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I think anyone who knew me as a loved one, dear fiend or family member seriously wondered how it was that was aloud to be let free to run among the so called normal folk. I know for me there were times when the idea of safely being locked away was quite a nice thought. Of course the thought of ultimate freedom was the only way to fly. If I didn't pay attention this time I would be able to convince myself that his was incarceration and not rehabilitation. To many falls…


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With X Games Over, Y Games Up Next

SOMERVILLE, Mass.  This densely-populated suburb of Boston, once known as the Rebuilt Engine Capital of America, has slowly transformed itself into a hipster mecca as people like Evan Grinstead have moved in.  “It’s a pretty cool place except for my landlady,” he says as he turns the key in the lock of a “triple-decker,” the local term for a common style of three-story apartment building.  “She has this thing about getting her rent on time, which is a major hassle.”…


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When Glutens Run Free

Where do glutens go when they set them free?

This, of late, has been a mystery to me.

Is there a gluten preserve out in the Great Plains?

I’m being serious—can someone explain?

I imagine the looks on the glutens’ faces

When they let them out in the wide open spaces.

After living a life of oppressed confinement,

I bet there’s joy at their brand new assignment.

Although at first things must seem strange

After being cooped up,…


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1971 - 72: The FBI, Carol Burnett, Burt Reynolds & my NRA Jewish Girlfriend???


The FBI… - From 1965 to 1974, before he read scripture on The Christian Broadcast Network, …


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Beast Mode In Twelve Town

Last year, I wasn't a 12. I was a fan, we went out to watch Super Bowl, and as you can imagine downtown Seattle last year at this time was party on steroids on love on a city that confuses me, holds me, denies me and inspires me. But, last year I wasn't a 12. I had questions about football, I have my own story with it. Peyton Manning was so injured.…


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doodling again

I've been doodling again.…


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You Aren't Pole Dancing Enough in Your Living Room

"Having trouble getting married?  Maybe you aren’t doing enough pole dancing in your living room.”

Wall Street Journal, “In Japan, ‘Marriage Hunting’ May Require the Right Lair.”

Back in my bachelor days I sometimes despaired that I’d ever meet that special someone who’d make my life complete.  When you work long hours as a legal beagle you don’t get out much, and hitting on the secretaries was generally considered a source of liability…


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More Open Carry bills coming in Tx lege

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Clinton Stumps in Iowa, Calls Yale, Wellesley "Overrated"

OTTUMWA, Iowa.  Facing a possible primary challenge from populist candidate Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton today downplayed her years at Wellesley College and Yale Law School, telling a cheering crowd of supporters in Iowa her advanced degrees were “worthless as tits on a boar.”  “Them high-falutin’ schools didn’t larn me nothin’ I didn’t already know,” she said to a crowded room of Iowa caucus delegates.  “And everything I need to know is in the Bible.”…


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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: 30-Yr Sentence for...a MISCARRIAGE?/much more/Saturday, 1.31.15; 3pm US EST




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The Crystal Pier


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For the love of money; Almighty dollar

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Romney Hires Sincerity Consultant as He Mulls 2016 Run

LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE, N.H.  Chastened by his 2012 loss to Barack Obama but prepared to learn from his mistakes, former Massachusetts Governor Willard “Mitt” Romney huddled last night with high-priced consultants as he considers a third run at the White House.

“Look natural–you mean like this?”


“Mitt’s going about this the way he would tackle any problem,” said analyst Mark DePari of Opinion Research,…


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"Two Guys Who Are Brain Surgeons" Use Volume to Slash Prices

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey.  When Len Ullman’s mother needed brain surgery, he says the hardest part wasn’t dealing with the fear that the operation wouldn’t be a success, “it was the bill I was stuck with afterwards.”

The total came to over $200,000, not including itemized “extras” such as hospital “johnnies,” diagnostic tests and meals, “which were terrible,” he adds sheepishly.  “I ate some of mom’s leftovers.”



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THIS Is What Independent Media Can Do For People!

     Can you imagine, say, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC or, say, Bret Baier, at Fox, telling management they're going to devote a segment to raise up a recently partially-paralyzed fourteen-year-old Nashville girl, a rising country music talent?…


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As we see increasing and ever-more crunchy-credible-edible online speculation that JEWS DID PARIS,
Let's. Clear. It. All. Up.…

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Two Dead as Joyce Carol Oates Books Collapse on Shoppers

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. Firemen worked frantically against the clock in a desperate attempt to save the lives of shoppers at the Barnes & Noble bookstore here after a shelf gave way when “The Sacrifice,” the most recent work by prolific author Joyce Carol Oates, was added to her already bulging collection of titles.

Oates: “All right. Maybe I’ll take the afternoon off.”

“In retrospect, they shoulda…


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1971 - 72: Wrestling, Richard Grey, Ben Casey/Matt Lincoln, Odyssey Workshop


Wrestling… - It is plausible that the mock combat wrestling is the oldest sport in human experience.  It actually predates human beings in that it is a behavior common to most simians, canines and felines.  Even certain snakes wrestle in their frenzy to mate.  Wrestling is a relatively harmless way of…


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This too is Islam (For a muslim Reformation) Part II



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