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Dance of the Banana Republic Dictators

Venezuela has sponsored a ballet about Hugo Chavez, depicting the late dictator as a boy selling sweets known as “spiders” on the streets, giving up his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, and dancing against the background of riots in 1989, in which several hundred people died.

                                                         Associated Press

“Gotta dance–on the graves of the Yankee…


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2-Sentence Ferguson/Why the Distant Outrage? (& 4 recent podcasts)

When people all over know in their collective mind and gut that lethal injustice afar is so easily visited on them, where they live, and this is without question, as to Ferguson, true, it Sparks, Must Spark. 

How brightly, how hot, how long?…


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Greeting Cards From the World's Grumpiest Poet

Around Thanksgiving my thoughts turn towards those less fortunate than myself. This year, I’ve decided to extend a hand to Giacomo Leopardi, known to his few friends as “Jock.”

Giacomo Leopardi


For centuries, Leopardi has been known as the world’s grumpiest poet. When Matthew Arnold published his collected poems in 1853 he intentionally omitted “Empedocles on Etna,” which is now recognized as one of…


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Not eating for a complete day is a challenge. I have never been able to do

it. Oh, maybe there was one day in my college years when I tried it and I

vaguely remember liking it but I haven't been able to do it since then.

Something tells me it is a holy thing.

Gluttony is a sin. The Tibetan wheel of life has a section on what happens to people who eat…


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latest kitty and cocoa pics/link to "I owe my kitten gloria steinem an apology" post

first the link to the post on OS:

then the kitty and cocoa chanel pics:

i was smart enough to cover some jewelry and scarves and headbands and such with a fluffy towel to hide them from my kitty. well, it turned out to be a cozy place for her to rest and nap. in…


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Don't Give the Police an Excuse

Here I was – sounding off about how Michael Brown was unarmed and the only crime the police officer knew about was jaywalking – and then he shot him dead – emptied his gun into him.

A police officer explained to me that I was couch quarterbacking something I knew nothing about.

When a police officer, or anybody else is trained to use a gun for self-defense, the training includes -- don’t…


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My Ghanian Nurse

Just got home from the hospital yesterday-mild heart attack on Monday.

I've been blessed with quite a few things to write about stemming from the experience....but in catching up on the writing on OS, I find one question formed over the topic of Racism ( as in the Ferguson business)......

One of…


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Books, Watermelon Jokes, Racism & Pissing on Dreams

I’ve been reading and commenting on posts about the St. Louis Grand Jury’s outrageous finding and racism in America, but I’ve avoided posting anything myself, because I’m an old white dude and who’s going to give a damn about what I’ve got to say?  Then this Limony Snicket faux pas popped up and I couldn’t resist:…


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The Winter Wear and Pastries Corrections Department

A balaclava is a ski mask.  A Personal Journal article on Tuesday about winter workout gear incorrectly referred to baklava.

The Wall Street Journal

A “Mackintosh” is a form of waterproof raincoat, first sold in 1824, made out of rubberized fabric.  A sidebar in Sunday’s pull-out section on winter fashions inadvertently used the term “Macadam,” which is a type of road construction pioneered by Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam around…


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Great Places to Meet That Special Someone!

Finding your soulmate is part luck and part hard work. Your perfect match will end up getting married to someone else unless you take steps to be in the right place at the right time.

But so many “hot” places to meet members of the opposite sex are crowded and sweaty, which can make your mascara run if you’re a woman or make your body odor worse if you’re a man. Your Dating Advisor surveyed singles scenes across the country to discover out-of-the-way places where…


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5 Sentence Friday: My Own 5 Sent.s On The Racism Discussion

[published on Open Salon in reaction to recent posts there]

Saying that the best way to reduce racism is to stop talking about it is like saying that the best way to reduce the incidence of rape is to stop talking about them.

Daylight is our most effective weapon. We don't excuse rapes because of male-dominant culture and we shouldn't excuse racism because of classism. If you aren't as safe as your neighbors because of your identity as opposed to your individual… Continue

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Standing tall, about to be covered

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Call the Cultbusters!

Did your daughter just shave her head?  Has the little woman started getting mail from The Rosicrucians?  Call the Cultbusters now, before it’s too late!

Dear Cultbusters:

Our daughter Francine had a wonderful job as Fulton County Assistant Sealer of Weights and Measures when my dingbat husband Gene persuaded her to take a management training course at H&R Block, America’s largest tax preparation company.  She would drive up to Raytown on weekends,…


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PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: "Her Child's Stillborn, She's Charged with Murder more/Saturday, 11.29, 3:00 pm US Eastern

                      PASSIONATE JUSTICE  




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The Bellagio Wikileak - 14 - Sun on the Rocks

The stern face of Brayfield and Everglade replaced the newsfeed.

"You won´t be able to leave, we´ve got you covered," said Brayfield.

"They know where we are," said Flower.

"Don´t say anything, it´s always better not to talk, I know about this, this is prisoner´s dilemma," said Lanai.

"We´re running away, we´re not prisoners," said Flower.

Flower discussed with Lanai for several…


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Feeding People


As we sat in the little restaurant eating the delicious holiday food I noticed a little lady with a black kerchief and apron bring a plate and sit at a little table in the corner. She looked exhausted with eyes glazed over and a slump to her shoulders that…


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Moments on the Way to a Funeral (OS Archives 2014)

The phone call gave no clue of its importance in heralding the beginning of the end - only in hindsight did her one remark seem so significant:  "You are going to bring that boy by in his Easter suit, aren't you?"

"It's not Easter, it's Halloween, Mom, and of course we'll come by." I replied.

Within a week she had a second stroke and only then did we learn there had been a first.…


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Where Are the Karens of Yesteryear?

The Megans, the Caitlins, the Courtneys

come blissfully marching along.

I know if I wait then shortly

they’ll be followed by a Siobhan.

Where are the Nancys and Deborahs

I knew so long ago?

I seem to recall lots of Barbaras

and a Karen or three or mo’.

Somehow these names have faded

into memories of the past.

At the time, before we were jaded,

we assumed that they would last.

But they turned…


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A friend just forwarded me an article from Business Insider. The article, by Joe Wiesenthal, talks about the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He talks about what seemed to preoccupy the conferees this year. What is apparently preoccupying them is the impact of technology on increasing the concentration of wealth. This concentration of wealth is a problem because, well, I'll quote an economist by the name of Nouriel Roubini whom Wiesenthal quotes:…


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