icky fingers
that tease, then squeeze,
enticing embracement,
as a wish to please.

interchange and chance actions
lead to interactions that're made,
but what lay underneath
is the things they don't say.

once or twice upon happenstance,
an alert comes to you;
but in light of the interaction,
you allow, and things go askew.
. . .

once you succumb,
you become entwined;
the Other knows your achilles,
and they keep it in mind.

and from there they play it,
until the last burst  ~
when the Truth comes out,
and you realize its Worth.

it wasn't what you thought,
and you glimpse your capability ~
allowing Another as the good spirit
by disallowing your sensibility.
, , ,

so you begin to bless
what ever They saw;
the glimpse of the step you held
to which they were drawn.

then in retrospect's eye
you begin to see each fight;
the same scene, same struggle,
same strained voice, same crisis.

by insult, accusation, shame or grief,
a spar's always caused by the one to blame.
the demand overwhelms the original wish,
and Freedom emerges from what you didn't create.

herein is the place where you decide to be needy,
or greedy, or emotionally bereft.
because once your spirt-girl speaks the answer,
you no longer question the Gift.

 you can only read between lines that are written,
and if not, you ply conjecture, or assumption.
liaisons are only created by impetus;
each partner possesses a part of the function.

interchange, exchange, rearrange or remain,
Choice is always there, and entanglements take two.
for any furtherance of anything, it must be spoken,
to set a foundation for what's held as a True.
. . .

and lies, in the end, always emerge this way:
the space in which Ultimatum becomes Decision.
 when silence becomes the best last answer;
where absence creates the longest vision.

when you take away a Secret,
release, say the true, and see what you get,
the original object of a Lie's desire
often becomes the thing to regret.

a lie's Speak feeds it's taboo, it's allure and intrigue,
it's own Hitch, upon which Illusion is betting.
playing Odds, Hedging Bets, building Elsewheres before bells,
only set stages for more pathos and regrettings.  
. . .

Responsibility is the key answer
when anything goes awry.
you can only replay icky circumstances
from within your own mind's eye.

from thence you can see what you perceived,
and how your own need contained the same.
by how you were regarded, treated, included, or not;
in what’s embraced, disgraced, or Chosen to remain.


Graphic:  "The Plenty," by beloved Diego Rivera

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Comment by The Songbird on September 26, 2017 at 7:31am

Thanks, AB.  Not sure this one's very pleasant, but - I guess what festers, eventually pops.  Like your work, too.  


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