It began with Colin Kaepernick, once a starting Quarterback for the San Francisco, whose unproductive play had led him to being a bench warmer. From a training camp field wearing socks that showed cartoon characters of police officers with such slogans as “Kill Pigs” the NFL player began his disrespect for the national anthem, America, and it’s history! While attacks upon the police nationwide were still in the news, a man with a multimillion dollar contract whined about police brutality upon Black Americans.

The illusion

Of course, we could expect the US media to quickly pick up the story and begin publicizing it and giving a new bastard child life! With little focus on Colin’s actual privileged life, the news networks focused on the biased allegations that Blacks in America were being victimized and as a result he felt compelled to take a knee during pre-game National Anthem songs. This began a series of “Copycat” reactions from not only other players on his squad, other teams in the league, along with young football players in colleges, high schools, and even elementary school age players. Disrespect for American history was now becoming more fashionable increasingly covered by such news outlets as CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, and others.

An impostor’s life

Let’s take a moment to examine Colin Kaepernick’s tormented upbringing. He was an adopted child and lovingly raised by a white Jewish couple who provided him with an upper middle class life style while putting him through college so that he was able to attain a position with the San Francisco 49ers through the NFL draft. After being notified of his being chosen he immediately commissioned a tattoo artist to commence a 12 hour or more ordeal of inscribing 200 tattoos on his naked body with numerous and sundry interpretations in celebratory acceptance of his new found fortune. Of course, this became an aspect of his persona among news reporters to add to the mystique of an up and coming 49er quarterback!

False premises

One would never have known of Colin’s background had some investigation not been undertaken. One would have thought that Kaepernick’s seeming bitterness over this alleged mistreatment of the American Black came from personal experience but it hadn’t! It appears not only was Colin’s criticism of America didn’t just stop with race relations it now spread to US foreign policy and the treatment of Muslims too! My oh my, just like a rapidly spreading malignancy, Kapaernick’s rage extended to other abhorrent atrocities that America was somehow guilty of! Yet, in the weeks that followed Colin’s tirades didn’t seem to suit his performance on the field and he was quickly benched then traded then dropped from the roster all together.

Loss of support

In review of the controversy and the resulting consequences it comes down to the reaction of the NFL fans and the reality of the typical leftist false allegations! TV ratings and attendance to NFL Football games is rapidly decreasing. Viewing polls indicate that during the same time slots as American Baseball games the NFL lost ratings 2 to 1, something that would never normally have happened. The decline in NFL watching has been so great as to have the major TV networks now considering dropping Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and even Sunday Night games if NFL fans continue to exhibit their displeasure over having highly paid entertainers jam their biased political views down the throats of TV watchers, tailgaters, season ticket holders, or families hard pressed to pay exorbitant Sunday afternoon ticket prices not to mention the ridiculously priced concessions once in the ballpark!


If ticket sales, TV audiences, and NFL brand marketing continues on its decline which is now at 20% of normal levels for this time of year some of the major networks are already considering cutting actual ballgame broadcasting contracts. As well the revenues of the television corporations are suffering too. And why you ask? All because the pampered NFL helmeted and padded athletes who without America and it’s love of the sport of football would never have had their opportunity, income, or notoriety without the United States of America and most likely these college players would not have earned a degree or one that would have paid anywhere near as lucratively, but that’s okay just continue biting the hand that feeds them!

Legacy of fools

Already under attack now for being the major source of concussions, the NFL Football League, a multi-billion dollar business granted non-profit status by the federal government, and allowed bond elections for stadium construction projects, along with tax abatements by city governments all over the US clambering for an NFL franchise these ingrates would rather push political policies and their opinions upon the general public. Imposing protests upon those who have been loyal fans over questionable accusations, this in tandem with the already costly ticket prices, merchandising, and local community accommodations that increase local taxes has pushed NFL fans into reactionary disenchantment.

In essence

These are literally football uniformed millionaires whose salaries and celebrity status would not exist without adoring fans who are now incensed over being bullied over politically correct dogma when all they want to do is sit back, enjoy a game, and forget about their cares and frustration over the course of the week. Thanks to Colin Kapaernick and those like him this may be coming to a permanent end if the negative impact of self-righteous NFL players does not get under control! Thanks to recent negotiations Commissioner Roger Goodell those attending the latest meeting see the team owners as being too permissive and their administrative leadership too naïve to prevent a death spiral to a once great viewing sport. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, a man who taught the league what merchandising and enhanced profits were all about was reportedly barred from attending an owner’s and commissioner’s meeting!


Personally, this writer would have to ask why the NFL who has been allowing leftist groups to influence the Players Union want to incite fan hostility, just how they could be so arrogant as to bite the hand that feeds them and incite disenchantment from their fans? However, this is the mindset of the left in America. They destroy everything they touch! Based upon their distorted portrayal of reality the radicals will attack all heritage and tradition within America to delegitimize and disrupt all that Americans enjoy and hold dear to their hearts even destroying industries, jobs, and culture in order to do so! Social justice and the toxicity of left politics make no sense, achieve nothing positive, and refuse to practice co-existence with those of opposing views especially when a concerted effort to destroy American culture is underway!


