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A Move


It's after midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, on October 1.

A lot of you might know that I attempted to organize a move here now from OS. It was driven by the fact that OS wasn't working and was frustrating the living crap out of a lot of its users. (A lot of you might not know that it was I who was responsible for this latest effort.)

OS is working now, aside from the fact that I hear its main page is clogged with spam at the moment. For that reason, I'm not…


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The Color of Light

I tried capturing it in jars, first a Hellman’s mayonnaise, not only rinsed out, but scoured, cleaned within an inch of its life. Outside was the crisp light of early fall, the trees not yet turning but on the verge. The sky bright with free floating dreams, the kind that rarely float close enough to catch. I stood underneath the pear tree where the light was subdued, and I held up my jar, as high as I could reach, and the light flowed in. It filled my jar, stopping just short of the…


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sunflowers, the life of the party





I am posting my work on my website - adobe soup - the unzipped life of candace mann - as I have done for the last year or so. I cross-post or link to my site from Our Salon and other sites.  

This piece is a short photo essay. The direct link to it is here:

                      adobe soup: "when the party's over"  …


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Melancholia: this is the way the world ends...


You can read this.  Nothing I could say in words would "spoil" the experience of this film.

I sat down to write my way to some kind of understanding of what had just happened to me while watching this film…and I’m not sure I ever got there.  But I’m going to leave it as I…


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Beautiful Nothing - Sweet Anne

I spent much of this week in the pediatric intensive care unit with my sweet cousin, Anne and her amazing parents.  For those of you who don't know, Anne is 17 years old and has Down's Syndrome. She was diagnosed with biphenotypic acute leukemia on February 1st of this year. The past 8 months have been full of chemo, infections, blood and…


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Epic failure looming in Afghanistan, confidential intelligence report reveals

"Defending our freedom at the Hindu Kush."

A German soldier does his bit in Afghanistan. (Source: Bundeswehr) 

IF YOU HAVE BEEN suspecting that the Western governments’ prognoses for the ongoing armed occupation of Afghanistan are somewhat too rosy for…


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Morning Chores


Bang! The door to my bed room crashed open leaving a permanent impression in the wall where the handle fit snugly.

I began to shake uncontrollably. Covers ripped from my hands.

"Get the F**k up! you lazy piece of crap. I won't have you suckin' from my tit boy. Pull em down, you know the drill.  Do you need to learn princess?"

Need to learn, learn what? That he was the slime under my finger nails from the endless  hours of ' Chores ' I was…


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What to do? “You gonna pull that pistol or just whistle Dixie?”



Sunday, Sept 23: 12:03pmEDT: In the last thirty minutes100% of the 100 “Most Recent” Posts on Open Salon  have been SPAM.  It’s High Noon, but Tex Ritter is dead and there’s no one to sing …


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trust me  


           Frey Palter was twenty-six years old, devilishly handsome, and he lived in the home of his parents that was…


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Why I Don't Hate Honey Boo-Boo

Well, first of all, she's just a kid, and I refuse to hate on a kid. I could hate her mom, or the pageants she puts her daughter in. I could hate the "go-go juice" she feeds her before pageants for energy. I could hate the fact this family collects fresh road kill off the Georgia roads and brings it home for dinner. 

Yes, in some tiny way, I hate it all. And in some really big way, I don't hate any of…


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At An August Affair

At an August affair, Argyle’s Andrew Angus announced an autumn animal auction.

Acrimony arose as angry auctioneers asked about alleged abattoir aberrations.

An abhorrent audience assiduously angled after absinthe abolition.

Arid alcoholics ambled around abjectly accepting acute abstinence and argued after adjournment.

At a.m. an all-in adjudicator arduously assailed attendees.

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Ali and the Argan Corporation - Alphabet Soup Challenge

After the accident in Algiers, Ali and Ayse were always angry with one another. The Akbars had been attacked by the owners of the argan oil corporation which had assumed control of Arediri.

Ali felt allegiance to the aged and told them he would take their case to the General Assembly in the capital. First, his application for co-op status for the aggregated villagers to produce argan for Americans was denied.Then the corporation arranged for an autobus to…


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Better Homes and Gardens in Buffalo, NY circa 1904

James Lipton, incurable Francophile and host of Bravo’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio”, has made familiar to American audiences the questionnaire of Bernard Pivot.  Question #8 reads, “What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?”  The answers of the guests, most of whom are actors, are intriguing.  They have been all over the place.

I have thought a lot about how I would answer that question.  Sometime in Junior High School we all took a test that looked not at…


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We know change is inevitable, but the mind holds fast to what is known and remains anticipatory of the future. I liken my mind to a caged animal at times when I'm under stress. The different types of stress affect me differently emotionally but often the physical side effects are the same. Irregular heart beat flairs up, my blood sugar is more difficult to maintain (I don't test, I base this on how I feel) I'm unable to fall asleep and stay asleep, and excessive mental ruminating…


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So Sexy

Fix It Again Tony

Does anyone out there want to buy a FIAT 850 racing engine?

I've been reminded I have one to get rid of. In storage for 30 years.

I saw a red Fiat 850 Spyder yesterday.

We crossed each other, Each of us turning left at a stoplight, moving opposite directions, I in my silver '86 Volvo 740,…


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Alrighty then!


Looking back through my OS blogs I'm finding that I don't even remember the content of most, but luckily a few do stand out in what's left of my memory. Those that I deem worth saving, I'm moving here . . . slowly, for safe keeping.  This one is from nearly exactly a year ago. Alrighty then!



September 26,…


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A simple method to put spam out of its misery before it puts us out of ours

THIS IS MY FIRST (temporary) posting on Our Salon, and before I go any further, let me thank Lorianne and everyone else involved in this project for setting up such a user-friendly and spam-free blogging environment for the rest of us!

The spam infection is getting worse all the time, and I can't figure out why Jacob doesn't do the…


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An Astonishing Affair - Word Yoga Challenge

Autumn;  Aunt Anna's anniversary affair. Adam arrives astride an aardvark; addlebrained Alicia alongside as an accomplice. All Aunt Anna's astonished associates and acquaintances angle, anticipating an altercation, as an astounded Anna approaches. Against all assumptions, Aunt Anna appears amicable and announces: An ass, an aardvark and an airhead all at an afternoon affair. Amazing!  and arrogantly ambles…


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Social Media for Self-Publishers

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(This was originally posted on WordPress.  It is re-posted here with the permission of the author.  Check his site for other articles relating to self-publishing.)

Social Media…


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The Adventures of Paulocchio



We all know how the story goes

First it starts and then it grows

Naughty, pine-wood marionette

Caught within the Fisherman's net


Paulocchio lies unable to see

Even though his strings are free

Misguided Wanting Wooden fool

Puppet of the Wicked Drool 


Planting coins in the field of Miracles

Promised riches tongued so lyrical

Journey down his road to Catchfools



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