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At 9:44am on December 7, 2016, Anna Herrington said…

HI Jon ~

I can't seem to get to my inbox, but thank you for your notes!

My one question about the piece itself, is, does the first paragraph seem to be outside the rest of the piece? I ask because it's not meant to, it's meant to read as the first paragraph *of* the piece. Someone asked me about that the other day....

Thanks again,


At 10:06am on May 11, 2016, Sage Hunter said…

Glad to be here. I am looking forward to spending some time here this summer while I am off from teaching.

At 12:44pm on February 24, 2016, Diana Ani Stokely said…

Thanks! I am looking for remembrances of Kim Gamble to share. He was kind to me.

At 11:32am on February 9, 2016, Vanessa Kachadurian said…

Flint is a sad statement of America today, we must stop interfering in other countries - occupying them and destroying their infrastructure and REBUILD our infrastructure.  Too many towns in the USA are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. 

At 2:06pm on January 9, 2016, Kate said…

Thanks- Excited to get to know you all.

At 11:10am on December 29, 2015, Same Old Ron said…

Thanks for the welcome.

Something Dick Neely said about "adult onset dyslexia" can be applird to how I now read

At 3:22pm on November 27, 2015, JC Ramelle said…


I don't know if you will recall, but I wrote on Open Salon under the name "eyespye" and was an avid follower of your blog.  I stayed with Open until they literally shut it down but have been reluctant to join Our Salon because I couldn't seem to find my "groove" (if you will) here.  Anyway, I went ahead and signed up if only to read/comment ... when I saw you were here ... kinda sealed the deal.  :-)  Hopefully the writing wall I hit a while back will fall away, and I will be able to contribute more than just a comment.

Thanks for your kind greeting ~

JC Ramelle

At 1:40pm on November 17, 2015, Judy Reed said…
Thank you, and thank you for adding me as a friend.
At 3:19pm on July 15, 2015, Ben Turek said…

Listened to, i think your latest file. I enjoyed the section about grammar and poor writing on media.

 Reminds me of a UK member of parliament that tweeted "All immigrants must LEAN English".

At 8:09am on July 7, 2015, Heidi Banerjee said…

Jon, what I see is very frightening.

People can't live in peace any longer. It's the prejudism and blindsighted viewpoints which are so scary.

Will it ever stop? What makes people behave this way?

It is usuallysomething else that triggers it. The Blacks are still the scapegoats of the USA.

At 5:06pm on July 21, 2014, Dicky Neely said…

Thanks Jonathan! I think I am suffering from adult onset dyslexia!

At 11:21am on February 27, 2014, Rachel Wolff said…

Hugs - and thank you for adding me to your friends list.  

At 2:28pm on November 17, 2013, Poor Woman said…

Wow! A person has to stay away awhile, and then returns to find one of her favorites has gone talk radio!

Congrats to you!


At 12:34pm on October 9, 2013, Dicky Neely said…

Jonathan, are you familiar with the history of the House of David? I am not that knowledgeable about it but I recall they had a semi-pro baseball team that toured playing local minor league and semi-pro teams, Negro league teams and even a couple of major league teams. Pretty interesting story.

At 7:56pm on January 24, 2013, Dicky Neely said…

That's nuts. When I was growing up in North East Texas I recall my Grandma referring to blacks as "Nigras." She was trying to be polite. "Coloreds," "colored folks" and "colored people" were the "polite" forms acceptable to most everyone at the time.

At 12:05pm on January 10, 2013, Cathy Gast Feroe said…

Hey, Jon!  Yes, having a crazy new year so far...preparing for a move to San Diego in few weeks...daunting, exciting, adventurous and full of mysteries to behold!  Leaving the mountains and lake serenity for the ocean surf and sand!  No complaints...just want the move to be over with and done!  Cheers!  JC

At 1:25pm on January 1, 2013, Cathy Gast Feroe said…

Happy New Year, Jon!!!

At 10:36am on November 30, 2012, Michael Reid Rubenstein said…

thank you for friending me, Jonathan. looking forward to good writing all around, good times! mrr


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