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Brave New World

I am no longer in the fishbowl.

The fishbowl being my term for life as a cancer patient. An invisible thing, but a barrier separating you from those who are not experiencing anything close to what you are experiencing. It even has a distorting effect on how you see the world much like a fishbowl would.

Patients themselves seem to be aware that we are not one lump of generalized experience; we each have our own fishbowls, and we ask about each others' experiences knowing they…


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Fork You and the Unicorn You Rode In On



- or - My Day

Got a message in my email from a New Age sound healer that “Brand New! The Lemurian tuning forks are finally here!”…


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     Ascetic abstention & abnegation, in & of themselves, are not a sufficient means towards the end of an achievement of moral soundness or psychospiritual edification & fruition. In other words, merely refraining from, say, giving way to a homicidal impulse & committing a murder…


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Me and Borges at the Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is a place that inspires conflicting emotions in me; it was here that I retreated during a period of great uncertainty in my life, between jobs, to see if I could become an inventor.  I buried myself in the patent library, then a collection of use-worn books and microfilm, along with a regular group of obvious crackpots, trying to develop a coffee warmer whose temperature would decrease as the weight of the pot was reduced by the gradual removal of the liquid…


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People of the Book - 75th Scroll of the Second Book

Before I post this one, I'll add this note: Poor Woman asked a question about the origins of PoB in her comment over on Open Salon: "Still curious as to what got you going on such an extensive project, jmac. It's a fun read, but a curious one."

I sent the following explanation in a PM and thought it might be of interest to those who read this first draft:

About five years ago after a visit in Dallas, Texas with my oldest and best friend, David Petersen, who teaches…


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Nineteen Steps to Nowhere Now

^ ^

We had friends over for Thanksgiving.  Like us they live far from their children and none of us wanted to spend the holiday by ourselves or in a restaurant surrounded by strangers which is much like being alone.  We are all strangely,…


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Vice President in Charge of Nothing

I was wakened by the muffled ring of a regular alarm clock. Mila stumbled out of the bedroom and I got up from the sofa to join her for breakfast. Fred didn't show, presumably still sleeping.

While we were eating our cornflakes (something I would normally stick my nose up at, but I was still savoring every non-Nemeton moment) the phone rang. “For you,” said Mila, thrusting the…


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Can Texas Open Carry Laws Go Too Far?

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President Declares National Day of Leftovers

CAMP DAVID, Md.  President Barack Obama declared Friday a National Day of Leftovers after a Thanksgiving Day Dinner that included a dish prepared by Marian Robinson, his mother-in-law, that he pushed around on his plate but did not finish.…


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By David Glenn Cox

We were stardust once, in the uncounted eons of a fathomless universe, brilliant, but unaware. We were mountains, tall, majestic, forested, but cold and snow covered, until, the winds of time and the tears of Earth washed us away and we were the sea floor, but only for a billion years or so. We existed motionless and time…


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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: "PEOPLE'S HERO": Chinese Girl: 1, Chinese Communist Party: 0 -- Saturday, 5-5:30pm, Eastern                                                                      

                                                                 SATURDAYS, 5:00-5:30 pm (Eastern)              



TUNE IN  to 



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The Bahrain Broderie - 1 - Sun on the Rocks


broderie anglaise: open embroidery, typically in floral patterns, on fine cotton or linen.

origin: mid 19th century: French, literally English embroidery.


Summary of the amusement

Standing on a window-cleaning platform…


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People of the Book - 74th Scroll of the Second Book

The Seventy Fourth Scroll

After he signed and affixed the King’s seal to the …


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LUCIOLE_firefly 6  



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A Letter

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the football team had gathered to check in their equipment at the stadium.  The atmosphere was a mixture of valediction, relief and chagrin; the team had lost the last game of the season and finished 5 and 5, no great shakes, but at least all the hard work was over.  There hadn’t been that many seniors on the team—only five—so that was some kind of excuse.  There had been six sophomores who saw a lot of action on offense or defense, and a couple of…


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Crystal Clear and a Raspberry Scone

And so it came about that a week later I was back in the city, in Crystal's store. Willow dropped me off just before noon and went to get supplies – a truncated list, she informed me, due to lack of funds.

“Well, hello,” Crystal said. “When you were in here last month I didn't realize you…


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly Cabinet meeting at his office Sunday in Jerusalem. Netanyahu says world powers gave away too much for too little in the interim deal reached last weekend with Iran over its nuclear program.



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"The Yankees! The Yankees Are in Atlanta!" "Why, Who Let Them In?"

I watched GWTW today. I watch it whenever it's on.

I may watch it all day and all night. I like watching the Old South burn, over and over again.

[I know I am a very bad…


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Ode to a Bespectacled Optometrist Maiden

Dorothy Parker, just for a lark,

wrote a poem we remember for what’s now called “snark”:

“Men seldom make passes

at girls who wear glasses,”

rings down through the years

and one guesses its laughter is watered with tears.…


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