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Getting a Seat on the Bus

There’s a yellow triangle on the wall or window above the seats near the front of the bus. The words on the triangle read: “Please Yield to Disabled or Seniors.”

Usually these seats are occupied by elementary school aged children or teens listening to their tunes. I’m strong. I don’t usually ask for a seat.

Today there was an empty seat so I took it. A few blocks later another senior…


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Neeley v Federal Communications Commissioners, et al, (5:13-cv-5293)

I have amended the Dkt. #17 motion and filed another supporting brief as you each will soon receive notice of via ECF. I trust that the next ruling will begin the end of the "open internet" pornography broadcasting right here in the United States Courts for the Western District of Arkansas. The end of…


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$10.10… Beware the Obama/Costco Bulk Purchase Income Inequality Conspiracy!!!


I confess, for the first time in many years I didn’t bother to watch The State of the Union.  I’m not…


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Fun in the Sun With Broccoli Sprouts

Volunteers who lathered themselves with extract of broccoli sprouts avoided skin damage from ultraviolet radiation.


NAPLES, Florida.  This sun-drenched town on the west coast of Florida is home to more retired Fortune 500 CEO’s than any other place on earth.  As a result, it is a target-rich environment if you’re looking for a widow with an expensive boob job and a lot of money in the…


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I told you all that "inequality" talk could lead to this!

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Politeness Pays!

Politeness Pays

Politeness pays or so they say, but here it is true. just saying...

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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: Creationism as Child Abuse; Pete Seeger, This One's For You! - more...Saturday, 2.1, 4:00 pm EST

                             On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio, Saturday, 2.1.14

                                                                  4:00 pm, Eastern 

                                                                               * …


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The Bahrain Broderie - 10 - Sun on the Rocks

The attorney hired by Cassandra Scafarel to represent the Church of the Holy Flower in Bahrain, retrieved another file labeled 'OOL General Hierarchy'. The Church of Spiritual Flower Studies owned the other parts of the religious outfit, an intricate web of thirty two entities, among them copyright, patent and trademark divisions owning and amending the official Scriptures of the Church, including the book Decadence, computer-led…


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Roosevelt's priorities: Artwork vs. People

My wife sent this to me. I thought it put a recent movie into perspective.

The link is first.



‘The Monuments Men’ Shows How America Saved Paintings While Letting…


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Hi, my name is me.

Today I come to you as an addict,

I've never been one before.

Heroin and booze, cutting my wrists to feel the pain,

This makes me complete,

Till the day I die.

Hello, my world friend, I am an addict,

I am down,

Wandering the streets,

Looking for life,



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Nations, like narratives, lose their origins in the myths of time and only fully realize…


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March to End Sweater-Pilling Fights Vexing Fashion Problem

NEEDHAM, Mass.   Arlene Douthat used to feel, in her words, as if she was “all alone” in dealing with the difficulties she faced in life.  “There was nobody I could turn to,” she says as she opens the venetian blinds to her living room, admitting rays of sunlight from the west.  “It really wasn’t something people talked about, at least not in polite company.”

It was awful–I felt so alone!”


But then she saw a small poster in the window of her…


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The Blizzard of '93

Recollections of another Atlanta storm.

The metropolitan Atlanta area is frozen, both in temperature and movement. Governor Deal answered the questions of reporters this morning who intimated that the response of the Georgia governmental agencies to the winter storm was inadequate and too late.  The Governor’s response was that the meteorologist’s models on the national level changed at the last…


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People of the Book - the 100th Scroll of the Second Book

 The One Hundredth Scroll

It was not three day’s sail to the harbor but three days and nights.  When Uneg commanded Hiram’s fleet that brought Maachah and Tamar to Saba, his…


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birthing hips

Trying to maintain a once per week blog, but here it is Thursday, most optimalist day for publishing as I've discovered through my own primitive observations of net algorhithms, and I have nothing.
What to do but plow forward? Ramble on . . .
I considered, but for only a minute, in a frenzy of what may be precursor symptoms of some awful geriatric brain disease .. getting together a band. I have all this musical equipment, see, and a…

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When A Scone's Not A Scone For All That



 Jozoara, Murphreesboro, TN

Sometime in the early ‘90s I was introduced to fancy coffee.  Both of our daughters were living in Seattle and introduced us to Latte’s in all of their arcane variety.  You may remember that it seemed that we had nowhere to go but up.  The ‘dot com’s were starting up, there was a mad frenzy to get in on the ground floor of investment not in…


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People of the Book - the 99th Scroll of the Second Book

The Ninety Ninth Scroll

We were blessed by favorable weather during our trek through the Negev and we arrived at Ezion-Geber on the evening of the eighth day.  Like all of the cities…


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 The spongy black squshy ball's battery had long since died when my hero-son, knowing how much I enjoyed it when alive, performed the necessary ressurrective surgery and, once again, the



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Your Science-Fashion Advisor

What are the two immutable sources of the reality that surrounds us every day?  The laws of science and the laws of fashion.  But what do you when these two worlds collide?  You call Your Science-Fashion Advisor, that’s what!

Dear Science-Fashion Advisor:

I have met a man whom I would very much like to get to know better.  He is coming over in about an hour and I have the worst case of static cling!  My dress is stuck to my crotch in a way that is both…


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