Whitney Houston sang like an angel.  She suddenly appeared at the Grammy's and the world held its breath.  She was larger than life. She sang with passion.  She was beautiful.  And then she fell out of the cosmos like a shooting star.

Why does this happen, over and over to our stars, who are large than life in their charisma, they appear, they dazzle us, and then they die young:  Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Di (not an entertainer, but had the same affect).

What is it about these people?  Or is it showbusiness, that devours them like a monster and then spits them out?  We see roadkill at the side of the road every day.  Drug overdoses.  Out of control behavior.  Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan.

But Whitney was a real tragedy.   Born with a miraculous gift.  A voice from heaven.  Snatched up and exploited.  Made to sing for her supper.  Made to turn straw into gold, over and over.  Drugs and death waiting at the door.  As if such grace and beauty must be destroyed.

Some great stars survive.  Elizabeth Taylor.  Tough as nails.  Exploited as a child star.  Lost Mike Todd to a plane crash.  Lost Richard Burton to alcohol.  But her spirit was as sharp as the giant diamonds she wore.  And she survived.

But Whitney did not.  She was trapped by her own super stardom.  Strangled by her own voice.  May she rest in peace.  She was a sacrifice, to that hungry god we all worship:  ENTERTAINMENT.

Painting by Pam Malone


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Comment by Harp on December 29, 2012 at 8:20pm

Bobby Brown is partly to blame, but not entirely.    He was more another symptom of her self destructive nature...  and he certainly did not help.  

Comment by Harp on December 29, 2012 at 8:21pm

Kudos on your painting.

Comment by onislandtime on December 30, 2012 at 5:22pm

I remember reading something someone wrote about John Belushi's death by O.D.  The comment was that had he not had the money and connections that he did through being a star he wouldn't have had the never ceasing supply of drugs that he did, and he might have gotten clean when things got too unmanageable  Maybe for those with the means life never gets too unmanageable because they can always numb it all out when it gets too hard, until they miscalculate...

Comment by Pam Malone on December 31, 2012 at 9:19am

Thank you Harp.  I agree about Bobby Brown, though that is part of the syndrome of the jealous male being married to a female who eclipses him.  Especially when they are in the same field.  I agree with you Onislandtime.  Also, these people are always surrounded by sycophants who are always ready to fulfill their every whim.  The power  of fame is a deadly aphrodisiac.


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