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Trump Angry Fake Media Doesn't Report His Long List of Achievements

Trump Angry Fake Media Doesn't Report His Long List of Achievements:  President Donald Trump has once gain taken to Twitter to complain about the “fake media” ignoring all of his “long list of achievements.”  Maybe they just assumed most people already knew about all his bankruptcies, failed and fraudulent business ventures, multiple divorces and weekend golf outings.  Or, maybe they’re concerned that everyone will eventually become tired of all this…


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Incense And Peppermints

It started when I looked back. My footsteps had turned black. Then I noticed that wasn't it. They were holes - bottomless holes. Anything that fell in never came back out, stuck in the center of the world pulled equally in… Continue

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Cape Truman


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from Our Salon and Xenon-Lit Writer, Ludmillia Jones "We Can Scream Now"


 This will appear on the next 'Passionate Justice'


Ludmillia Jones   Xenon Lit



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Do the Math

On April 6, Ivanka Trump's company won provisional approval from the Chinese government for three new trademarks, giving it monopoly rights to manufacture and sell Ivanka brand jewelry, bags and spa services in the world's second-largest economy.

That night, the first daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, sat next to the president of China and…


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The Mid-Life Strip Tease Crisis

It started out as just another Saturday night dinner party in the suburbs. Conversation ran the gamut from our kids to our septic systems to our kids to home values, then made a hairpin turn back to our septic systems. Who says the suburbs are boring?

And yet, once we’d finished dinner and had mellowed from the wine, our little group of friends grew reflective. We started talking about our “bucket lists”–how we were going to spend the remainder of our years before we…


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New Beginnings, New Life

Tomorrow is May 1, the day that was going to be the start of my retirement from the workaday grind and have me learning how to support myself through gardening and creative works. It’s nice to have dreams, because even if they don’t work out you still had them. That’s a paraphrase from the movie Mrs. Parkington, I saw it yesterday for the first…


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What Life Beyond

When we were young I thought life seemed so sweet.

That, surely, we would be forever young.

Waiting for the next big life adventure,

Top down - sun on our face - tasting the wind.


And then we knew that someday far way

The music on the carousel would die

And we each prayed that we would be the first

The one to leave the other one behind


We never could imagine being half

To wander along life’s road…


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Video Captures Delta Pilot Smacking Woman to Break Up Fight

Video Captures Delta Pilot Smacking Woman to Break Up Fight:  In yet another air confrontation, Delta Airlines is defending one of its pilots who was caught on video smacking a female passenger in the arm who was involved in a brawl with another female passenger.  Now I’m no doctor, but it sounds like a serious case of Post Departure Depression if you ask me.…


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The Vanity Ring - 1 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Rejected by socialite Shalia Owell, who has discovered Clarity's false identity as Herbaline employee Darcy Emmers, Clarity becomes agenda and damage control assistant of Elsie Chu, the wife of Singapore billionaire Dao Bin, owner of wireless and telephony company Hunan Enterprises. Disenchanted by a rocky marriage and the lack of…


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Who are you gonna believe, Superman or this guy?

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Who knows what comes after Trump?

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Happy Belated Hairball Awareness Day

A chilly, sunny April Saturday. There’s just me and two cats, Rocco and Okie, three sullen males grunting their way through the day–as usual–while the wife’s running errands.…


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Analyzing Trump's Patterns Of Tweeting…


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A Drive In The Country

Matilda went for a drive in the country…


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Trump Says He Didn’t Realize Being President Was Difficult

Trump Says He Didn’t Realize Being President Was Difficult:  In a recent interview with Reuters, President Trump said he is surprised how hard his new job really is, says he misses his previous life and simple things like driving and feels as if he is in a cocoon.  Good grief, I never realized playing golf every weekend at a Florida resort was that stressful!  Gee, seems poor Mr Trump is constantly getting surprised by the complexity of things lately.  Next…


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If You've ever been Abducted and Anally Probed by Extraterrestrial Sasquatch Aliens, Report to ICE Hotline at Homeland Security

The Beast "45" has unleashed his latest racist, fascistic propaganda tool: a hotline for people to specifically report crimes committed against them by undocumented immigrants, or, as the hotline refers to them, “criminal aliens,”VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement).…


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