Women’s March 2017

Kudos and admiration for the millions of mostly women who took to the streets in cities throughout the world to celebrate the rights of women to equality under the law. Their cause is just, and their peaceful means of expressing it most admirable.

My observations about the march, which may not be known to many of its participants, are:

One of the principal organizers of the event is one Linda Sarsour, a proponent of Sharia law. Now hold the phone ladies, if every false fact you’ve heard about Trump is true, would you really prefer to live under Sharia law? And if your anti-Trump stance involves a pro-Obama one, do you really believe that BO vigorously and effectively countered the anti-women forces that prevail throughout the Middle East? The only country in that area that defends women’s rights is Israel, and we well know about Obama’s betrayal of that noble country and Trump’s commensurate support.

A march must necessarily be judged, at least in part, by its vocal spokespersons. Madonna thinks about blowing up the White House, but thinks it wouldn’t change anything. It would certainly change the White House, but no matter, she’s Madonna. Leave her to the Secret Service. Then we have some obscure poetry from Ashley Judd about Hitlarism being in the streets. Huh? As far as I could tell the streets were full of patriotic, well intentioned women. Finally we have the never-popular Elizabeth (Minnie Ha Ha) Warren who wants to fight, but presumably in ways short of bombing public edifices. Michael Moore pays homage to the First Amendment by tearing up a newspaper. I guess no books were around to burn.

To the sane members of the march, clearly in a vast majority, I would ask that Trump’s report card be delayed beyond his first day at school. I see no evidence that he would take any political action to do anything but enhance the positions of women and other minorities on the U.S. landscape. Does anyone imagine that with Melania and Ivanka at his side, Trump would do anything to compromise the rights and values that yesterday’s march was intended to promote?

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Comment by koshersalaami on January 22, 2017 at 12:52pm

Like Obama's report card was was delayed beyond his first day in school by Mitch McConnell?

Comment by Gordon Osmond on January 23, 2017 at 6:13am

I forgot to add a major reservation about the Women’s March 2017. Again, I’m not at all sure that the majority of the marchers, for whom I have the greatest respect, are aware that the March organizers made a craven attempt to exclude a substantial segment of the female population whose right to assert women’s rights is as fully entitled to be heard as any others.
I’m speaking of Pro-Life women. The un-invitation for them to join the march was, of course, ignored, but its very existence is compelling evidence that the organizers were not really about women’s rights, but rather about the promotion of a very specific left-wing agenda.
We hear from pro-choice advocates that a woman has an absolute right to deal with her body as she chooses. This is all fine, but totally begs the question of a woman’s right to destroy another body that is residing in her for a while. Would these pro-choice advocates excuse a landlord from murdering a tenant on the ground that, after all, it’s the landlord’s property? Does an abortion, as pictured on sonograms, strike these women as an act of love?
As stated above, the Women’s March 2017 was a fascinating blend of the well-intentioned, the wacky, and the intolerant, very strange bedfellows.


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