white on white violence continues unabated, US born & bred terrorism "dumbfounds" brother & most of confused american populace incl. media

So the latest mass murderer in US, apparently 1st born initials, S.C.P. ( I won't write his name to glorify his fat, drunken, cracker, hunter, asshole) father was a bank robber and on FBI's Ten Most Wanted List...I won't regale you with other pertinent facts I retrieved from heavy.com... http://heavy.com/news/2017/10/stephen-paddock-las-vegas-route-91-ma...

let's look at the other facts the white, judean-christian, for-profit media will not reveal or even care about when it comes to its utterly predictable and despicable conclusion regarding the shooter's motive...

Shooter was spiritually bankrupt.  He blamed others for his problems (sued casino).

Shooter was a planner.  As a Snake on the ChineseZodiac he meticulously chose his weapons, venue, victims and everything else that pertained to this final act. As a snake he was financially successful and not eager to be self-disclosing...oh you don't believe in chinese zodiac?  You have another way to track business, relationships and health of human beings for over 3 thousand years?  Your culture knows better? Try looking up the Dog on the zodiac and tell me who it sounds like (hint he's our first reality tv president)...then see birth years for Melania, Ivanka and Barron...are just coincidences...

Shooter had a recent history of failure (unsuccessful in relationships, lost a large sum of money recently gambling).

Thus, Shooter fit the  typical profile of a mass murderer:  1) history of failure 2) tendency to blame others 3) socially isolated 4) precipitating loss (relationship/job/school) 5) access to weapons. 6) 97% male 7) more than 60% victims women and children (yet to be determined in this latest act)  

What this should lead any reasonable person to conclude is that our capitalistic society has no way to attend to the first 4 factors- thus leading us to know if 6 and 7 are damning enough then it is only number 5 "access to weapons" that a civil society has an ability to affect...

guns, guns, guns

white people, white men, white culture

violence, violence, violence

more, more more to come...

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Comment by marshall bjohnson on October 3, 2017 at 7:32am

Oh, you are wondering the reason i  put the pic of third born trump here? as an unloved, abandoned son of a psychopath he shares much of what the shooter experienced and his violence and vitriol and white privilege have yet to be shared with amerika. time will tell what hell this tool will unleash upon our sorry ass state...


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