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Tearing Around

There'd been news purporting an Alzheimer causing sap, from an obscure XYZ tree somewhere in South America.

Such report ought rank at the top of the sounding probe within the medical industrial complex, what with the subsequent demise of the person, the heart-broken caregivers, the erstwhile pharma RD staff, the pill-peddlers shoulder to shoulder with Congress-fluke who golf the highnoon away, as victim slowly, passionately expires.…


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{}Fifty AMP {} (tribute to Richard Pryor. 50% of {}Fifty AMP{} was written by RB James, Editor at Large of Our Salon)

Joseph Campbell knew better. He stuck with the evidence, mostly. I’m not expert anything, won’t ever be, either. MAHI is winding down still before the 2000 election... on Coronado with the Clintons in late June, playing with the kids of all ages On The Beach, well before dawn. Campbell's soup used to be thicker. Hot and good, for whom the microwave prompts. This can't be oleo on the soda crackers. Sharp shooter medal blurrily snatched at BONG AB. Deftly pinned by the Honorable…


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OCTOBER 31, 2009 4:07AM


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I would set a mood just like my youthful grandmother, aunts and mother would set out green plates and beige bowls ringed by burgundy and forest green lines most Sundays after Mass.

A large tin pot of chicken soup simmered on a gas range. Grandpa in herringbone pants, suspender-ed, had been home from the South Pacific for six, seven maybe even eight years by then and never slept real good, loving even cold coffee, sometimes…


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Sanctuary Or Prison: Elites Live Where We Let Them.


       I’m not writing about the Trumpers, or even the Trumps. God bless them for not being bright enough to be fascists, every one. White elites walled themselves off from the world long before their cast offs and religious nuts blew here from a broken Europe. 

        What failed there has never succeeded here, ever. After the kooks,  fanatics and greedy raped and pillaged a disease ravaged continent they gained enough steam run their own show, but the economic model…


Added by Robert B. James on December 7, 2018 at 8:02am — 6 Comments

Right Down The Drain

          The estuary told me the truth, and I was there to listen. Up river the MIC was trying to run the empire at the same time it was killing the planet. I only saw evidence of the planet killing first hand. Whatever the MIC flushed down the drain wound up in the estuary. 

           The MIC was all I knew outside of the estuary, but I never knew it, because it was all I knew. The MIC was not a lie, but it was never the truth my parents and so many others believed in. They…


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A Stranger

A Stranger

I think I know the reason

It's just the witch's season,

If I could dig these memories right out of my head

With a knife I'd might be…


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1964: The Bay Of Pigs

      I was seven and things had not been going my way for years. Growing up   in an elite Cold War era breeding program was nothing any of us chose for ourselves. We marched to Sousa, knew the Marine Corps hymn and a half dozen or so patriotic ditties. 

       1964 was an election year but that meant nothing to me. We had just moved from a two bedroom cottage in the center of it all to a four bedroom three and a half bath river front home. Seven of us in two bedrooms had been quite a…


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President Trump Praises Robert E. Lee at Ohio Rally

President Trump Praises Robert E. Lee at Ohio Rally:  At his recent Lebanon, Ohio campaign rally, President Donald Trump raised eyebrows after he praised Confederate icon Robert E. Lee, claiming Abraham Lincoln even developed a phobia,…


Added by Johnny Robish on October 12, 2018 at 8:42pm — 6 Comments

My annual Sept 11, 2001 observance

Hello folks,

Van living has been a challenge for my old bones, and getting a chance to visit here has been a rare luxury. But now I'm rehabbing an old trailer on community land and even get time to write a little. Each year I re-edit a novella I wrote - a 9/11 Truther novel of sorts - revising the contents with any new developments, such as the engineering modeling experiments regarding Building 7 of the WTC complex recently completed at the University of Fairbanks.  It was the third,…


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One Step Beyond on a Monday!

Image result for Images of One Step Beyond

Tonight on One Step Beyond We shall Explore a secret project undertaken by an elite enclave of scientists responsible for creating Time Travel! At first they argued amongst themselves over what would be the most beneficent act in the interests of mankind they could undertake. They weighed the long range effects of going too far back in history so they stuck with recent destructive people who could be erased by covert…


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Image result for egret

When I woke up, I was a bird.

I pulled my beak out from under my wing and looked around, shaking my feathers loose and stretching my long neck.

Well THIS is a fine thing.…


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Perfect Errors

He was awake. All of him. Clearly. Ahem.

“Well, can’t waste THAT,” he laughed when he caught her looking.

And they were off to the races yet again. This was, what? The third time? No, fourth, since they stumbled into her apartment late last night.…


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Bill Gates Warns of Pandemic That Could Harm 33 Million

Bill Gates Warns of Pandemic That Could Harm 33 Million:  Bill Gates says the U.S. and other world governments are falling short in preparing the world population for the “significant probability of a large modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.”  Gates went on to add that if we don’t contain this treat now, its quite possible the majority of computers…


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Short Fiction: Krispy Kreme and the Meaning of Life

Warren woke with the chickens.  It had been his habit since childhood when he actually was awakened by the sound of the neighbor’s rooster crowing.  Swinging his legs over the side of the bed he almost reached out to see if Betty was up, and then the persistent grief of her loss settled over him as it had done now for the past year.

Warren Krueger and Betty Peterson had been an item since he came back from the navy at 22.  He had been a Machinist’s Mate and part of the Auxiliary Group…


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Smithsonian Publishes Controversial Article on Jellyfish

Smithsonian Publishes Controversial Article on Jellyfish:  An article in Smithsonian Magazine claims that jellyfish are essentially a boneless, bloodless and brainless species whose mouth also doubles as their anus.  Now I have no idea what the Smithsonian has against jellyfish, but this is the kind of hurtful name-calling is not exactly what one would expect from a respected scientific journal and it needs to stop now.…


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SBA/RR Challenge: Fiction

In spite of having been a Cubs fan my entire life, I've decided to become a Yankees fan...  because they clearly have the BEST concessions stands.

Long Live

(...and yes, this IS fiction...  pure unadulterated fiction...  I would slit my own throat before becoming a freak'in "Stankees" fan...  which would almost be as disgusting as becoming a "Sillies" or "Red Sux"…


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SBA/RR Challenge: Fiction; "Through Coyote Eyes", Chapter 1, Zaina

Chapter 1



She awoke to the sensation of beads of moisture running over the olive skin of her face into a sweat soaked pillow. The sun coming around the torn window shade was hot on her face and the combination of heat, light and hangover sent her scrambling down the hall from her rented room to the bathroom she shared with the other two tenants on the floor. 

Most of the porcelain had been worn away from the bathroom doorknob giving it an organic,…


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SBA/RR Challenge: Fiction

I am known on Our Salon for my brevity. 

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Trump Labels FBI Raid on Cohen’s Office a Witch Hunt

Trump Labels FBI Raid on Cohen’s Office a Witch Hunt:  FBI agents have conducted a raid on the office of President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, which prompted the President to describe it as a “disgraceful situation” and a “total witch hunt.”  Well, Trump’s certainly right about it being a "disgraceful situation,” but fortunately for all of…


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Triceratops May Have Had Horns to Attract Mates

Triceratops May Have Had Horns to Attract Mates:  A study published in a Royal Society journal found that the aggressive-looking armor of horned dinosaurs such as Triceratops, may actually have evolved to signal an animal's suitability as a sexual partner - known as socio-sexual selection.  Or, to put it another way, these guys were pretty damned horny.…


Added by Johnny Robish on March 20, 2018 at 8:38pm — 2 Comments

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