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The Parable of Little Ms. Deeds

This is actually the fifth post in my Chautauqua version 1.0. I'm still working kinks out, getting it ready for “Beta Testing” . You guys are my “Alpha Testing”. If you want to start this from a “Chautauqua” perspective go to :

 The ART of Reason Catalog



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Reason, Kindness, Correction

As always these days, very little time- I'm working on “outing” Mikes persecutors, but the process of explicating the “Reason” behind the method is taking some time. I just noticed this ( My home page is “Yahoo”)


Olympic medal hopeful shames stalker on Facebook…


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My parking lot encounter with a tall, bearded black man

It was dark, cold and snowy and the supermarket parking lot was busy.  As I unlocked my car, a tall, bearded black man suddenly appeared from behind the next car and asked if I had jumper cables he could use.  I…


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Gay Marriage

originally published on April 24, 2012 on Open Salon

I heard recently from a friend in a PM that he/she wasn’t completely sure where he/she stood on the gay marriage issue. I decided to do my bit and lay out the issues as I see them in a reply PM. That PM was the basis for this post, though the post has more content.

I apologize for any sloppiness on my part in how interchangeably I've used "gay" and "LGBTQ."



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correspondence with the kid on the left coast via text with pics

    He's out there in California, not even nineteen years logged . .  yet. I miss him, and so it seems- likewise on his part. But we talk. Yes, actually talk, sometimes, by phone, but more often it's the texts. The technology, yeah, could be said to be rather 'impersonal' but it kind of works doesn't it. I'm doing stuff, and he's doing stuff. We send these little messages back and forth as we live, and it does my heart…

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Tales of J: The Empire State Building Story

first published April 19, 2012 on Open Salon

My kid inspires a street protest 


My son and I were in Manhattan for a few days in February of 2004 because he was invited by his camp counselor from the previous summer to help her with a presentation about camp at her high school. It's the night before we're going to fly home. We’d had dinner with my cousin and her husband. She's giving us a lift and wants to know where to drop us. It's a…


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It's Finally Done!

APRIL 19, 2012 10:13AM

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My father's last book is about to be published:




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Nanny Dearest

This is the start of a ramble. It may turn into the Chautauqua I’m trying to organize, it may not.

I'm pressed for time these days, scoring papers, trying to keep up with church activities, my wife's social work, and Mike.

I was “forced” into taking a break to do my taxes- not very complicated, but none the less, too complicated for what is accomplished, and annoying to me beyond any gain to the government or myself. ( I get an “earned income” credit…


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Tales of J: Medical Communications

originally published April 15, 2012 on Open Salon

My parental experience has taught me a lot about doctors and nurses. One thing I've learned is that, for a lot of those I've met, at least those who don't have regular patients, Treatment is Job One, and Job Two doesn't matter.

I don't actually object to this, provided that the medical institution assigns someone to take care of everything else, someone who is provided with incentives and resources to…


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Tales of J: A Rookie Parenting Mistake

originally published April 11, 2012 on Open Salon.   Tales of J are about my late son. Most are not sad. 

I might write about my late son once in a while. The stories may range all over the map. Some will be more about the whole experience than about him per se. This one, however, is absolutely about him.

I was driving, with my son in the back of the minivan. He was between two and three years old, probably a few months after his mother went…


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1962 - Lost in Space, “Niggertown” & “the Hole” at Bastrop

Lost in Space:

 Johnson Space center01   Johnson Space center02

http://www.thespacereview.com & http://www.nasa.gov

In April of 1962 construction began on NASA’s new Manned…


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18 (about J)

originally published on April 9, 2012 on Open Salon

very slightly edited to correct a factual error

There is no word in English equivalent to "widower" but pertaining to the death of a child instead of a spouse. I realized this today when my wife asked me over lunch if I viewed myself as the father of one or of two children. I replied that, firstly, that was an incomplete question because it depended on what one really wanted to know but, secondly, if I…


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freaky styley .. moi in the 80's

   My girlfriend way back then, Cheryl (all picture credits here to her) was a journalism major at KU in the early 80's. One of her required courses, as is proper and appropriate, was photography. The above was a study in 'depth of field,' the two below, in shadow and lighting. 





   Below are 'just for fun' pics,…


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Dropping into the Canyon (OS Archives 2012)

It was pitch black that night a couple months ago when we drove through the canyon on our way to the coast. The only illumination on that winding route came from passing headlights bouncing off the rocky walls as the sparse traffic wound its way through the narrow bends. The only sound was the roar of the river crashing over boulders far below as it carved its way toward the sea. Heavy nets of metal hung over offending sections:  steep slopes notoriously…


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Sick of hearing about the Holocaust from Israel?

originally published on April 4, 2012 on Open Salon

This is edited from a comment made on Jonathan Wolfman's post about the Toulouse murders last night. Given the heat of the moment, it's a little, well, pointed. Reprinted here at his suggestion.

[Jonathan was kind enough to point out that not everyone reading this will know who/what Likud is. Likud is the current political party in power in Israel, the party of Benjamin Netanyahu. They…


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1962: Sandlot Football, Shooting Lessons & T-boned Chevy

Sandlot Football:

elvis playin    football jfk2

Elvis & JFK- Google images

After Little League baseball finished their season sandlot football took over games at Strawberry Park.  After school David Petersen practiced with the Bulldogs at…


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