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A couple of things have now been scientifically proven...

1.  I knew something y'all didn't!

2.  Lesbians have better sex than straight women! 


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Lesbians have better sex than straight women according to science

Citing a trio of recent studies, a report in The Guardian links better sex with being a lesbian.

Two of the three studies include sexual demographics that clearly point to an overall better sexual experience for women who have sex with women.

In one case, a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine from 2014 discovered that lesbians were likely to reach climax, with 75% of lesbians orgasming, versus 61% of straight women.

Both straight and gay men fared similarly, with 86% and 85% reaching climax, respectively.

A 2017 study from the Kinsey Institute backs this up. This one shows that lesbians were 86% likely to climax, versus only 65% of straight women. Bisexual women fared only slightly better than their straight counterparts, with 66% of them reaching orgasm.

This study covered a substantially large sample size of 53,000 Americans.

One notable piece of information; women also said they were more likely to orgasm if there was deep kissing, mutual masturbation, and/or oral sex in addition to simply vaginal intercourse.

As Australian sexual health therapist Matty Silver, quoted in the piece, said, “There are many men who believe they can give their partners an orgasm by just having intercourse. That only happens for 20% of all women.”

“They often need clitoral stimulation, or oral sex, for it to happen. It is one of the reasons that many heterosexual women fake their orgasm,” Silver added.

The Kinsey Institute’s research showed that some 95% of straight men, unlike their female counterparts, achieved orgasm, while 89% of gay men and 88% of bisexual men also succeeded in same.

A third study conducted by Health England presented in the piece showed that half of those surveyed between the ages of 25-35 did not seem to enjoy their sex lives. Unfortunately, that study did not break down its information based on sexual orientation.

The overall conclusion is that lesbian women are seeing more sexual pleasure because they understand each other’s bodies and interests better — and know where the clitoris is.


TOLD YA!!!!!

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Comment by Maui Surfer on July 10, 2018 at 6:05pm

Good for, well, all of you. It is a great thing. I wouldn't normally just bring it up, but, my condolences to any men who don't go down on their women. Guys, if that is you to say you are blowing it big time is actually a pun/joke ... at this point anyone who doesn't know sexuality is a wide spectrum with no "right" way is living in a cave, where they are probably masturbating all by their own selves ... toooo bad and soooo sad. 

Comment by Ron Powell on July 10, 2018 at 7:39pm

But of course, how could it possibly be otherwise?

Comment by Anna Herrington on July 10, 2018 at 9:08pm

Well, I feel a little sad for whoever these straight women are...

...and how you present your topic: is this a competition, Ms Amy??  ; )

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on July 11, 2018 at 5:04am

...and how you present your topic: is this a competition, Ms Amy??

Nah.  The presentation was just a bit of snark for all of the hundreds of times in my life where straight women have given me the "Ewwww, don't you miss having sex with a man?" et. al. when they found out I was a lesbian.  (to which I usually respond, "Ewwww, don't you miss not being sweated and grunted upon for the two or three minutes straight sex usually lasts?")

Comment by Anna Herrington on July 11, 2018 at 6:13am

I was just playin.'

And I hear you ~ who needs B.S. comments like that? Geez, ignorant straight women.

I fully support love and orgasms, however and/or with whoever we get there  : )

Comment by Ron Powell on July 11, 2018 at 6:54am

"The Grail legend was incorporated with the "Priory of Sion" hoax and popularised in the 1982 Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The narrative developed here is that Jesus survived the cross to father children with Mary Magdalenewhose descendants founded the Merovingian dynasty. The "Grail" is taken as a reference to Mary Magdalene and the Merovingian lineage as the "receptacle" of Jesus' bloodline (playing on the sang real etymology).[34][35] In The Sign and the Seal (1992), Graham Hancock asserts that the Grail story is a coded description of the Ark of the Covenant.[36]

The story of the Grail and of the quest to find it became increasingly popular in the 19th century, referred to in literature such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Arthurian cycle the Idylls of the King. A sexualised interpretation of the grail, now identified with female genitalia, appeared in 1870 in Hargrave Jennings' book The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries."


The grail legend is a myth perpetrated and perpetuated by blind men groping for the "g-spot"....

If "the grail" symbilizes the vagina, it only makes sense that it would be women who.are the guardians of the grail and keepers of its secrets...

The studies would tend to confirm and reaffirm the simple fact that men cannot acquire or appreciate the secrets of the vagina....

Men will remain locked in a quest for the "grail" that can never be realized or fulfilled...

Comment by Mike Shields on July 14, 2018 at 5:17pm

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Who doesn't love taco?


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