Woman Flooded with Makeup Requests After Mugshot Goes Viral

Woman Flooded with Makeup Requests After Mugshot Goes Viral:  A former Texas A&M University student’s mugshot for possession of 2 grams of marijuana - has gone viral after being posted on the Greenville, Texas police Facebook page, with people from all over the country requesting her makeup advice.  

Gee, they actually locked her up overnight for just 2 grams of pot?  Where’d this happen again - Texas or Saudi Arabia?  One thing I’d like to know is why the hell do people always seem to look ten times better in their mugshots than they do on their driver’s license or ID pics?  

Good grief, if this keeps up, actors are gonna quit getting headshots and just get mugshots instead.  Of course, obviously Lindsay Lohan already figured that one out a long time ago.  But its cool that everything seems to be working out OK.  In fact, the guy who took the mugshot - he’s now working as a fashion photographer.


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