What, if anything, did Michael Cohen offer this week?

Why did Congress call on Michael Cohen to testify this week? Depending on political persuasion it was grandstanding, or an attempt to get to the truth about President Trump; whatever that truth may be.

Given the fact that Cohen is a convicted liar, and given the fact that liars lie about lying, there has been no reason to believe that new, unvarnished, revelations would surface, but we were led to believe that might happen. Looking back over the turn of events it appears that nothing substantive happened. Depending on which headline you follow Trump has been totally vindicated (because Cohen said he had no evidence of collusion with Russia), or we have one liar’s statements about lying in conflict with another liar’s statements about lying.

Can we ever use a liar’s testimony to get to the truth? I would say yes, but any apparent new revelations have to be corroborated by another source since liars lie without provocation at times, and because the witness has proven himself/herself unreliable. Cohen has looked like a ‘sadsack’ since he was first called to testify to Congress and through his cooperation with the Mueller investigation. I’m sure that his face reflects his actual mood. Cohen went from the President’s personal lawyer and “fixer” to a future felon in a very short period of time, and criminals have a unifying trait: they don’t think that they will ever be caught in their illegal activities. They seem to think that they will always be able to carry off their scam by doing the things that made it successful in the beginning.

For Cohen that appears to have been a practice of lying about everything, swearing undying allegiance to the “Boss” (Remember that he said in the beginning that he would take a bullet for Trump. That allegiance proved transitory as it became obvious that Trump would not take a bullet for Cohen.) Cohen, now feeling abandoned by his former boss has seemed to spin in ever tighter circles trying to shore up some sort of defense and provide protection for his family against loss of income and debt.

As much as I would like to get into the weeds on this topic and attempt to make some sense of Cohen’s testimony, I feel that I would rapidly be over my head, become disoriented and wander aimlessly trying to find my way back to some recognizable terrain. So, good luck on figuring out what, if anything, is the truth coming from Cohen’s mouth. It is certain that assertions by the President about Cohen’s testimony are suspect and probably all intended to mislead. It is interesting that Trump’s evaluation of everything is focused on whether or not there is evidence that he or his campaign colluded with Russia in 2016. Sometimes the discussion is extremely disorienting. Recently, Trump excoriated Cohen for some of his testimony and then praised him for stating that he had no evidence of collusion.

For those looking for some doctrinaire theme in this piece, I’m sorry. You won’t find a conclusion followed by references backing up that conclusion. That is not the way the minds of liberals and progressives work. It is the way that some conservatives think and write. To quote Mr. Trump about many issues, “So sad.”

Two years into the Trump presidency I’m still looking for a discussion that is longer than a tweet on any subject. Only in this presidency have tweets become substitutes for inter-office memos. There is beauty in a well written memo or opinion piece. El Presidente is not interested in beauty; he is interested in manipulating everyone to do his will.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on March 2, 2019 at 10:13am

Cohen was nothing if not sincere. More lying would mean doing more time- do you really think he would risk that? The most touching moment was the absolute sincerity of the one kind interviewer who commented on his daughter's injury, her father will do his time, I personally hope she recovers soon. You're the doctor.

Comment by moki ikom on March 2, 2019 at 3:04pm

I agree that "criminals have a unifying trait: they don’t think that they will ever be caught in their illegal activities."  Also since American justice tends to be revealed on a scale from ranging from injustice to impunity that corresponds to a criminals wealth and ablility to employ legal defence when not as well legal offense, some criminals can be caught in their illegal activities yet have good reason to believe prosecution will fail or that on lesser charges their punishment will be minimal if anything at all and they can keep the proceeds of their illegal activities.

Comment by alsoknownas on March 2, 2019 at 3:55pm

My favorite so far was Jr. tweeting that Cohen didn't have any reason to lie. Being that dumb is genetic.

Comment by Rodney Roe on March 2, 2019 at 8:14pm

When I think about cases like this I think about the fact that Cohen's wife - unless a clueless dolt - knew who he was, his frivolous disregard for truth, and his mobster like allegiance to D. Trump.  She made her bed.  The kids, on the other hand, were just born into a shit storm, unable to do anything but figure out how to survive.  Some kids are inherently more adapted for survival.  Still, it is just a roller coaster life.

"Cohen didn't have any reason to lie..."  Did someone actually tweet this?  At this point it is more like Cohen didn't have any reason not to lie, he was already convicted and I can't imagine that anyone was keeping track of the number and degree of lies he told thinking to increase his sentence.  Strange comment.

Comment by Rodney Roe on March 2, 2019 at 8:37pm

The Rolling Stones were on some channel tonight.  They still look like they are kept in a crypt during the day.  The good news, I guess, is that they looked this bad 20 years ago.  We had the chance to see them in the 1990s, 45 minutes away and I nixed it.  The tickets were unreasonable at $100.00/ ticket.  Anyone know what they go for now?  Watching them is perplexing.  They don't seem to be playing what I am hearing.  Obviously, they are or the whole thing is a huge optical illusion.

Comment by Ron Powell on March 3, 2019 at 5:57am

Nothing new is getting old...

Comment by alsoknownas on March 3, 2019 at 8:30am
Comment by Ben Sen on March 3, 2019 at 8:48am

I think they've nailed the son-of-a-bitch and it's sweet.

Comment by Anna Herrington on March 3, 2019 at 10:26am

Cohen did offer up names. 

I continue to believe Trump has some form of mental deterioration or mental disorder getting progressively worse - just comparing any video clip from a decade and longer ago to now shows clear signs of something going wrong, imho - and that he is on mood stabilizers and/or ...? that sometimes make him seem so monotone and overcalm while at other times he's so hyped up with pupils huge I'm reminded of (former) acquaintances whacked on speed back in the disco days of the '80s...

That photo of him grabbing and hugging the flag... yike! but brilliant for those who see such a shallow, fake gesture and think he's actually sane and just loves his country. while he dismantles what is good and right into chaos. apparently a lifelong tendency from what I've read about him.

I really worry for our country.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on March 3, 2019 at 11:02am

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