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Convertible Dreams

MARCH 31, 2011 11:23AM

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Toyota Solara 



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Days Like This ~ Van Morrison Style (OS Archives 2011)

For today, the skies have cleared, the sun is shining !

Rays of light -- luscious, bright rays -- are brightening our world again.


~ When it's not always rainin'..there'll be days like like this ~


 (Please play for full effect of…


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Just Like Aunt Agnes (OS Archives 2011)

It was the clink of the door's closing that woke me that early school day morning, one of the double doors to the outside. The brass bar lifted and returned; the door latch was disturbed and found home again. In the silence of the near-dawn hour, the sound echoed through the high-ceilinged chamber of that older building, bouncing off polished surfaces:  the marble floor, the wood paneling, windows, throughout the sparsely appointed lobby, until it reached my slumbering…


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Palestinians Reacting to Terrorism at Itamar

originally published March 21, 2011 on Open Salon. 

I found this report which I linked to by accident, tripping over one link out of many on a J Street report. It went completely against stereotype and, when shown on Israeli news, caught the commentators by surprise. Because I don't want this information lost, I'm adding this post to my Our Salon library.

Are you aware of the Itamar murders? On March 11 in the West Bank settlement of Itamar,…


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I Say Grapefruit, You Say Pomplamoose

MARCH 17, 2011 9:29AM

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Celebrating St. Pat's Day at Our House (OS Archives 2011)

Each year I place a little pot of shamrocks in the center of our old pine table, the very same kitchen table I grew up with.  My mother placed a pot of shamrocks there herself each year, part of the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.


This year I found a purple Oxalis 'Shamrock'. 

 At our house though, the celebration had a little…


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Elton John: I'm Still Standing



Elton John has had one of the most varied and successful careers in music. With his 65th birthday today on March 25th it's time for me to take a look back and honor a performer that I've listened to for decades, sang along with in the car, the shower,  and while bopping around the house, and finally saw in concert in Las Vegas a few years ago.

Born  Reginald Kenneth Dwight in Middlesex, England "Reggie" began showing an interest and…


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Randy and Moonbeam: A love story, kinda sorta

After a break-up involving my girlfriend's ex-husband being released from the Rolla, Missouri maximum security penitentiary, and a couple of extremely ugly roommate situations, I was moving into an apartment that was mine, all mine! I never thought much about it before that, but at thirty years of age, I had never, ever, lived alone.


There was an old lady I'd been told about in Midtown, who along with her son, owned and managed several properties. Mrs. Popeye. Ok that…


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Smokey Robinson, You've Really Got a Hold On Me

The King of Motown. William "Smokey" Robinson recently turned 71 years old on February 19th. There's not another voice on the planet like him. Sultry, sweet, and a smooth high tenor, Smokey's voice is easily recognizable within a syllable or two. A unique singer, prolific songwriter, sought after producer, and vice-president of Motown Records  his career has spanned over 50 years.

Smokey was part of the singing group The Matadors, which later became…


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