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When I walked in the place I knew that a new chapter was about to be written. I saddled up to the bar and sad down next to a young vivacious woman was by herself. I said hi and she said hi back.

It had been years since I had ventured into this place. I checked my pocket for quarters and headed to the jukebox and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still loaded with some of the best records of all time in all genres of music. It was loaded with…


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Who gave them the keys?

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1973: St. Croix, David, Island Time and Poker

St. Croix… - I can’t remember whether I flew out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale but in 1973 to get to the island of St. Croix from south Florida you flew 1500 miles non stop to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  From there it was a short seventy mile hop east to St. Thomas where the plane did not refuel before taking off for an even shorter fifty mile hop south to St. Croix.  We deplaned on the tarmac and with my backpack and sleeping bag over my shoulder; I walked into the tiny terminal…


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Schools Find Emphasis on Risk-Taking Often Backfires

SAN DORITO, California. Students at this modern high school sixty miles north of Los Angeles perennially achieve high test scores on standardized exams, a fact that has caused educators around the state to try to replicate its methods.

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San Dorito High School: Home of the Fighting Taco Chips

“San Dorito was one of the first schools to adopt the concept of ‘risk-taking’ as a guiding principle,” says…


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B&B 14 - A Safe Harbor for Debauchery

“Sit the fuck down, you insufferably pompous Protestant prude!” erupted JMac.  A second later, JMac smashed into the wall of Blake’s homely home, falling in a cascade of glass from broken picture frames and photos taken through Blake’s self invented Gigantic Reverse Microscope, which was a great deal more powerful than the present day Hubble Telescope.

“I, ah, I am sorry, sir…mostly for forgetting your violent temper and extraordinary power,” said JMac, who was struggling to get off…


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In 1939, in a speech to the Reichstag, Hitler had…


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For Lost Pepsi Generation, Not a Lot Left to Live

NEW YORK.  On the surface, Amelie Bernard seems content enough as the 68-year old widow sits alone in her Bleecker Street apartment surrounded by memorabilia from her youth.  “We were young, we were in love and mad for the world and all its glorious prospects,” she says with a wistful smile.  “Then they hung a soft drink’s name on us, and everything somehow or other turned sour.”

Image result for pepsi cola 40s


Bernard is referring to a several-year period beginning in 1964 when…


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Walker; I took on the teachers, I can take on ISIL

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KIE LIH Killing is easy, Living is hard......

In light of Marilyn Sands post on Last Posts....


And in Recognition that any post On OS could be your last....

 Anyone who wishes to discuss Science Vs…


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The Box of Letters


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On the Prowl With the Lunch Money Enforcers

Wealthy suburb Wellesley, Mass. has hired constables to collect unpaid lunch money.

                                                            The Boston Globe

“Don’t do it–the chocolate milk is three cents extra.”


Me and my buddy Rocco was crusin’ the streets on the lookout for perps, when all of a sudden his stomach starts growlin’ like a bastard.

“What’s with you?” I asked.

“This is a tough beat,” he…


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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE RADIO: "50-Shades-of-Rape", Much More/Saturday, 2.28/3pm EST/Topics >





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Justice is a concept involving the fair, moral, and impartial treatment of all…


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Throwback Thursday: Took To School

I had been homeless almost a year when the women's educational project at Antioch University lei'd us for a party they were having for what I don't remember. This was taken in front of Mary's Place, the old place, the one where I planted myself behind the front counter for the better part of a year.

That's Annie; she was an intern at…

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Two Very Different Companies

My husband dropped and broke his cell phone. He went to Verizon to get another one. They convinced him to get a different brand than his old phone. He took it and called me. The thing echoed my voice back at me. And it picked up all the background sounds. He told the salesrep. The salesrep told him that for $35, he could give it back and get the same model as his old one. $35? $35! My husband asked to…


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1973: Folly Beach, Savannah, Ft. Lauderdale and Aunt Helen


Folly Beach, Savannah … - After three days and nights of hot sex, I returned Jude to her dorm at Sweet Briar.  I took a lazy day and a half driving though…


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Doot Doot Doot Lookin' Out My Back Door

All photos taken within the last hour (currently 8:23 AM)

Doot Doot Doot

Out back door, turn right…


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Black History Month: The Republcan Party and The Obama Effect

Not much here in the way of acknowledging/celebrating Black History Month....I guess that's still my "job"....

Ok, so be it....Here's my BHM contribution:

President Barack Obama is in the "home stretch" of his two-term presidency. He and others will, no doubt, spend considerable time contemplating his "legacy". A legacy that, by definition, will become a featured aspect of 'Black History' for generations to come.

I'm not going to provide a litany of debatable… Continue

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My Mom's Backyard


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O'Reilly continues to embellish his career

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