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Gerald Andersen commented on tr ig's blog post The Slow Ogle
"Next time try the panko breadcrumbs, they're crunchier. Sounds like the Old Dear may have been as stoned as you: "Ahhhhhhhhh, breadcrumbs. Groovy, dude.""
Feb 7, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Alysa Salzberg's blog post Goodbye, James Mark Emmerling, my friend from two lives
"A beautiful remembrance of a sweet and kind young man."
Jan 18, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on clay ball's blog post :'( James M. Emmerling, I hope you are flying free now :'(
"Too sad for words. Goodbye, my friend."
Jan 18, 2016
marilyn sands commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Rite of Passage
"Shows your Writing versatility OR just a case of stomach churning bad-shrimp-dinner last night!  R&L"
Jan 17, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Ben Sen's blog post A Movie You Won't Forget
"Not a big fan of magical realism, also "The Birdman." Those two stars though make this worth a look see. Thanks for the heads up."
Jan 17, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on tr ig's blog post The State of the POWERBALL
"I'd buy Melania Trump, just for spite......well, not JUST for spite. Don't tell my wife."
Jan 17, 2016
JMac1949 Today commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Rite of Passage
"Reads a lot like some dust ups I've seen on Open and Our Salon.  R&L ;-)"
Jan 17, 2016
Zanelle commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Rite of Passage
"ha!  What a good interruption!!"
Jan 17, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on tr ig's blog post What makes a REAL HIPPIE?
"This is great and the comments are wonderful. Many people feel the hippie movement started to decline after the Altamont concert in 1969. The real kill shot I think was the Mason family and it's activities in the 70s. I was in my prime in those…"
Jan 17, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Rite of Passage
"Tr ig: you KNOW from chipsies on the ball?"
Jan 17, 2016
tr ig commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Rite of Passage
"Chipsies indeed Gerald, you maniac"
Jan 17, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Any input on Writeon?
Jan 11, 2016
vzn commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Any input on Writeon?
"sounds cool but does it only work on kindle? whats the url? need a public site not specific to one ebook etc"
Jan 11, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Squatched
"Alysa: porn with iconic creatures? Hmmmmmmm. I wrote a story on Open where one of the central characters gets carried off by a female Bog Foot who takes a liking to him. Perhaps I should develop tha idea......."
Jan 11, 2016
Gerald Andersen commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Squatched
"Alysa: keep the lights on. I may get kicked out of there yet. Marilyn: who's on first? Moki: clowns always get the biggest laughs. Jane: I love the big ape too, but don't hold outtoo much hope. Julie: I can't prove it doesn't…"
Jan 10, 2016
Julie Johnson commented on Gerald Andersen's blog post Squatched
"Hey! Even Les Stroud thinks there might be something out there..."
Jan 10, 2016

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Gerald Andersen's Blog

Rite of Passage

Posted on January 17, 2016 at 8:00am 5 Comments

(Cross-posted from Writeon)

Visit my page here: writeon

Weekend Writein Fiction Challenge: In 500 words, imagine what happens when a ritual is disrupted.

The two dozen or so members lined up in two flanks creating an aisle that ran from front to back of the room. The windowless inner-sanctum was illuminated by a single light that hung in the front.

Each member wore a…



Posted on January 10, 2016 at 9:38am 16 Comments

I have a confession to make: while I am the first to mock folks who watch reality shows such as the Kardashians or Housewives of Where-ever, I love Big Foot shows.

Technically, they are not reality shows because Big Foot does not exist (you heard it here first). Whether is it is Mountain Monsters, Finding Big Foot, Alaska Monsters or any of their spin-off and derivatives, watching fat, pathetic, armed red necks stumbling around and falling over each other in pursuit of something that… Continue

Any input on Writeon?

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 7:28pm 9 Comments

Hello all,

Got an email the other day from Amazon promoting their Kindle site called Writeon.

It has some of the features of Open/Our, but claims to be a site where writers can try out and get input on their work. I put up a well worn chestnut from OS - "Chaneling Sinatra"- just to see what would happen. Not much yet, except an invite to submit for Weekend Fiction. wonder where they got that idea. Any of you on there? what do you think? Let me know and I will look you up and comment.… Continue

Journey of a Doodle

Posted on December 7, 2015 at 7:30am 10 Comments

Back at the Old Place I created a doodle to illustrate a bit of doggerel I wrote called "An Autumn Prayer."

Here is the drawing:



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At 11:50am on March 13, 2015, clay ball said…

so happy to see you here!    :)

At 3:40pm on March 12, 2015, Rosigami said…

woohoo! Glad to be friends here!

At 5:26am on December 18, 2012, Blinddream said…

Good to see you here Gerald. I'm still trying to get use to this. ;) 

At 10:13am on December 13, 2012, Alysa Salzberg said…

Yay!  It's great to see you  here!

At 1:55pm on December 12, 2012, Jeanne Sathre said…

Good to see you here. But where's that tux?

At 1:42pm on December 12, 2012, lorianne said…


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A Commitment to Excellence

Posted by Robert B. James on April 24, 2019 at 8:19am 2 Comments

10 More Great TV Series

Posted by John Manchester on April 23, 2019 at 10:08am 4 Comments

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