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former hermit moving down from the mountains of Southern California to a 'burb called Cerritos in Los Angeles County. ex: ditch digger / deck hand / carpenter / actor / artist, graphic designer & sign painter/ waiter/ bartender / restaurant manager / drug dealer / federal fugitive / assembly line worker / technical illustrator-writer / industrial, manufacturing, quality assurance engineer, manager / semi-retired consultant / playwright, producer, director / novelist wannabe and general dilettante/ and Boomer Geezer staring dementia in the face and hoping they find the silver bullet before my brain rots.

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Our Salon Radio: JMac's Palace of Memories Episode Four - a Bit of a Repost

Posted on September 16, 2015 at 8:00am 9 Comments

I just sent Lorianne Episode Four of JMac's Palace of Memories.  If you're interested you can catch it on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30am PDT on Our Salon Radio.  Here's a preview:

Another Funeral:…


Our Salon Radio: JMac's Palace of Memories Episode Two - a Bit of a Repost

Posted on July 22, 2015 at 11:30am 11 Comments

Still figuring out the Audio Editing software, but it's getting easier.  Glad my aging brain is still capable of learning.  For what it's worth, Episode Two will be going up on Our Salon Radio on Friday July 24 at 10:30am and will repeat on Wednesday July 29 at 10:30 as well.  It will repeat in the …


1977: Kevin and Richard, Zeke and the Crew, the Saudi Waiter and Star Wars

Posted on June 4, 2015 at 12:00pm 9 Comments

Kevin and Richard… - Kevin Crowley joined the staff because, despite the good money he made as a mud logger, he’d quickly grown weary of life off shore and on the road in the oil patch.  One Monday night we were drinking and playing darts at Jimmy’s Pub when he asked me how long it would take him to learn…


Flashback - 1973: Romeo and Juliet, 1976: ‘Doc’ Berger & Shakespeare in the Park

Posted on June 1, 2015 at 11:30pm 12 Comments

Went to a BBQ in Laurel Canyon Sunday, started telling tales and connected these dots, so I thought I'd post them before I forgot them again.

1973: Romeo and Juliet In 1968 Franco…


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At 10:46am on May 5, 2016, marilyn sands said…

Hi jmac - could you do me a big favor -  Could you repeat your comment on my last article "My New Movie Heartthrob...." WITHOUT putting a photo up of Belmondo.  I will then DELETE your original comment.

Because I just tried to put this article on Facebook & YOUR photo of Belmondo is on the heading of my article instead of Matthais Schoenaerts which it should be.

Thanks so very much, jmac.

At 9:27pm on March 15, 2015, Theodora L'Engle Knight said…

thank you so much for friending me back! i'm having trouble finding my favorites on here. not sure where they have gone either. so pissed that OS cut off PMs. if there is anyone who writes more personal stuff and not nasty political posts, i'd be grateful to know about it. rationally, i know that it's going to take a while to adjust to this. but when you have a panic disorder, well, you know my tail of woe --- tribute to my critters.

hope you are well.

love love love and gratitude and love and licks from cocoa chanel and from Gary Cooper... never mind. he's a freaking cat. they can't give a shit about anyone. :)

At 2:37pm on April 13, 2013, Alpheus Williams said…

Thanks JMac for the invitation.  Didn't take offence.  Thought your response was heart felt, thoughtful and reasonable.  Thank you.

At 7:40am on March 25, 2013, Robert Wolf said…

I meant to writer, "Stay Thirsty Media."

At 7:39am on March 25, 2013, Robert Wolf said…

 I started reading one story, then clicked on the hyperlink to the one on Gargoyles & the Crazy Biker Chick .  . . Your format—inter-splicing memory trips—is new to me and effective. A great idea. I'm doing a series of straight forward narratives and commentaries of my days on the road with "In Search of America" at Stay Thirty Media. This month and last are on a freight train ride from Phoenix to Bakersfield.

At 8:36am on March 8, 2013, Lyle Elmgren said…

Looking forward to more good stories. Lyle Elmgren

At 11:50am on March 3, 2013, Astro said…

Thank you kindly for the friend request! I've been lurking through your blog posts, and you are an extremely interesting man. Prepare yourself for a thousand comments on all of your posts, heh.

At 9:18am on December 24, 2012, Chuck Priest said…

thanks Jmac

At 7:13pm on December 21, 2012, Rosigami said…

Delighted, sir! Been enjoying your posts and look forward to many more. 

Antelope mile..

At 6:26pm on December 16, 2012, onislandtime said…

I am touched that you befriended me, Jmac. I finally came over here because I missed you all too much! Thank you.



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