What Did You See in Me?


Inside a closet a shoe box full of wet dreams

 No discretion or so it seems

Impulsive pleasures and carnal schemes

Causing a ripple of heartbroken screams,


Why were you so angry beyond even words?

Your brain stampeding like cattle herds

Hanging on until it became absurd

And yet I clung to your cruel words,


The love you needed so bad

Never came from the unloving parents you had

My youth I squandered as a young lad

I learned that no lover’s promise is iron clad,


Long after the warmth has left the sheets

Too far from each other’s heart beats

I fear that love has become obsolete

Fools never notice their lives are incomplete,


Won’t you tell me what did you see in me?

Now that I’m exiled on bended knee,

Although I’ve left behind that agony

Hoping God will hear my plea,



Like baby turtles heading for the shore

Snatched up by Sea Gulls by the score

I’m sure that I could have done a little more

But it wasn’t me that you adored,


When two hearts collide as one

Revolving around an empty son

Be assured there’s no place to run

Your position has been overrun.

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Comment by The Songbird on October 8, 2018 at 8:33pm

I like the end of this piece -- Your position has been overrun.  Takes a couple meanings, too.  Overplayed, played waay too long, also-ran, spilled, and/or -- I just finally shoved yer bad ass out the way!   But -- it is a heartfelt question, the one that lingers, like - then what were you DOING here??  I have found a name for this situation, and the hollow echo it lives in: preposterosity!  I've written out a lot of things in the thinking of it too, only to find it's only my own thinking that I come back to; duh.  Of course.  But - I like it just - being overrun.  I didn't throw my own years away, so I reckon I can do what ever I like with them!  And - I did learn a lot; just the flip side of the coin.  


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