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Governor Perry's flirtation with secession

originally published Aug. 29, 2011. I really enjoyed writing this one and it was very well received. 

This started life as a comment on Jonathan Wolfman's blog a couple of years ago. Recent events have made it more topical. It has been expanded and edited substantially.

Governor Rick Perry has made a few remarks indicating that Texas secession might be a possibility, remarks whose tone indicated he might be sympathetic to those who advocated…


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Ten Minutes

originally published Aug. 22, 2011 on Open Salon. This is the sort of thing Karen McKim writes about. Another appropriate title for this could be "Why I Bother."

As those of you who read me with any regularity know, I've been utterly mystified as to why no officeholders in the Democratic party appeared to question the assumption behind the Tea Party Representatives' move to hold the budget process hostage, a move that caused the lowest approval ratings for…


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Castle Rock Trail West Virginia

We arrived in Beaver, West Virginia July the 23rd, the gig being the Miller-O'Dell-Boatman-Turner annual family reuinion. I had only a vague idea what to expect, but suffice to say it was not a disappointing experience. I drove away from there with a renewed pride in my family heritage, and a deep appreciation for the geography of the area. 

As John Denver once wrote "life is old there." More like ancient I'd say. The New River which we whitewater rafted (with a guide, thank…


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Butterfly Kisses

I had a visit from a butterfly.

I was standing with my neighbors at the juncture of our three yards on a wonderful afternoon. The heat wave had broken, the sun was shining, the sky was deep blue with fluffy white clouds, flowers were blooming. In other words, perfect weather to be standing outside for a good neighborly, gossip.

I don't remember what the topic was, but I happened to catch a glimpse of something on the grass near my feet. Looking down, I saw a yellow swallowtail…


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buzzing Eli's head

Before he leaves for boot camp I will cut off and bag the hair that he 'combs' only with his fingers. No way will I allow it to be swept into the compost depository by the Navy barber's assistants.. the ones who scored 42 on the test. 


THAT I wrote here February 22nd, 2011.…


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An Open Letter to the Progressive Masses

Is anyone feeling the same uneasy feeling I am about our current public conversation?

Where is the screaming, shouting clarity that greed, wealth and self interests are taking over this country cloaked in ideology?

I have paid attention to our public conversation before and after healthcare reform passed; before and after the shooting in Tucson; before and after Minnesota shut down the State government to balance a budget that desperately needs…


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