Today we will be going (again) to the cell-phone store.  No, I won’t say which one, because…well I just won’t.  We are not getting calls anymore…oh sure I get notified of a message, but no calls.  I’m serious.

At our stage in life each call is precious…maybe not precious but important,  (at least to us it is).  Can you tell we don’t get many calls?

There are a few other things to do also…h-m-m-m.  It is rough being retired. There is a nap.  Followed by lunch.  Then a nap, and OMG it is wine time.  Where does time go?

Seriously, it's rough to be retired.  Why just yesterday we found out we are going to be Grand-Persons again.  (Not caring for the Grandparent name we have changed it to Grand-Persons. They had the unmitigated gall to ask what we think it will be, Boy or Girl?  Personally I think it may be a pain-in-the-behind, but that was not included in the choices. I really have no idea. I/We hope they are going to be happy.  (They have no idea what is coming…boy or girl… but guaranteed it will be a pain, either way.)

I would like to explain the fact of replacing Grandparent with Grand-Person…you see we want to be known as NOT A PARENT with ensuing responsibilities (you know what they are), but rather to be known as we are, Grand Persons.  Easy peasy huh! (I may be dating myself using such a phrase…yet if you didn’t know by now…)

In closing, lets discuss thermal imagery, i.e.:  ultrasound.  Did you know a simple ultrasound to determine what sex the baby is, could fry a baby’s brain?  It is also related to Autism?  That’s what we were told.  Huh.  Amazing what studies show since I was pregnant. I only had an x-ray…is that what happened to my son?  I’m so sorry son, but who knew?  There is something to be said for NOT knowing…kinda like a present.  Kinda.

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