The hair. The strut. The fashion. The women. The alcohol fueled days. And that voice-that raspy, wonderful voice. Add it up and you get Rod Stewart.  66 years old on January 10th, he is still cranking out hit albums and touring.
Rod first hit the scene with The Jeff Beck Group in 1967. He recorded and toured with the band until they broke up due to in-fighting in 1969 right before they were scheduled to play at Woodstock. Here's a rare peek at them in the studio.
Rod's next band, Faces, formed in 1969 with Ron Wood who followed from The Jeff Beck Group. The original line up was the band Small Faces but as is often the way, members left, new ones came in, and they renamed themselves Faces. They remained a band until 1975 although Rod simultaneously persued a solo career and in the final year Wood was playing with The Rolling Stones. 
I'm Losin' You (1971) Rod with his band Faces. A great performance by everyone in the band. I'm especially partial to the drum solo of Kenny Jones. Indulge me-I've been married to a drummer for 32 years. We don't get drum solos like this very often in today's concerts.
Rod's solo career took off in 1971 when the album Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It catapulted him into the limelight. His hit Maggie May was all over the airwaves. For the first time in history an album and a single from the same album hit number one in both the UK and US. The song is on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of 500 Songs The Shaped Rock and Roll.
Stay With Me (1971) was a hit for Faces. Rod continues to record and tour with the band while nurturing his solo career until 1975 when he announced he'd be leaving Faces.
You Wear It Well (1972) A hit for Rod from his solo album Never a Dull Moment. The album was number one in the UK and number 2 in the US upon release.
1975 brought Rod across the pond to the US where he applied for citizenship after warring with his native country over taxes and wanting to be near his woman of the moment, Britt Eklund. His first single hit upon relocating wasSailing,  a cover of a Sutherland Brothers song.
Tonight's the Night became a huge hit in 1976 for Stewart and marked his first platinum album as a solo artist. How many girls swooned over this song back in the day? ( Raising hand quietly...)
The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II) was a true story about a friend of Rod Stewart's. Sad, that all these years later, there are still hate crimes like this going on.
1977-1984 brought a string of hits: You're in My Heart, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy, Passion, Young Turks, Tonight I'm Yours, and Some Guys Have All the Luck. A cover of Tom Waits song Downtown Train in 1990 was a big hit and earned Rod a Grammy nomination.
 There were some albums sprinkled throughout the 90's and by 2002 Rod had sold over 100 million albums over the course of his career. Then he discovered a whole new arena for album making: pop standards. The Great American Songbook albums began to flow into the playlists on radio and along with that came a huge revenue for Rod. He has had success with all 5 albums in the Songbook group.  In 2009 Rod released SoulBook, covers of the 60's and 70's. In the middle of all this Rod was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000 and had to relearn how to sing after his surgery.
I've seen both sides of Rod Stewart: the 70's rocker when I saw him in concert on the Hot Legs Tour and in 2007 on one of his Songbook Tours.I enjoyed both versions of Rod. And I was happy to see that even while he tours now to promote the Songbook series, half the show is devoted to the older songs. And the crowd is still on their feet, dancing in the aisles, and singing every word along with him. Happy birthday, Rod.
with Scottish singer  Amy Belle
 I added this one for rita shibr.


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