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A Day in the Life of a Spritzer Girl Organizer

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that a small group of cosmetics and fragrance workers at a Macy’s store in Saugus, Mass. can be organized separately from other employees.

The Wall Street Journal


It’s never been easy bein’ a labor organizer, but right now it’s never been harder.

Private sector union membership has dropped through the roof, or maybe I…


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He [Eichmann] began by stating emphatically that he was a Gottglaubiger, to express in common Nazi fashion that he was no Christian and did not believe in life after death.  He then proceeded: “After a short while, gentlemen, we shall all meet again.  Such is the fate of all men.  Long live Germany, long live Argentina; long live Austria. …


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Lois Lerner is right!


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Boring Our Children to Safety

They’re at it again,” my wife said with concern.

I looked up and…


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3 Most Recent PASSIONATE JUSTICE Podcasts


Podcasts have returned, healthy now, from a few weeks' cyber-convalescence .



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What I Would Do

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu may have a very interesting opportunity. I don't know if he realizes it and I doubt he'd be inclined to take it anyway, but I think he has one. 

He doesn't want to negotiate with Hamas over the formation of a Palestinian state. At the moment, no one sane would expect him to. The head of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has no love for Hamas either, but he hasn't been able to afford to do…

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Norm Bladdon, Private G.I.

I screwed the top back on the bottle of J.T.S. Brown bourbon I kept in my desk drawer at Mass. Gastrointestinal Hospital, or “Mass Gas” as it is more commonly known, and stared out the window at the thin sliver of the Charles River I could see from my decidedly unprestigious office.…


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Here is a painting I just completed this morning. Also here is a link to my gallery blog, for anyone who might be interested. Thanks

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Pscooter and Pskipper Get Psychedelic in Pseattle

The kids are getting older–they’re in high school now–and with summer jobs and college campus visits, every year it’s harder to squeeze in the special family time of aggravation and bickering we used to experience during summer vacations.

“We need to get away and just do it,” my wife said.  “Someplace far, like the west coast.”…


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Cheating Ourselves


     Because patriotism has come to mean, for far too many of the hopelessly brainless, stockpiling as many weapons as we can, most in Congress would buy new, idiotically expensive weapons systems no matter the cost, no matter the quality, even without daily threats…


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My Lunch With a Nobel Prize-Winning Author

It isn’t every day I get to have lunch with a Nobel Prize-winning author. More frequently than I see Haley’s Comet, which last came through my neighborhood in 1986, and isn’t expected back for another 50 years, but still, it’s a big deal.…


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Perry still grandstanding on the border; this time with Sean Hannity

Kinda reminds me of ole G.W.in full regalia aboard the carrier in front of the "Mission Accomplished"…

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A Session With My Poetry Coach

It was the form letter that sent me over the edge.  “Thank you for submitting your poem to plangent voices,” it began.  “Please excuse the form letter, but due to the volume of god-awful submissions that we receive, we do not have the time to crush the spirit of each writer personally.”…


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Latest UnFun AIDS Theory Going

The Daily Kos shares yet one more piece of evidence suggesting that a job requirement for Republican office holders is the ability to make up absolute rubbish and call it science, especially when the lunacy has to do with sexuality, rape, lgbt citizens.…


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Never chase a white rabbit......

Just ask Alice, she'll tell you.....never chase a white rabbit because you just might disappear down a rabbit hole and then no telling where you'll end up. Never was this  truism brought home to me like it was this morning.

The day began like all the others here on Almosta Ranch, with Mel and I headed out to the barn early to beat the heat and get all the critters fed before breakfast. However today was about to prove…


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The People of the Book - Discovery: What to Do?

Mike Jerrod spent the night with the Baroud family and brooded about what to do.  He was reluctant to allow Youssef to assume the risk of transporting the cylinders to Sour.  He was even more reluctant to put them on a small fishing boat in the Mediterranean with people he didn’t know.  Youssef’s cousin would likely end up in the hands of the Israeli Navy and Mike didn’t know if Jean Levy’s network of contacts reached into the military.  Then there were the possibilities of complete…


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Ukrainian rebels resemble some in U.S.

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Me and Dionysus

The wife is out of town this weekend, an opportunity for me to catch up with an old friend whose idea of a good time is, to put it mildly, not shared by the distaff half of my joint tax return. He goes by a lot of names; the ancient Egyptians called him Osiris, the Greeks referred to him as Orgia, Panegyres and Dionysus, the Romans called him Bacchus. In the American vernacular, he is perhaps best-known by that all-purpose monicker “Mad Dog.”

Dionysus: “Hit me…


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Cattitude: Ms. Miryam Gumdrops' Motorcycle Adventure!

This is a reasonable likeness of our fighter-biter tabby cat, Ms. Miryam Gumdrops.
 $_72.JPG (500ÒÂÃÒÒÂ373)
This is a reasonable likeness of our son's Honda…

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What Sets You Free May Become Your Master

A couple in Korea got little jail time after letting their baby die of starvation while they played video games.  The judge ruled that they had become addicted to the internet and could no longer tell reality from illusion. 

A young woman in Arkansas comes to work in her Star Trek uniform and insists that her coworkers call her Captain.

Fortunately, the Captain is a capable employee who is respected by her coworkers.  They put up with her…


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