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At the Pine-Woods Golf & Poetry Club

For most of the 20th century, the poetry world resembled a country club.

                                     The New York Times Book Review

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I just wanted to get out of the damn house. I decided to head over to the club, see if I could squeeze in a round before dinner. I threw the old sticks in the trunk and, as I drove into the parking lot at Pine-Woods, saw Lowell, Berryman and Roethke heading down to the starter’s hut. Lowell…


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Draymond Green Posts Picture of Penis to Snapchat

Draymond Green Posts Picture of Penis to Snapchat:  Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, who will be representing the US at the Rio Games, was forced to apologize after he accidentally hit the wrong button and posted a picture of his penis on the social media site Snapchat.  That is why the US Postal Service recommends that - as long as time isn’t really an issue - its always advisable to send your penis pics through snail mail. …


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Miss Teen USA Welcomes us to Donald Trump's America

Less than 24 hours after receiving her crown it's revealed that Miss Teen USA Used Racial Slurs on Twitter.…


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Hillary's Cluelessness

Hillary’s Cluelessness

Hillary’s views on two issues that directly affect the middle class, for which she expresses great and consuming concern, betray both her galactical distance from the group, but, more importantly, her inability to emphasize with it.

Gun control. Hillary (and Obama from whom she is temporarily taking pragmatic political instruction) are so…


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Synchronized Swimmer Persevered When Others Said He Was All Wet

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil. As the sun rises over this city of six and a half million people, Calvin Houston flashes a smile that’s almost as bright as the luminous celestial body in the sky. “It’s a great day for synch,” he says, using the insider’s slang term for synchronized swimming, a “sport” at the Rio Olympics. “Let’s swim two,” he adds with a laugh, echoing the enthusiasm of his childhood hero, Ernie Banks of the hapless Chicago Cubs of the 50s and 60s.…


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A Note to Trump Voters

After Trump Wins, What Now?

To the Trump voter, they assume he will end crony capitalism, restart steel mills, re-open coal fired power plants and suddenly it will be the 1950s again.  Oh and build a wall at the Mexican border while at at it.   

But after a flurry of executive actions, and perhaps even a targetted few…


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                  Last week a fellow drove into the driveway and asked if we wanted to sell some of our palm trees.  My daughter said "No!"  but it is my house and I asked him "How much?"

                   "Let me measure them." he said, coming back with a quote of $300 for the almost twenty footer and $250 for the…


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I'd rather lick my chops …


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First Skydiver to Successfully Jump Without Parachute

First Skydiver to Successfully Jump Without Parachute:  A skydiver named Luke Aikins has become the first person to successfully skydive without a parachute, jumping from a plane at 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, California and landing perfectly on a 100-by-100-foot net, in an event which was broadcast live over the Fox…


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Waiting, waiting for the painting to be done.

Reno Rob would pop in and I'd get all excited, but it would turn out that he was just there to say he'd be there, really there, the next day.  Or the day after.

By bits and pieces he did the painting he figured needed to be done before filling in the blanks on the walls of the living room, bedroom, bathroom and, finally, great god almighty, at last the hall.  What he figured to be needed first was painting all the damned doors.  I…


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My Independent run homework, the twenty first Vice President.

Thomas A. Hendricks was born in Muskingum County Ohio on September 7th 1819. His father John was a farmer and ran a general store. The family moved to Indiana under the advice of if his uncle William Hendricks who was the U.S. Representative and later Governor of the state. Once the family moved Andrew Jackson appointed John Hendricks Surveyor of Public Lands. Thomas attended The Shelby County Seminary and the Greensburg Academy and went to college at Hanover. After clerking for…


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Pacific Genocide

What in the world is "pacific genocide"?

pacific: adjective

tending to make or preserve peace; conciliatory:
pacific overtures.…

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"I believe in science..." HRC... but the Question is which Science When and Where

SBA sent this to me in a PM and asked me to post it as a favor.  All politicians shape the truth and depending who she's addressing, Hillary is certainly no exception:



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Werner Herzog

I just learned of this man and his work.  This page spells out what he has done with film and tells about a new movie about the Internet that sounds incredibly interesting.



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1-Sentence Trump-Koch

You must be a very special kind of danger, even to the Moneyed Radical Right (as well as to the rest of us), when the John Birch Society-imbued Koch brothers refuse, your plea, via aides, to meet with you. 

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Singing the New Bathroom Blues.

The tale I tell today is of triumph and torment. It's a six-day story of pain and victory, of love, labor and a livid lumbar. Grit flowed in abundance, its source the indomitable human spirit and the bottom of a plastic bucket. Lives were changed and destinies altered, but in the end a monument had risen like the mighty avian Phoenix from a scorched Earthscape.

You may be asking, in light of America's crumbling infrastructure, what is this tremendous public work to which I'm…


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Chatting with Sue about Hillary

Hillary Clinton while Arkansas's First Lady

My mother-in-law called yesterday to chat.  Sue will be 90 in about a month, and is blind, deaf and bedridden in a nursing home.  I…


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Eco-Hookers Find New Age Sex a Lot Greener

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts.  Kimberly Banff is a 23 year-old who has been practicing the world’s oldest profession in the Boston area since she ran away from home at the age of 18.  “Being a hooker ain’t an easy life,” she says, “but it’s all I know.”…


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Robbie and Debbie, e-mail follies


— Robert (Robbie) Mook, ​Clinton Campaign Manager


-- Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Chair, Clinton surrogate

I'd check @c-span…


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