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Dispatches from Hope - The Mexican Connection

Except there really isn't one

I noticed a Mexican restaurant in Chilliwack and made a mental note to try it out. There's good Mexican eating not that far away below the border in Seattle. And, after noticing a much greater amount and variety of Mexican food items in the supermarkets than here in the Ottawa area, I figured maybe the restaurant might have possibilities due to actual Mexicans being in the vicinity. The Fraser Valley is a market garden area (I passed an endive farm!) and…


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My New Toy

I'm trying to be more active these days.  I bought a new bike recently and can do 20 miles now.  I got a kayak - the water has finally warmed up - now I have to figure out where to try it out (don't want to drown while I'm learning).

And, yesterday I bought another toy -

It's a 1984 19' West Wight Potter.  I took sailing lessons last summer and have some vague…


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The Old Curmudgeon Asks "What is This World Coming To?"

Friday morning. I’m standing at the elevator bank with other similarly-situated sweaty professionals, looking forward to June. It’s my sense that people start to get grumpier in the summer than is justified because every day you realize that someone you know is on vacation, relieved for the week from the mind-numbing paper-shuffling we all find so rewarding.…


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Women's Shoes of Springs Past

Who can forget the shoes of springs past—

when girls took off galoshes and rubbers at last?

I was fond of the T-strap, which came with the spring sap.

‘Twas worn by renewed girls both slow and quite fast,

and by quite a few the poet was sassed.…


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On the Menu...Seattle's Homeless Feeding the Homeless

This will be one of the stories on 'Passionate Justice' pm EST.



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Redefining Normal; The Scars of War

     My last post was in March of 2013. For those who wondered what may have happened, I apologize up front for not coming on sooner, since then, a lot has changed yet some things stayed the same. In the wake of all the media focus on the VA, let me fill you in on me.

     I have since medically retired from active military service with over 20 years of…


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The Lost Place

When Sidney Bechet got to thinking about Manuel Perez,

he said first that he was a much better cornet player

than Buddy Bolden; not as good a showman, but sincere.


He stuck to his instrument while Buddy did

things that got him noticed, stomping his foot,

waving his hand. Manuel didn’t make a spectacle of himself.

When you saw him in a parade, Bechet said, you…


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Karl Rove's brain!

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Angel Keys

My husband’s mother’s soap opera life brought us to Madrid.

Or more accurately, Morata, Spain.

My husband’s mother’s first love died in 1938, during the Spanish Civil War. He was a member of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in the 15th Brigade. He was a good kisser. He survived Jarama, but was killed at Belchite after fighting for a year and a half against Franco’s forces. His name was…


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The Last Game

Don’t come ’round here looking for the fresh, clean, family-friendly content this site is known for this afternoon. I’m taking off at 3:30 to watch my kid pitch what may be the final start of his high school career. He will take the mound today with a 3-0 record and three home runs last week alone! He hit them, I mean; he didn’t give them up.…


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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: BLAMING WOMEN/EXCUSING VIOLENCE; More; Saturday, 5.31.14; 3:00 pm Eastern





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Hugh Hefner, Lonely Guy

Two of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends are moving out of the mansion.



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Hope Emerges From the Damnedest Places

Elliot Rodgers, the Santa Barbara assassin, made some unconscionable comments about women in his so-called manifesto.  For whatever reason, the media has chosen to focus on the killer’s misogyny at the expense of a number of other equally troubling issues surrounding this tragedy.

It was difficult – very difficult – but I read all 141 pages of the Rodger Manifesto. I can tell you this:  misogyny might have been the least of this guy’s problems.

What the media…


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People of the Book - 63rd and 64th Scrolls of the Third Book

The Sixty Third Scroll:

After the ritual exchange of greetings with Baal-Eser,…


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Diary of a Stone Age Party Girl

It came with a bang, apparently out of nowhere . . . the world’s first and longest-lived art movement.  One of the most spectacular developments in the human story unfolded during the Upper Paleolithic, the Stone Age span extending from about 30,000 to 10,000 years ago. After two or more million years of relatively sluggish evolution in the Homo line . . . what has been called a period of “almost unimaginable monotony,” art appeared all of a sudden, culminating in the magnificent cave…


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Prompts and Stories Lists from now 'til mid-June

Hi guys,

First of all, huge apologies to all of you - I meant to post some new prompts around mid-May, and the month has gotten away from me.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated and read over the past few weeks.

So, things are a bit chaotic for me right now and I don't want that to adversely affect all of you.  I'm going to post a few prompts that should get us through mid-June.  Feel free to write about any that inspire you - you can even do…


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      Are you as sick as I am with racists trying to dodge exposure of their bigotry when we raise it up, calling that “playing the race card”, as if pointing to prejudice and its damage is worse than racism itself? …


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This guy is Jesus

This guy is Jesus

This guy walked into my room and sat down and ask for a glass of sparkling water.

I immediately granted his wish for a glass of sparkling water.

He ask, “How do you like it here?”

I said, “I fucking hate it here.”

He ask, “Why don’t you just leave.”

I had nothing to respond back with.

I don’t’ know why,…


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