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At 4:55pm on October 25, 2017, moki ikom said…

Rodney, I don't quite understand who all can read a  comment wall.  I'm glad we friended just in case you ever want to comment on my posts because I have had to limit comments on my posts to friends because there are some non-friends here who cannot respect my notice to them that they refrain from commenting in my posts' comment section and i will not not comment in theirs.

And oddly I cannot at moment find your comment to me to which I am now responding.  Anyway, I'm no longer young in body either, though not too much vision impaired yet, I make plenty of typos and ommissions.  I had thought we were already friended but when I went to msg you, saw we weren't.  

I wanted to bring this sentence you wrote in "Something Happening  .." to your attention thinking perhaps spell check had put in a word you didn't intend.

"Flake joins a growing number of Republicans voiding (voicing?) outspoken opposition to Trump."

That's as far I got reading the post so far, will read later in evening.  I like how you write and usually what you write about.  I too am a science major, chemistry and taught high school biology, chemistry, physical and ag sciences.  I sort of minored in philosophy and religion and though went through college without ever taking a history course, have since for decades been enchanted with such.  I'm not a mediator I'm pretty sure, especially when it comes to politics, and, when it comes to economics i'm no fan of capitalism, Wall Street or land speculation.

Thanks for your reply, see you in the line up, 


(the name moki ikom has no meaning that i know of other than what one may make of it, but i've used it in some form or another for many years on line,, i do know someone named moki and that's how it started for me)

At 3:06am on July 8, 2017, MV Neland said…

Rodney, that "Pushback" can be hell. While at Marylhurst many decades ago, I studied Change Agentry, which gave me a systemic appreciation of why all our social agitation work was far more struggle than accomplishment...and always will be ;-)

At 2:55pm on June 28, 2017, MV Neland said…

Rodney, thanks for your invite.  I appreciate your ability to think in terms of the systems and apparatus that we rely upon to function. When its all said and done, it IS the system where our new insights have to be applied. I look forward to learning and sharing. mvn

At 2:33pm on May 1, 2015, Donna Dayer said…

I just posted and tried to implant a link. Hope I made it work correctly. Ah, scrolling above, I don't think I did. Next time!

At 5:42am on November 22, 2013, RE Mason said…

As to your question, yes, I spoke at the Eugene/Springfield UU. Twice, in fact. Once on military issues and another time on UU'ism - a two-fold path. What's your association?

At 9:58am on November 24, 2012, Mary Ann Sorrentino said…

Thanks, Rodney....once question, is there a way to contact your friends on here without leaving a public comment?  Lots to get used to ...

At 6:57pm on November 23, 2012, Mary Ann Sorrentino said…

Hi Rodney,

I just signed up…figured if you’re here I should be here too,

But what the $%##@ is going on???


At 6:42pm on October 27, 2012, Poor Woman said…

Nice to see you and so many of our O.S. friends here!


At 4:18pm on October 27, 2012, Poor Woman said…

There's a party going on with tunes, flicks, and chat here and at Open Salon! Help us build it out of  the ashes which O.S. machinery created with slow loads, etc.? We'd love to have you.


At 10:24am on August 16, 2012, lorianne said…

I'm not sure why you arent seeing the 'forgot password' option on sign in.  Try this link:

just below the "sign in" button you should see a link for "i forgot my password"

if the link doesnt appear there, try this one:

if none of this works, please let me know and i will make inquiries about it.  Also, sorry for the delay in responding.



At 8:51am on August 4, 2012, lorianne said…

Welcome here!

If you need help on how to use the site or set up your page,
there are some tips on the Site News page, or you can click the
link in your top menu bar and ask a question; or just wander around and enjoy!


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