by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Simeon, at 16 you helped desegregate lunch counters in your hometown of Kinston, North Carolina. You taught me so much about nonviolent struggle. You were my hero.

Saj, I'll never forget how you outsmarted that NJ state trooper who was so eager to bust us. Your words to me that final time I saw you will remain with me forever.

Steven, thanks for the flower in my hair at Philly pride 1972 and for the good times at La Maison Duck.

Doug, no other choreographer could make my words move on stage like you did. If you had lived, your dance piece on AIDS would've rocked the dance world.

Sweet Basil Razzle Dazzle, you WERE radical drag, girlfriend.

Joe, I'll never forget all those hot summer nights hanging out on your steps. I still have both your books.

Essex, you showed me that poetry could be the most powerful force on earth.

Steve, thanks for the massages and the cat sitting.

Ray, I was so scared when I came to Gay Liberation Front, but you made me feel I could do anything.

Greg, how many times did we flirt with each other? I mean, really!

Arnold, I'm so glad I was in all those shows with you, did you know I was crushed out on you? I think everyone else in the troupe knew.

Matthew, you were kind to me when I felt so intimidated because I didn't have the education those others had.

And to all of the other friends, too numerous to mention.

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