Which Awards Ceremony Has the Best Trophy?

We are in the thick of Awards Season, when Hollywood professionals spend a lot of time and money congratulating themselves. I find some awards ceremonies more entertaining than others.  One of the topics I would like to open up for debate is: which one has the best trophy?  Let's discuss.
The Golden Globes has one of the nicer looking trophies -- a golden orb of the world with a celluloid strip wrapped around it, on top of the initials for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization of critics who vote on and run the ceremony. I heard a rumor that they were tweaking the trophy, but I'm not sure if that's true or not. Why mess with something that looks pretty good? Unless they want to make it cheaper, in which case it would be a bad idea.
The gold standard, no pun intended, is the Academy Awards "Oscar." Often imitated, never adequately duplicated, this is great in its simplicity. The face is sort of featureless, the body holds a sword in subtle but noble fashion. The trophy can be gripped in one hand like a sceptor and is recognized everywhere, not by its size, but by its aura and reputation.
Similar, yet more dramatic as befits the craft of acting, is the trophy for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. More detailed than Oscar, this looks like a sculpture one would find in a museum, carved by a fine artist. It depicts a muse holding the masks of Comedy and Tragedy, but the way the masks are being held makes all the difference. It's a pose worthy of an award itself, one of a thespian in the middle of a wonderful scene.
The Grammy Awards has an iconic trophy shaped in the image of an old-school gramophone, an effective representation of the music industry it is honoring. As music recording and distribution have changed over the years, it is a nostalgic remembrance of the heritage of the business.
The MTV Video Music Awards trophy is an example of pop culture elegance, borrowed from MTV's original marketing campaign -- a man on the moon holding, instead of an American flag, a banner with the MTV logo.
The trophy for MTV's Movie Awards, on the other hand, is a lot more cheesy.  It's just a tub with golden kernels of popcorn on top. It's not one of my favorites.
One of the best is the trophy for the Emmy Awards, celebrating the best in television achievement.  Dramatic, streamlined, and very symbolic, it shows a female form with lightning bolt winds hold an orb of interconnected circles to the heavens. Something like that would look great on anyone's mantle.
The People's Choice Awards has a crystal trophy etched with two hands applauding.  It's a classy looking piece for an award ceremony that is usually predetermined and based on popularity rather than any artistic merit (although the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)
The Tony Awards, celebrating the best in theater, is a hanging disc embellished with the Comedy and Tragedy masks -- simple yet effective.
The American Music Awards has a pointed pyramid as its trophy.  Although not very original, it certainly can be dramatic if placed in the right light, but in the wrong light it would just disappear into nothingness.
The Razzie Awards "honor" the worst of the worst.  Intended as a joke, they actually had to build actual trophies when Bill Cosby demanded a physical memento of the occasion of being "awarded" one. The trophy, while made of cheap materials, is actually a good-looking tchotchke.
The trophy for the Critics Choice Awards is a crystalline duo of stars, which looks nice but can also appear like a cheesy novelty store prop.
I don't watch the Country Music Awards, but their trophy looks beautiful yet fragile.
The most original (and cumbersome) trophy belongs to the Teen Choice Awards -- a full-sized surfboard!  Imagine winning more than one and trying to find space to store them!
Which one is your favorite, and have I left out any others in the entertainment biz?  I might look at sports trophies next, sometime soon.

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