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At first - brown - visible on far horizon, a rusty stripe distinct against blue summer sky. This doesn't last long, the wall is heading for us.

Smoke. A tide of choking air blowing south into our narrow valley, the surrounding ranges a perfect trap as it funnels in. The acrid cloud grows closer, settles, becomes dense - a relentless, smothering wall. Thick as coastal fog it sweeps into side canyons, rises up forested…


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Eating with Dogs


I don’t know what was in my lunch today, but all of a sudden, I found myself in the heads of my dogs who were keeping sacred vigil over my victuals.



That’s Lola, the brindle one on the left. I’ve had her since she was eight weeks old. I fell in love with the way she was barking and trampling on her sleeping siblings in order to get my…


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Lawyers Without Borders Bring Aid, Strife to Third World

MALCZW, Freedonia.  In this land-locked, vowel-starved country, many residents have never even seen a lawyer, much less retained one.  “It is both a blessing and a curse,” says tribal chieftain Mzrz Glzorp.  “We do not have to listen to boring dweebzskis in wing tips, on the other hand I don’t understand the warranty on my glzblzxti,” a three-wheeled cart used to haul lumber and produce.

A busted glzblzxti


When Matt Costro, a…


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Back again

It's been half a year since I said "hi" to you all.

Not intentionally ignoring anyone. It's just that I finally managed to complete my relocation in March. Since then, I spent a couple of months getting re-acquainted with my "home". New streets, almost an entire new city built on the south side by the community college, another almost new city in an area that 7 years ago was still empty land.

Coolest thing is I ended up getting an apartment in the same complex, same building as…


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We were sitting on the front porch looking for America, drinking beer, talking about the olden days.

They say you can't go home again,…


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RECOVERY DIARIES-III (from my Pal & Former Student, Film Director Bud Clayman)


     This is the third installment of RECOVERY DIARIES, a current project of my former student and good friend, filmmaker Bud Clayman, director of 2010's award-winning film OC87.  (see below)



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What Does a Bicyclist Say to a Person Exiting a Parked Car?

Hey, person in the car. I cannot see what you are doing with your hands.  I cannot read your mind. And with your dark tinted windows, I can’t even see you in there.  So, how am I supposed to guess when you are about to swing your car door open right in my path?


I’m a geezer.  I tend to think that young people aren’t as smart as they think they are.  I remember the mindset. But I would never have sassed a geezer the way that…


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Perspective - A West Coast Road Trip Dedicated to Sirenita

What follows is a pictorial of our trip to San Francisco. I think I took about a thousand shots using various cameras. They are essentially arranged in chronological order, with some liberties taken. 

Where the sky meets the mountains. Big big sky.  …


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Encouraging Suicide in my Kitchen

While the world watches Anthony Weiner’s struggle to become Mayor of New York City, I’ve got real problems.\

I have gnats.  Little black swarming devils have taken over my now-scrubbed-clean kitchen  (yes, even those spaces next to the stove).

We’ve lived in our home for seventeen years, and aside from a plague of tiny ants in the kitchen once, we’ve been pretty bug-free.  Our son was six when we moved in, and I made a Motherly/Wifely Decree that no food be gnawed…


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President Obama now attacks small business with 40% income tax

By Doc Vega

The defeat of the American conservative heritage is virtually complete. Republican political opposition has been compromised. The American people have ignored, denied, and slept through the intentional disruption of a once great nation as the US media aided and abetted the cause of the coup aimed at the responsible…


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Amnesty the myth that drives the true agenda behind the deception

New World order behind amnesty and dissolving international borders of US.

By Doc Vega

For those of you looking for a summarization of what President Obama has done to wreak havoc in the United States when it comes to the amnesty issue over the mitigation of illegal immigration, you might be surprised by the synopsis of this legislated heresy. You might be stunned by just how simple this violation of Constitutional procedure is when the federal government decides to enact a damaging piece of legislation that…


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Beginnings and Endings

I took my booth down at the Marketplace.  I snuck in there last night and took out most of the art when no one was there.  But just as the sun was setting the manager came back.  I don't think he saw me.  He lives in a little trailer behind the log cabin.  He seems troubled to me.  I don't know his story but he is in a fog.  I am too. 

  This morning early I went there to get the last of the poles and the roof.  He saw me and…


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Prompt and Stories List for August 2-4, 2013

Hi guys,

Sorry I'm late posting this here.  When I posted on Open Salon Monday evening, this site was down!  I'm glad all's well now.  Then, yesterday got crazy-busy.  Anyway, here is the prompt for this week, with my apologies for the delay:

This week's prompt is: Write a story where air conditioning plays an important role.

Or if the prompt doesn't inspire you, feel free to write whatever you'd like, as long…


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Bradley Manning's Conviction: Some Hopes and Dreams for History and Justice

This post is nothing more than an expansion of a comment I left on John Hamilton's Open Salon post: Grist for the Mill.  I hope that readers will follow the link to read his take on PFC Bradley Manning's conviction.…


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Time less Dreams

It is interesting to come to the point in your life where you remember more than you do-
But you can do and redo in your mind
in your dreams

And Heaven is Timeless Dreams
And Hell is Time, less Dreams

And wisdom is often in knowing when NOT to pause
But plunge on in the daily experience of eternity

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My First Collection of Short Stories - Dancing in the Banana Factory is now available for sale

front cover for my book Dancing in the Banana Factory I now have a book and it has little to do with the political and social issue essays I usually write. It is a collection of short stories that have been taking up space on my computer, and in various notebooks, over the years. Late last year, I decided to finally self-publish the stories and the final product is available for sale.

This debut collection is 18 short stories that were written from the late 1980's to last year. The average is no more than 10 pages per story but…


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Wedding Cake School

They had paid for their vacation long before it had become clear, if unspoken, that they would break up, and so they embarked upon the trip to Martinique almost wordlessly, with much left unsaid.  Or at least he had known that they would break up, even if she didn’t, not yet.

He had finally met Dianne, the woman he’d had his eye on, whom he’d seen walking around Beacon Hill a fair amount.  He had seen her outside the 7-11 on Charles Street one day, carrying her…


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I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. 11 Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.”…


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People of the Book - the 44th and 45th Scrolls of the Second Book

The Forty-Fourth Scroll

Hushai shook hands with the boy then turned to me and said, “Barak and Gideon have kept us informed about your recovery in Geshur, but now that I see you, I wonder how you…


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Misogyny, Not So Much Homophobia, is the Church's Root-Issue Needing a Solution

     The news that Pope Francis has, tentatively, begun to alter the official tone, if you will, as to the intrinsic worth lgbt individuals is significant if only because, over time, changes in age-old institutional tone, if consistent, tend to precede improvement in behavior. That said, however ameliorative Francis' acknowledgement of…


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