate is expected to move forward this week on a plan to limit debate on nominees.

If you can no longer use the rules to your advantage, change them, and make sure to blame someone else for it. So goes the reasoning behind the blatantly hypocritical and hyperpartisan maneuver launched by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier this week to quickly rubber stamp Trump administration nominees.

Never mind that McConnell and fellow Republicans used the Senate rules to limit President Obama to a scant 22 federal judges in his last two years in office. Never mind that McConnell has presided over 92 judicial confirmations in the two years since President Trump took office. Never mind the fact that the filibuster for all judicial nominees is already gone — if a pick receives the support of a bare 50+1 majority, that individual can expect to receive a spot on the bench for life, regardless of how deeply some senators may object to his or her nomination.

Now McConnell wants to reduce the time available to debate nominees by over 90% and extend the privilege of an easier process to other non-judicial Trump choices.

As it stands, when a nominee clears a committee vote and reaches the Senate floor for consideration with a “motion to proceed,” legislators have a 30-hour window to debate and consider the nominee before moving to a final vote. This debate time is critical to the Senate’s Constitutional “advice and consent” power, to ensure a nominee is qualified to hold office.  --- earthjustice.org/from-the-experts/2019-april/mcconnell-special-life...


For a progressive, the thought that Schumer would become Majority Leader were the Democrat Party to become majority in Senate is not a pleasant thought.  Zionazi war crimes enablers and apologists are inherently not, are by definition not progressive.

Comment by koshersalaami on April 25, 2019 at 6:18pm


I have no idea why Schumer sold that out. I just don’t think that’s what he got for it. If Trump made a deal like that with anyone Jewish, it’s way more likely to be Adelson. Schumer isn’t as likely to worry about the Golan Heights to the same extent Adelson is or one of the Christian Right Zionists. 

Comment by Ron Powell on April 25, 2019 at 7:40pm

"I have no idea why Schumer sold that out. I just don’t think that’s what he got for it."

Kosh, as I said the surmise, conjecture, speculation, and just plain guessing will get nastier and uglier if he doesn't provide a palatable explanation...

This will be especially so should he become majority leader...

I'm not as concerned about why he sold out as much as I am about the net effect of his having done so...

Is it possible that somebody has some dirt on him?

Is it conceivable that his political calculus indicates that the Jewish American community will suffer no damage or harm with Trump appointees on the bench?

He owes an explanation to all of us...

Comment by koshersalaami on April 25, 2019 at 7:51pm

He has more than Jewish constituents. I wouldn’t overdo the Jewish angle.  

Comment by Ron Powell on April 25, 2019 at 8:29pm

Neither can it be eliminated...

Without an explanation from him, it won't be....

Is his seat so safe that he can do shit like this with impunity and without adverse or negative political consequences?


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