Why is This So Familiar? The Parkland, Florida Shooting

Parkland Florida Shooting Why Is This So Familiar?

Parkland Florida Shooting the Pattern Repeats Again


Throughout history Machiavellian false flag operations have been used to justify draconian changes in a society that would never normally have been accepted. Assassinations, tragedies, and intentionally misidentified provocateurs add the blood of their victims to the elusive landscape of history. The diabolical subterfuge used by the Democrats and their America hating leftist donors will ensure that these unbelievable incidents of mass shootings continue until they get what they want-disarming the public as has been the case in all Communist and Totalitarian governments we know in history.

What is really happening?

On February 15, 2018 a young man allegedly aka Nicholas Cruz went on a shooting rampage using an AR-15 rifle on a high school campus and bloodshed resulted. It was intended by the authorities to happen exactly as it would have had no one had a prior warning or notice. However, the truth is there was plenty of advanced notice. There were a series of warnings, and there are more than enough laws on the books already to make sure that murderers are not allowed to commit these heinous crimes. Yet, this is not the intention. This will never be as it should unless the rogue elements within our government stop using Deep State tactics to render Americans helpless against threats aimed at separating them from their guns!

Contradicting details

Having left disturbing messages and rants on Face Book social page, having made threats to students, having somehow purchased a collection of knives and weapons, common knowledge by classmates that he was capable of such behavior, the intercession of a social worker who should have raised red flags, and clueless step parents who claimed that they felt he should have a weapon but didn’t know he had a second set of keys to the vault all point to a problem! Let’s not forget that the FBI had received a call that Nicholas Cruz was going to commit a mass shooting weeks before the deadly confrontation at the high school campus illustrate a motive!

Tragedy waiting to happen

Let us recall May 4, 2015 when Pamela Geller was holding a private art contest at Curtis Culwell Center in downtown Garland, Texas. A “draw pictures of Allah” art contest! Little did 200 men, women, and children know that 2 Islamic terrorists armed with AK-47 assault rifles, and headed for the event intent upon gunning everyone there down, but for the bravery of two Garland Police officers armed only with handguns after the 2 Muslim attackers had shot up a security guards vehicle and wounded him in the leg were the accomplices fatally shot! Thanks to police officers 200 attendees were saved from a horrible mass shooting, but there was a problem! The FBI had been notified 2 hours prior to the planned assault by the Islamic terrorists! The FBI had plenty of time to warn the Garland Police and local sheriffs that a mass shooting was imminent, and they did nothing!

Serious questions

At Parkland, Florida where seventeen high school children are shot to death and others wounded, once again the FBI has actionable notice in which to warn authorities or apprehend the suspect themselves and once again does nothing! However, this time there were no police to intervene and save lives! At least this is what we were told! Why? Why would the FBI refuse to act? Don’t the lives of innocent people mean anything to them? Isn’t enforcing the law their job? Then why in two cases hundreds of miles apart but with one deadly common denominator acted upon, or shall I say, not acted upon in the same way?

The unthinkable

When the cause for gun control raises its ugly head. Lives no longer matter. Enforcement of the law does not matter. Only the end result matters. The atrocities are merely the means to an end! Our own FBI has been so deeply politicized that it no longer functions under its intended capacity. Gun control is the priority here, not saving lives, or allowing the American public to have their 2ndAmendment rights as the ulterior motive. Even more insidious than allowing unnecessary killings to happen are deeper problems. America, someday perhaps very soon, will be under a coup-de-tat! The authorities don’t want to have to contend with the casualties they’d suffer having to take over a nation where some 100 million gun owners who don’t want to be captured will be responding to the unlawful actions of a Deep State sanctioned overthrow!


Domestic assault exercises by the military such as Jade Helm and in 2013 Miami and Houston citizens alarmed at the appearance of black helicopters firing practice rounds and having heavily armed shock troops rappelling onto building rooftops caused widespread panic! Yet, local news coverage was strangely vague and failed to clearly reflect the degree of outrage by concerned townsfolk who claimed not to have been notified of such maneuvers. Is it not understandable that there should be open dialogue over the action of the government and what appears to be a sinister outcome in all this?

New facts covered up

After the Las Vegas shooting new elements that shed further light on the fact that multiple shooters were involved in more places than just the grounds of the Country and Western music events began to surface as the Las Vegas County sheriff informed the public during the press conferences before being fired! Then suddenly the news networks imposed a truth embargo and blacked out further coverage! No more details over the Las Vegas shooting although there are more facts coming to light!

In Two places at once?

Let us add just another odd contradiction to the Parkland, Florida shooting. One of the witnesses a girl attending school there reported that she was walking along with Cruz when the shots rang out! Now, one might ask just who was shooting and why hadn’t Nicholas Cruz been brandishing his weapon if he was the only assailant? Who else was shooting?

Who, where, and why?

One more strange twist on that fateful Valentine’s Day of 2018. An armed policeman on campus as the time of the mass shooting claims that he never made contact with the shooter at all! He never saw Nicholas Cruz! How did a trained and armed police officer not visually identify the shooter who was supposedly all over the place from the first and second floors blazing away with his AR-15 in the hallways especially after having activated the fire alarm?

Dark conclusion

Many alternative news investigators are calling these incidents state sanctioned murders designed for more than one purpose and funded by such radical cause donors as George Soros and others! We are now living in the kind of subversive environment probably never seen by Americans on their own soil in history! Paid agitators, funded acts of riot and social unrest, while our news agencies simply report what those running the black ops want them to say leaving Americans clueless unless they delve deep into many forbidden areas and factions willing to murder in order to attain their agenda!

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 23, 2018 at 2:53pm

Let's assume your conclusions are spot-on.

Why doesn't the president share these same, or similar, conclusions, and why not publicly?

If he does, on your view, agree w them but hangs fire, why does he, why does he hold back..or...why does he not agree w your conclusions, as appears is the case?

Is he simply foolish? Is he afraid? Is he, himself part of the Deep State cover-up?

If none is the explanation for the president's not sharing or recognising publicly these conclusions, as you have, above, what is the proper explanation for his lack of frankness, for seeming to further the cover-up with his silence on these kinds of conclusions?

Be specific, bc you cannot have this both ways...either he knows what you know and refuses to say so (and if so, why?) ... why would he deliberately further a Deep State conspiracy...or he does not hold with your conclusions.

Which is it, and why?

Comment by koshersalaami on February 23, 2018 at 10:12pm

The missing frames that show up in the unedited version of the Zapruder film clearly show George Soros on the Grassy Knoll

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 24, 2018 at 7:01am

i KNEW it

Comment by Doc Vega on February 24, 2018 at 3:13pm

Ha ha ha Kosher and there's an LBJ fart on the missing Nixon tapes too!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 24, 2018 at 3:15pm

Johnathon why do the views that express in this article having to side with Trump-he's not a true conservative anyway, but he's the best thing we've got, but light years ahead of Hillary.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 24, 2018 at 4:38pm

Doc-pls respond directly to my question.

Comment by Doc Vega on March 3, 2018 at 11:54am

Johnathon I'm afraid presidents know a lot of things due to regular intelligence briefings that they do not share with the general public either for classified reasons or otherwise. I once had a Deputy Sheriff for Tarrant County tell me that if the general public knew half of what is going on there might be social hysteria and that was in the 1980's

Comment by Doc Vega on March 3, 2018 at 11:55am

Johnathon, most assuredly not Trump is not part of the Deep State or DC establishment! He funded his own election and unlike Obama or other predecessors no one owns him!


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