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Comment by Doc Vega on November 2, 2017 at 9:40am

Marshall, your radical dogma and hate speech for white affluent investors and real estate owners is noted for it's in accuracy, bias, and hostility toward prosperous people. Just like Jesse Jackson you're going to play the good old "we can't do enough for them poor black folks" tune that is not only disingenuous but drivel! Colin Kapaernick raised as a baby by two white Jewish parents wouldn't have shit if it wasn't for his parents and wouldn't have shit if it wasn't for America and the NFL and your bullshit rant about him being able to play for 30% of other teams! He had his shot! He was not discriminated against and if he is a negative influence in the locker room why would any team owner want him to begin with, the asshole turns away fans and incites subversion among the rank of the lemming ball players! It's the fucking owners who evaluate who is on the team and who the fuck they pay a salary not you and your bullshit leftist diatribe!

Comment by Doc Vega on November 2, 2017 at 9:56am

Kosher, I don't know if you suffer from ADD or not but the way you tend to respond to my articles would indicate either you have short term memory loss or a short attention span. Irregardless, why should te American people who are paying heavily for the privilege of NFL football one way or another have to endure these biased political infringements that irritate and annoy when all they want these players to do is shut up and play ball! Simple as that! If the players think that America and the police are so unjust let them find a job or career in another country and see how ell they would be tolerated or treated!

Comment by koshersalaami on November 2, 2017 at 9:58am

Let's try this again. He seems to have been raised Christian, not Jewish. When Washington Post refers to him as Christian and his tattoos (a dead giveaway because tattoos are illegal under Jewish law) include a cross - if he's Jewish, No Way - and a pair of praying hands, a position Jews don't use when praying, we can be reasonably sure Judaism isn't part of this. Not that I wouldn't be proud to have him - social conscience is a big deal to us.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 2, 2017 at 10:01am

Amy, I don't watch football at all that was merely the headline of the article though at one time I was a fan. Personally for you, according to the anger you express with Christians and anyone else purporting to having a common sense approach to reality I would Haldol would probably suit you. Look it up. It might actually chase away all those right wing conspiracy paranoid episodes and Donald Trump delusions  that seem to toast your taters on a regular basis.

Comment by Arthur James on November 2, 2017 at 10:06am


on Hallow Ween


discusses ADD

over a bowl of ?

`pork lo mein 

with his pals:

barbers, plumbers,

bookie, and Mormon

who converted to be

a Jewish convict?

Jewish convert.

He knows if it's 


YOM Kiper?



guess he's


he tells

the world.



Comment by marshall bjohnson on November 2, 2017 at 11:09am

doc- two things...if you don't keep up with the nfl: "I don't watch football at all" how the hell would you know

that kaepernick is not better than 30% of the current nfl starting Qb's? you probably don't even know who nick foles is...

2nd-trump has said the nfl owners are cowards- and he's right-nonetheless  he's still on his rant for them not letting him be one of them so loooong ago....

Comment by Doc Vega on November 2, 2017 at 1:16pm

Marshall, just because I said I don't presently watch football does not mean I quit watching it years ago and have not seen Colin Kapaernick play! I have sen the guy play and there's no doubt about it he was way off his game toward the end! Yeah I pick up a game here or there but I don't live and die by football anymore. I used to play quarterback in school until I became disenfranchised with organized athletics and used to throw the ball a lot when I had people to throw to years later and could still put the ball 60 yards in the air, but getting back to it! I would that Tim Teebow could at the very least have played for 30% of the NFL teams but for his Christian advocacy and clear adherence to scripture why else would Denver after having been taken to the playoffs under Teebow have traded him and then no other team picked him up? The left of course raising their shrill cries of disapproval that a Christian athlete had the audacity to kindly and gently display his faith! Oh shit! can't have that! better we have Muslims kill people on the streets and then remind everybody that this kind of behavior isn't representative of the true peaceful religion of Islam! Somebody's full of shit.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 2, 2017 at 1:28pm

Kosher I was not alleging that Colin Kapaernick was raised by Kosher means or not. My point was that he was rescued by decent white Jewish parents, raised well, and put through school, and I would say he had a lot going for him and more likely he is easily influenced and his Muslim girl friend according to many observers apparently converted him and his opinions about police, America, and his poorly rationalized decision to begin protesting against the very hands that feed him! It show arrogance and stupidity.

Comment by marshall bjohnson on November 2, 2017 at 1:35pm

doc- ur rollin'! i believe kap was adversely affected by the press, the fans etc.. who were against him- tough to do it alone- now tebow, i was rooting for him...and i believe they both have more in common than not..

this has got to be ur most viewed & commented blog, no?  

Comment by Arthur James on November 3, 2017 at 11:32am



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