Woman Rages Over Being Seated Between Obese Passengers

Woman Rages Over Being Seated Between Obese Passengers:  An out of control woman on a United Airlines flight was reportedly removed from the plane after raging against the “big fat pigs” she was seated in between.  When flight attendants agreed to allow her to sit elsewhere, she continued yelling at the larger passengers saying “I eat salads, okay!”  All I can say is, had they moved her next to me, I would have told her “I eat bean burritos - okay?  So you might wanna consider sitting on the other side of the plane.”


Prehistoric Flutes Found in German Cave:  A new report in the Journal of Human Evolution determined that prehistoric flutes found in a cave in southwestern Germany date back 42,000 years.  While archeologists say they have no idea what type of music the cavemen played on the flutes, my guess is it was “rock” music.  


Scientists Know Why Some Dinosaurs Grew Those Long Necks:  After years of trying to determine exactly why sauropod dinosaurs grew the world's longest necks, scientists now think it was because of their hollow neck bones.  Gee, I always assumed it was to make it easier to peek into their neighbor’s backyards.  Word has it those Stegosauruses threw some pretty wild parties.


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Prehistoric flutes? Cool

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