Do you ever run into a coincidence that sort of “Stops the Clock” and makes you re asses the relationships of time, meaning, reality?

 For me it's usually the co-in-cidence ( Occurring together) of what should be random inputs in time and space, but somehow seem like something different. An example? I'm reading a magazine with the TV on in the background, and simultaneously I read the words “Pontiac Tempest” and hear a person on TV say “Pontiac Tempest” ( that one was a while ago) . Or, I'm talking on the phone with a brother with whom I share ownership of a (rare)Volvo 544, discussing what to do with it, and a Volvo 544 drives by

Over the years I've gotten to where, after the initial “clashing of gears” as the sensory inputs sort themselves out, I simply note that,once again, the world makes sense in some very strange ways.....

SO I'm reading a book called “Revolver” by an author named Duane Swierczynski, it's a Cop whodunit

set in Philadelphia, and it probably won't surprise you that the cops involved are, by and large, Polish.

At the beginning of the book, which I read this afternoon, a cop is being “ribbed” by his black partner, circa 1965. The black partner plays a polish oompah song called “Who stole the keeshka..” on the jukebox of a bar where the two cops are going to meet a snitch. Of course the snitch (or someone else) comes in and shoots everyone in the bar....

But not before we are treated to the first 2 verses of who stole the keeshka:

Someone stole the keeshka

Someone stole the keeshka

Someone stole the keeshka

from the butcher shop!

Round and firm and fully packed

it was hanging on the rack

Someone stole the keeshka

when I turned my back!

So huh.... what's a Keeshka, who cares, and why write out two verses of a song that has no relevance to the plot except to establish that, yes, the cop is polish, and he works in Philadelphia, which has bars that stock Polish polka songs on the juke box......

Ho Hum

Still reading the book about 10pm, 100 pages further into it, watching a TV station I never watch, local access for Dayton, I just happened to notice that they had video of the last Dayton Air Show, so I tune to it.... ho hum

Still reading, the air show ends, next up something called Bob and Eric's half hour show, which appears to be something like mystery science theater 2000, where the hosts narrate, talk over and make cheesy jokes to the accompaniment of totally forgettable and totally forgotten movies... in this case,"Agent x-9"

Not to bore you, it was funny enough to let play as background.... and comes the big finale chase scene, as the hero and the villain are fighting for control of a truck as it races down the mountain...

To a polka band yodeler singing “Who stole the keeshka.....”

Never heard it before

Never expect to here it again.

Who writes this stuff, anyway?


I found myself watching old youtube clibs of shows from the 50's to 70's,that featured Polka tunes and even other versions of "Whole Stole The Kishka"'s a youtube series whodunit story that I find extreamly disturbing, if you note, the boy either stole the Keeshka and tucked in his pants, or he's very happy to see the young lady. He is forced to fight for the girl he loves, and the only girl who would ever appreciate his Keeshka!


and while we are sorting out co-incidences, we find ourselves watching the only man capable of resting the presidency from Donald Trump!

Alfred E Neuman

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Comment by koshersalaami on December 17, 2016 at 2:09pm

Kishka is also in Yiddish. It's stuffed intestine. 

It's also slang for innards, as in your guts. 

Yeah, coincidences happen in weird ways. 

The all time best is on one of Nerd Cred's posts. It concerns two independent photographs of her great grandparents on their honeymoon on the beach at Atlantic City. 

Comment by Myriad on December 17, 2016 at 5:38pm

I read somewhere that if you DIDn't experience weird coincidences, then THAT would be weird.  Because *randomness*.  But we wouldn't notice the negative coincidences (i.e., lack of them).  Or something.

I really find weird coincidences that seem meaningful to be particularly weird.  Like the time I was driving in unfamiliar territory, trying to find my way thru a labyrinth of back streets, when I suddenly had this really strong premonition, almost a voice in my head, saying:  "We're all gonna die!"  I replied "huh?" and made a right turn - only to immediately face a closed gate with a big sign that said:  Dead End.  Voice in my head said - oh.

Comment by Token on December 17, 2016 at 11:51pm



Can you outline NC coincidence or tell me which post it appears in? I"m a coniciere of coincidences. Funny growing up among Catholic German Farmers, I was familiar with all the wurst things that could be done with intestines, but, oddly, as Swiss, my grandparents ate Brains, lung, and heart (Me? about as close as I got to any of that weird stuff was hamburgers,hotdogs, and an occasional livurwurst sandwich


Life really is a huge co-incidence, if for only that there is no other time than NOW (askquantum theory)

I have co-incidences so meaningful that they bid the corners of my being, many sexual, most of the manner in which I've met the players in my life.  These kind of co incidental thingss like the Keeshka is in my life like god thwaking me in the back of the head with his forefinger, just to let me know he's still ther.e


I can ckk most food so that it isn't entirely inedible, and I can also function on such fare for a long while.... but I suspect there could be a whole delightful lifetime spent in a Jewish/Amish deli, just perfecting the ways to enjoy eating. Minor problem? I'm getting to be a bit of aa wuss about killing things these days..... might have to start a roadkill cafe.

Comment by nerd cred on December 18, 2016 at 12:53am
Comment by koshersalaami on December 18, 2016 at 8:14am

I liked kishka as a kid. My grandmother made it. Definitely pronounced kishka in Yiddish. 

Thanks, NC. Token, if you haven't, check out NC's link. That is as close to Twilight Zone as I've ever seen. There is a picture, over a century old, of her great grandparents on the beach in Atlantic City on their honeymoon. In fact, a closeup,from that photo of her great grandmother is her avatar. On a public site of old photos, you know, "50 oold photos" or whatever the Hell, there's a picture of a photographer taking a picture of a honeymooning couple on the beach in Atlantic City. The photo being taken in the public photo is the one she owns of her great grandparents. In other words, she sees her great grandparents from two slightly different angles simultaneously. 

in terms of coincidences, some are mathematically determined. Try going into a classroom and seeing who shares a birthday. It's likely (better than even odds) for two people in a group of thirty or so to share a birthday. 

If I remember the math right, it works like this, as opposed to the birthdays being randomly scattered over 365 days (I'm not that good at probability):

The odds of person #1 having the same birthday as someone else is I think one in 365/30. What's that, one in 13.6? I think. 

The odds of person #2 having the same birthday aa someone else other than person #1 is one in 365/29. 

However, the odds of one or the other happening is the probabilities of the two events added. Call it one in seven to round it.

We're down to 1/7 after only two people. 

Comment by Boanerges on December 18, 2016 at 8:14am

Egad, I remember that song. It had a brief stretch of notoriety back in the Stoned Age. Hated it. Don't know how I'd fare with the actual food, but it can't possibly be worse than haggis.

Comment by nerd cred on December 18, 2016 at 8:07pm

Of course kishka or something like it occurs across cultures. It's sausage. jeeze

krusczyki ... I miss it. Maybe I'll make some this year. I hate frying.

Comment by nerd cred on December 18, 2016 at 8:34pm

One more coincidence:

One brother of the pictured great-grandfather or his father (more likely) went south from Phila.

At one point in my life I worked, in Minnesota, for a person of the same last name who looked a lot - no, almost exactly - like my pictured great-grandfather.

He had a family tree and my great-aunt (youngest daughter of the pictured honeymooners) had recently sent me one and things match up. He is almost certainly a descendant of that brother. That's a small world.


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