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1967 Milk & Cookies, New Year’s Eve, the Andrews Brothers



Until New Year’s Eve the holiday break in 1966 was relatively tame.  Sandy Martin loved her amethyst pendant and we made the rounds of Christmas dinner feasts.  I remember we…


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Warrior Girl seeks Yoda for Moonlight Walks

I always loved Ben Obi Wan Kenobi, even as a little girl.  Only later would I understand Leia's attraction to Han Solo, because Yoda and Ben were my inspiration.  The way of the Jedi, the tao of the Peaceful Warrior, the path of the aikido practitioner, always appealed to me even when I didn't know there was a way, a tao, a path.  

Today I watched (again) the movie, Peaceful Warrior, based on the autobiography of Dan Millman.  The book was good, and I passed it along to others who I…


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The Seeress of Salzburg - Continues

In October 2011 I did a Halloweenie Spooktacular Series on Open Salon. I always intended to return to this piece of writing and expand it. Here is the beginning of The Seeress of Salzburg in reprise as a way to begin again.

As we sat transfixed, I could almost feel the wall of the room surrounding me, coming closer and closer, moving me in ways…


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Lorianne is cool but I am hot

We has font options? I love verdana! Font options. What a concept!

BIG FONT... little font too

And live chat, so we can insult each other in REAL TIME!…


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1966 – Friday Night Lights, Drive-in Movies, Girdles, Monterrey and Sandy's Amethyst



Friday Night Lights – Dating Sandy Martin was Friday Night Lights at the Church of Texas High…


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Therefore (A poem)



Today I am learning to be real.

First, I awoke without making more noise than the bed does as I escape its embrace.…


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I Once Thought I Would Be A Novelist


     In conversing or commenting in Xenonlit's "Everything Must Change" I touched on how I got started writing.  I wanted to expand on that a little bit as a "by way of introduction" to what drives me to write and photograph and post in the first place.  Consider this a bit of a biographical history lesson.

     In that post I mentioned that I started writing poetry at…


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Much Ado About the Inevitable: CNN Ratings Plummet

CNN has been the premier 24 hour cable news service for decades. The network has had trouble retaining  viewers in the past and is doing so again.

No surprise here, given the lack of editorial leadership combined with a passive-aggressive approach to political reporting that fails to give viewers the meat based protein that they crave.

CNN suffered a 50 percent drop in…


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Earl Pickles and Me--Why I've Been Up Since 4 a.m.

Yeah, I’m a little bit grouchy this afternoon (it’s 3 p.m. here on the West Coast).  For the last 2 weeks I’ve been sleeping solo because my wife has been off on a visit to her best friend in North Carolina.

So I’ve been keeping things going here and trying to stave off feeling just a little bit sorry for myself about being “Home Alone”.  I’ve been maintaining the same kind of “hours” that I always do—up about 6:30.  Drink coffee, read the paper and get ready for the day.  Then…


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Sustenance and Sustainability: Flesh, Blood and Spirit

Eat to live, or live to eat?  Most of us fall in the latter category, and some will barely fulfill the first.  What do you think when you hear someone say, they have no appetite or could care less about how food tastes?  Surely, something must be the matter with them.  Yet, we roll our eyes in disgust when others say they cannot control their eating, that they live for it, look forward to it, can't stop thinking about it.  Something must be the matter with them, too.  Are they addicted, or…


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Honest Abe Should Stick To Chopping Wood

Howdy, Our Salonites. Here's a review we posted today at Punchnels.com--our little literary magazine. Just wanted to let you all know we're paying $10 apiece for poetry, fiction, reviews, etc. Come take a look: we've published several OS veterans, including Lorianne. (Lorianne: love Our Salon. Hope to lurk around here some more. Send us something else!)

This piece was written by my son, Nick Honeywell. He's a chip off the ol' block.

As a student of both…


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There Once Was a Place


There once was a place , a magical place for those who knew of it. It didn’t really have an official name but was called simply the River Bottom by those like me who loved it. To be more precise, it was a stretch of land bordering the Trinity River where it ran through Polk County, Texas.

 I said before that it was a magical place and it was, at least…


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Everything Must Change

I started having a blast on the web when I joined EONS.com. Talk about a site that has everything and you will be talking about EONS. The profile pages are mini websites with hundreds of themes, widgets and privacy levels that can be set to "decimate". 

EONS was set up for middle aged and older people, so it does not have broader appeal. 

I started a group and  had a blast. I learned how to set up a page, do a blog and advance to HTML and CSS. This was back when we had…


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I have spent years checking out alternative remedies. Some work – some don’t. You can spend a fortune on stuff that does you no good at all. There are many people out there who prey on people with health problems by selling useless products.…


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For Matt

Matt Paust left a comment for Leepin Larry

"Leepin, where'd you get that neat swimsuit?  Think they have 'em in my size?"…

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When I met Julie and Julia

JUNE 27, 2012 3:21PM

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I enjoyed When Harry Met Sally.  I found Sleepless in…


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Puzzle Love

JUNE 27, 2012 8:23AM

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“It’s all one.”

I am well aware that my style of blogging does not fit the medium. My posts are too long, and worse, too…


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The Power of One

Increasingly it has become evident to me that the point of much of politics - and politicking - is lost in the sound and the fury of the arguments and the ideologies butting heads. Why all this noise? Why all this passion, spit, spite, sloganeering, money being thrown down black holes? What is the ultimate concern here? Is it simply to win or is it something more dark and terrible: to simply keep the noise going, to declare "I rant, therefore I am"?…

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I cry at weddings, yes.. me   It comes without warning during vows when I hear the waiver in the voices of two people standing before witnesses and God himself pledging life-long love and committment…

I cry at weddings, yes.. me
It comes without warning during vows when I hear the waiver in the voices of two people standing before witnesses and God himself pledging life-long love and committment... which is strange to me, because I'll be the first to say, usually, that it doesn't a ceremony take to be with someone, to love them, to cherish. 
Last Saturday afternoon my sister married…

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