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Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing, Again.

The Time Has Come

Some of you may have noticed that I talk a lot. You may also have noticed that I have a tendency to wear a topic into the ground at times. What you may not have noticed is that there comes a time when talking is done, and it is time to do. That time has arrived, again.

I acquired a new doctor this year at the VA. My…


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It’s a contest, a test, a test of endurance.

Chronic illness is the supreme test of what a human can stand, what they can endure and still live a satisfactory life.  There is nothing fancy about it, nothing heroic about it; it’s persevering through the awful, hanging in through the grim, being dogged in living, and ultimately enduring what life brings.

Years ago one of our good friends father contracted cancer.  Our friend, as he watched his father endure chemotherapy,  said…


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Last Ride to Dalhart

We waited for the call, knowing it would come soon.  Thursday, Marty’s brother Jerry, called and said their mother, Jean, had passed away early that morning in her sleep.  Jean had been sick for a long time; Jean had a long trip home.

I waited for a while and told Marty about her Mom as we ate lunch. She knew it was coming, we had talked about what was going on, still the news clearly startled her.  The reality and the overall sadness of the loss of her mother came over her all at…


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Saying Goodbye to Dudlonna, Aborting an Alien Baby

I have been pregnant for over two years now. I was impregnated by my ex-husband and his wife. It’s not a typical pregnancy. Although I do get to feel it move, especially in the morning, but I don’t get any parties or get to set up a room with cute little baby stuff because this thing refuses to be born. It sucks the life out of me and a lot of nutrients, like iron and raises cortisol levels and causes lots of new…


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The Galveston "Soggy Gras" Half Marathon

The weather was calm and cool Sunday morning as I began my hour and a half drive to The Strand. I was imagining overcast or mostly cloudy skies and a sea breeze wind to cool my 13.1 mile run up and down the seawall. However--the weather of the last few days threatened rain, concerns of lightning might delay the start of the race, and I wondered what it would take to stop everything entirely—hoping that would not happen.

Mild drizzle turned to a moderate rain as I crossed the I-45…


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13(miles)x30: My first Half-Marathon

It was my birthday and I was slow to get out of bed as the grey morning light filtered through the gauzy curtains, but I had a promise to keep.

Alone in the house, I was in no hurry to get my running clothes together, but neither was I lethargic at the task. Today is the first day of Act II of the Life of Julia.  Eager, I am, to set the pace for the next thirty…


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