I was nearby, thoughts on auto pilot And I promised him everything I could give
If only he would make the music live* wind chill -9 no train fare but
a good-sounding 6 banger fingers too stung-numb to cross reports
$low @hunger task force this is not the Jordan river now is that steam
or detritus naked to the eye or would the ox survive with no blue tail
flies to swoosh would the missile confuse its point only to implode time clocks
and GPAs fast forward zoom realities' loom that postem note how St. Noam
apparently does his own driving without tinted windows only the mind from
what we see, racing red-lined oscillating at 140, the vehicle stable as seat-
center 4.9 above the limit or was that a highway sign those spots on high cheek
bones resolved to void sensory overload like a light switch Hart's synthetic black-
whole and be done these filmic calamities escalates fondly appears when the arrow
rerunsrimsunresolves that the physicist ought to have been invited albeit her urgency, the vision,
remain congenital and I'll get right back on it: why you spell (English as a 2nd language) at
a specific moment other than this one as the driver with every song known to all time
on scan in the history of the earth to include barking hounds allowing meowing certainly a
first world problem innit too cold to test the car wash and wouldn't round cars be safer given
the laws of flipping careening caromed in that sweet dream as though serendipity shatters
serenity finally older than the trees a o'game o'inches velocity quieter than Velcro obviously poet-s
knuckles were yardstick slapped-struck on a vulnerable adolescent morning upon the piano right when we needed
him so upon the onset rumble such blue-blooded joy no danger of rabid rabble rousing

*phrase lifted from American Pie-Don McLean 1971

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Comment by Steel Breeze on January 5, 2018 at 8:30am

my days of rabid rabble rousing are gone...........but you should see the hell i raise in my head...

Comment by J.P. Hart on January 5, 2018 at 10:57am

Hey Steel Breeze spot on. I was over on MG's hearing Nam Chomsky @MIT (b4 Xmas) all the time 'observed' by a beautiful blonde dom (buy that blues man a Miller-poster) sport-in' blues brothers shades (she-s wit two brunets: one with a baritone sax bigger than she is the other lady with a boogie-woogie trumpet - - - all gleaming white/black golden/silver; well laundered coiffed poised just so. Ready to play. You're here and I'm here. So I starts flash-backing that we were hip-do-paid-dues circa 14 months ago when B. Sanders aired that 'Walk Off to Look for America' politico commercial. OYeah. Some days the enlightenment apparently is in the seventh inning stretch; but that ol' amber super moon rose which disembarked me to detail Photos Like Strangers . . . Don't have much time :) Sure, sure, there's a French<^>75 in your immediate future O and dun-ka-chain!


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