I look at it this way:

We are 8 months into 2017 and Hillary is STILL not our president.

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Comment by Terry McKenna on Sunday

If that represents your belief then you are misguided.  if it is just a joke, well the joke is out president.

Comment by koshersalaami on Sunday

Let me get this straight. 

We have a President who stiffed small businesses personally.

We have a President who asked for Russian help with his election.

We have a President who made a birther issue out of a President with a grandfather who fought in WWII and thirteen ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

We have a President who suggested that his gun fanatic followers assassinate his opponent.

We have a President who lies so badly that three out of four Americans think he lies constantly.

We have a President who alienates allies right, left, and center.

We have a President who took the United States out of the Paris accords.

We have a President who has a White supremacist in the West Wing and behaved like both sides were equally to blame in Charlottesville, a view too extreme for Orin Hatch, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and even Jeff Sessions.

We have a President who has commercialized the White House in ways completely unprecedented in nearly two and a half centuries of American history. 

We have a President who STILL doesn't know how government works or even how the White House works.

We have a President who puts his incompetent family in charge of way too much.

We have a President who can't give anything but a completely self-aggrandizing speech to the fucking Boy Scouts. 

We have a President whose White House is already being investigated by a special prosecutor. 

We have a President who has put more Wall Streeters in key positions than any of his predecessors. 

But at least he's not Hillary? How many ways do you think Hillary could be worse for the country?


Comment by alsoknownas on Sunday

That's incredibly stupid.

One of your best.

Stooge Pride.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on Sunday

LOL  There is some great "lesser evilism" from both Token and KosherBaloney going on here.  This kabuki bullshit of "at least he/she isn't Trump/Clinton!" is ridiculous because they are nothing but different labels on the same brand of soda.

Did either of you knuckleheads ever consider that Trump AND Hillary both suck ass and that most anyone to the left of Attila the Hun would be a marked improvement?

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The best memes about the Russian hacking scandal, Trump's Cabinet of deplorables, and more.: Nobody For President

Comment by koshersalaami on Sunday


I'm glad you find it funny how minor the differences are. Do you think they are equivalent in LGBTQ rights? Do you think the DOJ would be going after colleges and universities for Affirmative Action programs under Hillary? Do you think the Nazis in Charlottesville would have felt free to do what they did under Hillary? Do you think there would be no significant difference in the White House's attitudes toward the shootings of unarmed Black males under Hillary? Do you think Hispanic immigrants would feel just as threatened under Hillary? Do you think we'd have support for the coal industry instead of signing the Paris Accords under Hillary? Do you think the EPA would be functionally dismantled under Hillary? Do you think the Dept. of Education would be against public education under Hllary? 

Not that I think Hillary would be the best thing since sliced bread, but compared to this?

I find it really strange what you think is insignificant. 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on Sunday

I find it really strange what you think is insignificant. 

I guess that is because I don't buy into all of your bullshit, KB.  

Now let me ask you:  Was it Hillary or Trump who went on the record stating marriage should only be between a man and a woman; was it a Clinton or a Trump who had a VERY unethical meeting with the AG Lynch?; Why did/does Hillary support the self-avowed Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine and the fascist actions of Israel?; Where was Hillary for so long when Ferguson was going down and why did she not stop hubby when he got in a pissing match with BLM?; Why did Hillary send young children back to Honduras to suffer and die?; Why did Hillary crow about putting thousands of coal miners out of jobs without offering ANY alternative plan and if Hillary is so pro-climate why did she take money from fossil fuel companies? etc., etc., etc.

Hillary would have been just as bad as Trump, abet in SLIGHTLY different ways, but full blown evil is STILL full blown evil, regardless of which label they slap on it at any given time.

P.S.  Kindly point out where I said the horrendous actions of either of these two were/would be "insignificant".  What I said, right before you man'splained what I REALLY meant for me, was that they were BOTH horrible so saying one was better than the other was ludicrous.

Comment by koshersalaami on Sunday

You think what Trump has done in terms of putting Wall Street insiders in charge of dismantling government departments is the equivalent of an unethical meeting?? You think being "slow" on Ferguson is the equivalent of refusing to condemn Nazis marching in the streets and killing people? You think that, given where Hillary was last year, we would have been just as bad off in terms of LGBTQ rights as we are now? Who was Hillary's VP again? The moral equivalent of Mike Pence? 

Comment by Terry McKenna on Sunday

If you see no difference between almost any Democrat and any current Republican office holder you are no longer able to make reasonable distinctions.  It shows judgement warped by hatred.

Comment by koshersalaami on Sunday

You're a lot more succinct than I am.

Comment by Token on Monday

Yuo are all missing the point. While Don "The Duck" Trump and congress are wrestling around like "big Time Wrastling" in terms of legislation, the swamp IS being drained, and power IS reverting to the states, where it was placed by the tenth amendment.

Even liberals are finding new toys like circuit judges blocking national executive actions... we'lll remember that one. And California wants to succede! ( Or at least San Francisco and Los Angeles do)

We'ii get you liberals seeing the reason for limited government yet.


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